Full Moon in Capricorn – 24 June 2021

Full Moon in Capricorn

General Predictions for the Full Moon in Capricorn:

On June the 24th, at 18:40 UT, the Moon, from Capricorn, accurately opposes the Sun, in Cancer, forming the Full Moon. This Full Moon is also called Strawberry Moon and, this year, it signifies the end of the influences of the Ecliptic period.

Mercury has just turned direct, but Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are already Retrograde. Neptune will be joining them on the 25th, at 19:22 UT. Furthermore, Chiron is slowing down significantly, and by the time of the coming New Moon it will be almost stationary, as it’s getting ready to turn Retrograde during the coming waxing Moon period. So, overall, retrograde activity gets stronger.

Uranus, too, has started slowing down. Not noticeably so, yet, but it’s a hint we should do as much as we can, regarding internet, websites, social media and, of course our high-tech equipment. Once it turns Retrograde in the middle of August it won’t get back into direct motion until the early 2022. Nonetheless, be extra wise and careful with all these matters as Uranus is receiving much stress during this period, and this won’t change much until few days before it turns Retrograde.

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Furthermore, during this waning Moon period, only Venus is changing its zodiac and enters Leo, on the 27th. Therefore the sky doesn’t change a lot during this period, but keep in mind that the Sun has also changed it’s zodiac a couple of days ago, so its new position will affect more this fortnight that the previous one.

The inauspicious influences of the Full Moon:

Saturn squares Uranus. This is a years-long lasting square, and we’ll only comment on it when it’s very strong. From the beginning of January and until the end of July it will be so. During the period of this square we will feel we are lacking freedom. The square became accurate for the second time, on the 14th of June, so it still is very strong. Informatively, the third time this square will become accurate will be on the 24th of December, when Saturn will be Direct and Uranus will be Retrograde.

The Sun’s blessing on Saturn has ceased. It will start blessing start blessing Uranus, though. Nonetheless, it will be via a hexagon, which is a weaker aspect that a triangle, with which it blessed Saturn, and, also, Saturn is the most difficult planet of the square. Also, Mercury’s blessing on Saturn is at its strongest days, but this won’t last long, and before the New Moon this blessing will have disappear, too. Therefore, although the square is slightly weaker than it was during the waxing Moon period, we might experience it more clearly during this fortnight. Even more so as both Saturn and Uranus receive other stressful aspects, too.

Mercury squares Neptune. This square is active since the 12th of May and became accurate on the 23rd of that month, when both planets were Direct. The aspect will remain active until the 13th of July. It became accurate for the second time on the 5th of June, when Mercury was Retrograde and Neptune was Direct. A third time is coming on the 6th of July, when Mercury will be Direct and Neptune will be Retrograde.

During the long period of this square’s activity, communications, both via phone/email/etc and in person need more attention, as misunderstandings are easy to happen. Thankfully, now that Mercury is Direct, again, and the influences of the Ecliptic have ceased, things will be better. Still, though, some caution and alertness are advisable. Magic casting, too, needs some more attention and alertness. Unless you really need to, avoid casting spells you are not familiar with, or with their kind.

Venus, opposes Pluto. This aspect became accurate on the 23rd. It’s active, though, since the 16th of June and it will remain so until the 2nd of July. Love life receives some stress from this. Problems in relationships might become more intense. Sometimes so you can heal them, sometimes so you can see this isn’t the right relationship. It won’t necessarily be easy to understand which is your case. So, once again, act wisely.

Mars opposes Saturn. Accurately so on the 1st of July. This aspect, though, is active since the 17th of June and it will continue acting until the 16th of July. Health needs some extra attention and alertness during the period of this aspect’s activity. The opposition can also make us more stubborn than it’s good for us and more impatient. Even more so because of the Saturn-Uranus and Mars-Uranus squares.

So, also, Mars squares Uranus. Accurately so on the 4th of July. This square was also activated on the 17th of June. It will remain active until the 20th of July. On top of adding stress to Saturn-Uranus square and making us more impatient, it can also bring some problems in our electric and electronic devices, and some extra challenges, or problems in our online activity, both personal and professional one. Backing up your important files is highly advisable. Also, be more reluctant in sharing personal info online.

Furthermore, Venus, too, opposes Saturn. Accurately so on the 7th of July. This opposition will be active from the 29th of June and until the 14th of July. This can make love matters even more challenging. It also tells us that health needs some better care and attention. Avoid extreme diets and dietary changes, as well as anything that can shock your body. Needless to say, unless your doctor advices you otherwise.

