Grandma sent Ouija boards at her Funeral with the Message “Let’s Keep In Touch”

Grandma sent Ouija boards at her Funeral with the Message “Let’s Keep In Touch”

Some Grandmothers are even more magical than others. Personally, I had the blessing to have a loving and inspiring witchy Grandma, who gifted me with much wisdom about the Otherworlds. I’m always happy to see there are amazing people out there passing their love and wisdom to the next generation. Like this one: A Grandma sent Ouija boards to all who attended her funeral.

Grandma sent Ouija boards

This amazing lady, Jodie Marie Perryman, an 81-year-old grandma from Texas, prepared an otherworldly surprise for those who loved her. Jodie suffered from cancer and especially during summer she felt that her health was gradually declining. Sadly she passed away few weeks ago, on October 12.

However, she did not fell powerless and needed to inspire the attendees. Hence, in August she announced on that everyone attending her funeral would be “gifted their very own Ouija board”. She carefully prepared printed cards with a special message: “Let’s keep in touch”. Moreover, she included a picture of her giving the middle finger to lighten up the atmosphere.

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But she did not stay to just that. She only had an ouija board prepared and handed out at her funeral. Needless to say that this become viral in the next days. Attendees were surprised and even some burst into laughter when they opened the ‘mysterious’ envelop labeled “From Jodie.” This amazing grandmother, reminds us that Death, is not the end. It’s only a portal to the Beyond.

What is an Ouija Board?

This amazing and loving grandma sent Ouija boards at her funeral, but many are not completely familiar with what an ouija board is. So let’s clear things up. Out of all necromantic means, Ouija board is probably the most popular.

Ouija Board is a very popular and extremely convenient way of contacting the Invisible World. Like the Automatic Writing (which we analysed here) can build confidence and help us explore the Spirit Realm with minimum effort. However, there are many reports which actually raise safety issues and questions regarding the legitimacy of the method. This is why we decided to give you a separate article on what should you be careful or even worried about. Hence, we present you an article devoted to Ouija Board Safety. Click here to read everything about this amazing tool, when and how to use it.

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