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Daily Predictions for Sunday 03 October 2021

General Daily Predictions: Today, the Moon will be void of course until 08:38 UT. Then, it rests in Virgo.

So this will be a mostly good day.

Virgo and, most probably, Capricorn and Taurus will be the luckiest zodiacs of the day.

Daily Predictions for Aries:

Work proceeds nicely and relativity easily today. It’s a good day to take care of other obligations, too, as well as for organising your daily routine. Health, too, receives some good vibes.

Daily Predictions for Taurus:

This is a mostly pleasant day for you. Maybe more social than you expect, but pleasantly so. Love, too, receives some good vibes. Also, your creativity is quite good.

Daily Predictions for Gemini:

Home and family can play a mostly pleasant role in your day, today. Also, healing receives some support. This is a helpful day for strengthening your emotional balance, too.

Daily Predictions for Cancer:

Your productivity is quite good, today. Things are getting done more easily than you expect, too. Also, social life can be quite pleasant.

Daily Predictions for Leo:

Money receives some good vibes, today. Avoid big orders and purchases, unless they are necessary, as Mercury is Retrograde, but overall this is a good day for purchasing what you need and want.

Daily Predictions for Virgo:

This is a mostly good and productive day for you. Your self-confidences and self-discipline are quite good and they can help you with whatever you need to do. It’s also a good day for any kind of new beginning, after the void of course Moon period.

Daily Predictions for Libra:

Imagination can be quite active and productive, today. The day can help you better understand the situations and to find better ways to handle them.


Daily Predictions for Scorpio:

Your productivity is quite good, today. Social life, too, receives supportive energies. Online social activity, both for personal and for professional reasons, even more so.

Daily Predictions for Sagittarius:

Work, career and business matters receive some support, today. Things can proceed there more harmoniously, or more easily than you expect.

Daily Predictions for Capricorn:

Studies and all occupations and avocations of intellectual nature receive some pleasant energies, today. Also, trade gets some good vibes. Social life, too, seems good.

Daily Predictions for Aquarius:

Finances receive some helpful energies, today. Finding ways to save money and reduce your expenses more so. Healing seems good, too. Also, your magical abilities are quite capable.

Daily Predictions for Pisces:

Love and social life receive some pleasant energies, today. Good friendships and long standing relationships will experience these more clearly. Also, colleagues and partners can be more cooperative than usual.

Astrology and Magic:

Karma cleansing techniques can have good results, today.

That’s all. Have fun, and enjoy your day!

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