Venus, of course, will, too, be squaring Uranus. This square will be active from the 30th of June and until the 17th of July. It will become accurate on the 8th of July. This aspect, too, stresses love matters. It also makes online social activity and love hunting less fruitful. Keep in mind that Venus forms one of its most benevolent aspects regarding love, during this period, so regardless the extra difficulties things can go well. Furthermore, the square can bring some challenges to advertisement and also to money making via art.

Finally, the Sun will start opposing Pluto on the 7th of July, but this aspect won’t affect much this waning Moon period, so we’ll see this one on the coming New Moon’s post.

The auspicious influences of the Full Moon:

Neptune’s years-long hexagon with Pluto is at its strongest point of the year. As we’ve said, this blessing will remain – at least – quite strong until the end of the year. Furthermore, although this hexagon will be becoming stronger and weaker many times, without ever losing most of its strength, it won’t become accurate again until the 24th of July 2026. By then, though, both planets will have changed their zodiacs.

Amongst else, this hexagon empowers magic and helps us heal our souls, and our relationships. Physical healing, and especially via traditional methods, also receives some help. Progress in medicine and pharmacology, in a global level can still happen, although not as fast now. Breakthroughs might be rarer, but not insignificant. Since the beginning of May, when this hexagon has become much stronger, and until July, some greater progress is to be expected.

Mercury forms an imperfect triangle with Saturn. This aspect became accurate on the 12th of May and paused its activity on the 24th of May. Then, it reactivated on the 5th of June and it will remain active until the 5th of July, without becoming accurate again.

This triangle will support all meditative and visualisation techniques. Mantra chanting and affirmation repetitions will produce good results, too. It will also keep our thinking more practical and clear. Now that Mercury is Retrograde and Saturn’s stress is quite significant, we need to think things through more carefully, regardless.

The Sun forms a triangle with Jupiter. The triangle become accurate on the 23rd of June. The triangle’s activity, though, was initiated on the 13th of June, and it will continue until the 3rd of July. Always the good cooperation of the two lucky stars brings good luck in many aspects of out lives. Money matters and career related ones receive even greater help. Cancer, Pisces and, most probably, Scorpio will be the ones that will enjoy this blessing more strongly.

Also, the Sun forms a hexagon with Uranus. This will be accurate on the 5th of July. The aspect will be active from the 25th of the month and until the 16th of July. This can somewhat ease and support all online activity and money making via the internet. The stress on Uranus is strong, so such things want be easy, but easier, during the period of this hexagons activity. It can also help us create significant changes in our inner self.

Venus forms a triangle with Neptune. This was accurate on the 21st. The aspect is active since the 14th of June and it will remain so until the 29th of the month. The last few days might be a bit odd and some unpredictable events might happen, as Neptune will be turning Retrograde and Venus will be changing its zodiac. Throughout the period of this triangle’s activity, all emotional matters receive some help. This includes love life, friendships and even emotional healing.

The Sun, too, is forming a triangle with Neptune. This one will be accurate on 15th of July, and active from the 5th and until the 27th of July. Travelling during this period receives some auspicious energies, whether the purpose of the trip is a personal, or a professional one. Also healing receives some support. Emotional healing more so than physical healing. Magic, too, receives a boosting.

Furthermore, Venus is is in a conjunction with Mars. This will become accurate on the 13th of July. The aspect will be active from the 28th of June and until the 30th of July. By then, Venus will be in Virgo and Mars will have just entered it. This is a very auspicious and supportive aspect for love life and it can help things advance in a nice way, regardless the much stress love receives. The aspect happening in the Fiery Leo makes it even more promising. As it is also happening while both planets are in a triangle with Chiron, it can bring in our lives important people.

We usually don’t cast spells to attract a new love during the waning Moon period, but if you are searching for one, work your magic during this aspect’s influences. Heal traumas of past love relationships and use Road Opening spells to help you find your new love during the waning Moon. Use your already charged magical perfumes and talismans, too. After the New Moon, cast love attraction spells and charge magical oils, perfumes and talismans to have.

Finally, Mercury forms a triangle with Jupiter. This will become accurate on the 12th of July, when Mercury will be in Cancer, but the triangle will start affecting us on the 5th of July, when Mercury will still be in Gemini. The triangle will be active until the 18th of the month. This can support trade and international trade, even more so. Also, it can support our social life and help us meet new people.

Overviewing the Full Moon in Capricorn:

Overall, although this fortnight won’t be an easy one, it will be easier and more productive than the previous two fortnights. Occasionally the auspicious and supporting aspects will be more than the stressful ones, too, although not overwhelmingly so. Nonetheless, retrograde activity becomes stronger, so some delays are expected and some caution is advisable.

Full Moon Predictions for Aries:

This is quite a beneficial Full Moon and waning Moon period for you, although it won’t be a challenge free period, of course. Health might need some attention close to the day of the Full Moon, but afterwards it’s getting much better. Money needs a wiser handling. In most cases, if you act wisely, there won’t be any problem with it, but, even then, you might feel like lacking it, without actually doing so. Work, career and business matters, too, can be more challenging.

Creativity and productivity, though, receive a boosting. Even more so when the Moon will be charging them. Also, love and social life seem mostly pleasant. If there are issues, there, they might become more obvious, keep in mind, but even this is happening for the best.

Full Moon Predictions for Taurus:

Work, career and business matter receive some stress from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Not work-related events might distract you from your work and career plans, too. Also, new beginnings and significant changes in the field can be more challenging than you expect. Progress, though, is feasible. Also, income receives mostly supportive energies. Money handling, though, needs some wiser thinking and expenses need some moderation, as they can easily get out of your control.

Your mood and your emotional condition receive some stress, but, after the 2nd of July, long-term aspects won’t be affecting it, and only the Moon will occasionally do so. Regardless, keep on supporting it, and this will raise your productivity, which is quite good. Physical health needs some care. There is no direct stress affecting it, but there are enough planets in stressful alignment with your zodiac, so be cautious. Finally, social life seems active and pleasant and it’s a helpful period for expanding your social circle, the online and offline one.

Full Moon Predictions for Gemini:

Your mood and your emotional condition receive much stress from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Supporting your mood can support your productivity, as well as your social life and your intellectual abilities. Physical health I not really bad, but needs some care and attention, too. Furthermore, investments and the like need a wiser consideration.

Otherwise, though, money receives mostly beneficial energies. Income, even more so. Work, career and business matters might face some extra difficulties, but much progress and successes, there, are feasible. Social life, too, seems pleasantly active. It’s a helpful period for those seeking new friends. Those seeking a new love might find some interesting possibilities amongst their friends and acquaintances, or amongst their acquaintances.

Full Moon Predictions for Cancer:

The Full Moon itself might upset your mood and unbalance your inner peace. The waning Moon period, too, gives you some emotional stress, but, it won’t be as intense as around the days of the Full Moon. Also, expenses and investments need some wiser consideration. If you need to buy computers, smartphones and the like, be even more careful and wise with such purchases, but proceed. Despite those, though, money receives mostly supportive energies. A raise of you income, finding a new job and things like those are possible.

Furthermore, love and social life seem mostly pleasant. Friendships and romantic relationships based on common intellectual, artistic, or spiritual interests receive better energies and such people can play a more pleasant, or even inspiring role in your life.

Full Moon Predictions for Leo:

Colleagues and business partners can cause you some stress, under the influences of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Also, if you are trying to make some significant change, or new start in your career, including forming a new partnership, you might face more difficulties than you expect. Day-to-day work, though, proceeds quite well, despite the stress. Also, it’s a helpful period for planning your future moves and investments.

Mars in your zodiac gives you enough energy and motivation to do what you want to do, but it also can make you a bit reckless. Watch out for the latter. Furthermore, the conjunction of Mars and Venus in your zodiac can make you more charming and shining, which can help both social and love life. Furthermore, your magical and spiritual abilities are quite strong during the whole fortnight.

Full Moon Predictions for Virgo:

This might not be a very easy period, objectively speaking, but it might feel much easier to you. The ruler of your zodiac has just turned back into direct motion and, although it’s in a stressful alignment with you, it now gives you some optimism. Your 12th House becomes quite strong, too, making your ability to plan things much more capable. This is a good period for preparing things to happen. It’s also a good period for resting, which you probably need. From the end of July, when Mars will enter your zodiac and until it leaves it, on the 15th of September, a much more productive period will come for you, with at least 2 planets – for a few days 3 – in your zodiac and a Grand Triangle of Earth blessing you. Therefore, rest, recharge, get things ready, now, so you can act, then.

Health, both physical and emotional receive some stress. Slowing down your pace and getting enough rest can help you with that, too. Work can be demanding and, in some cases, unpredictable challenges can occur. Nonetheless, much progress is happening, there. Also, love and social life receive much help. Finding a new love, or new friends is not as easy as it could be, but it is feasible, so work on that, if that’s what you need. Finally, your creativity and inspiration, as well as your spiritual abilities are quite strong.

Full Moon Predictions for Libra:

Health improves during this fortnight, although it still receives a bit of stress and needs some more attention and care. Especially closely to the actual Full Moon. Healing, too, is getting much stronger and it will remain strong enough during the whole fortnight. Health conditions you are dealing with can improve significantly during this fortnight. Work, career and business matters, too, receive some stress, but, there, too, there is much support and progress is happening.

Love and social life need some calmer and wiser handling. Meeting new people, though, and expanding your social circle, as well as meeting potential love interests, receives help. It’s also a helpful period for advertising yourself, your services and your business.

Full Moon Predictions for Scorpio:

Work, career and business matters receive the main focus of the energies of this Full Moon and waning Moon period. Some things don’t go according to your plans, while partners and colleagues might cause you some extra difficulties. Keep your focus on what you want to achieve, do your best and things will be getting better and easier as we are getting closer to the New Moon. Travelling and transportations, as well as vehicles receive some stress, too. If you want to travel, arrange the trip, if possible, for after the 2nd of July, when this influence will have calmed down.

Love and social life are mostly pleasant. Long standing love relationships and marriages, as well as good friendships might have some difficult moments, but over all things are proceeding well. New romantic relationships, though, receive mostly the beneficial energies of the period. Making a new relationship, too, receives support.

Full Moon Predictions for Sagittarius:

Health has been sensitive for some time now, for you, and it will remain so during this fortnight. It’s somewhat better than it has been recently, though, and it will improve even more after the coming New Moon. Healing, though, seems strong, now, so, with proper care, existing health issues can have good developments. Work, too, receives some stress from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Things, there, can be more difficult than they need to. Your work related planning might need some corrections, too. Regardless the stress, though, progress, there, is happening.

Similarly, money handling needs some more thought. Cutting down unnecessary expenses is both advisable and supported. Love and social life, on the other hand, receive mostly supportive energies. Also, it’s a helpful period for repairs at home and for healing problems in your family relationships.

Full Moon Predictions for Capricorn:

Finances receive much stress from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Expenses should be considered wisely. The same is true for investments. Regardless the stress, income receives a bit of support, and finding a new job is possible. Otherwise, though, it’s mostly a better period to reduce expenses and money loses rather than to raise the incoming flow of money. Existing personal relationships, both romantic and friendly ones, receive some stress, too. Interacting with those people can become less pleasant. But, grab this as an opportunity to make good relationships even better.

Meeting new friends and expanding your social circle, though, receives supportive influences. It’s a good period for finding personnel and people to do certain jobs for you. Your own productivity, too, receives a boosting.

Full Moon Predictions for Aquarius:

Health and, mostly emotional health and psychosomatic issues need some better care, under the influences of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Family, your other half and people you consider as family can also cause you some stress. It’s a helpful period, though, for healing issues in those relationships. Similarly, the actual home might need some repairs, or, for other reasons, some of your time.

Expenses might be more than you’ve accounted for, but, overall, money receives mostly supportive energies. Love and social life, too, seem mostly pleasant. It’s a good period for meeting potential friends, love interests and, also, for finding potential business partners and people, or businesses to work with. Furthermore, your creativity receives a boosting.

Full Moon Predictions for Pisces:

Your mood and your emotional condition receive some stress from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Physical health, too, receives some stress, but from the 28th it this effect will start losing strength as health will be receiving some help, too. Furthermore, as we are closing up to the New Moon, this support will be becoming stronger and stronger. Also, love and social life receives some stress and a wiser handling of the situations, there, is advisable. Online social activity and love hunting will experience these influences more clearly.

Despite the stress, though, friends can play a mostly pleasant role in your life, and it’s a helpful period for meeting new people. Both potential friends and potential loves. If this is what you are looking for, act wisely, don’t try to force things to happen, but do act. Furthermore, work receives mostly good vibes. Things are not always easy going, but progress is happening. Your creativity and productivity are quite strong, too.

Astrology and Magic:

Magic is quite strong during the whole period. Fire magic and sex magic, even more so. Also, love spells receive a boosting. Because we are in a waning Moon period, healing traumas of past love relationships, as well as Road Opening spells for finding a new one receive more help than Love Attraction kind of spells. As always, take all fire safety precautions when working with fire.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this Full Moon and this waning Moon period!

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