Ouija Board Safety ⚠️

Ouija Board Safety ⚠️

Ouija Board is a very popular and extremely convenient way of contacting the Invisible World. Like the Automatic Writing (which we analysed here) can build confidence and help us explore the Spirit Realm with minimum effort. However, there are many reports which actually raise safety issues and questions regarding the legitimacy of the method. This is why we decided to give you a separate article on what should you be careful or even worried about. Hence, we present you an article devoted to Ouija Board Safety. 

⚠️ Ouija Board Safety ⚠️

I know that some people use this tool with success, and I am not saying it is bad, or good, but should you wish to explore a Ouija board, here are some tips to stay safe. Soon we will give much more information on how to Summon Spirits Safely. Till then, let’s stick to Ouija and how to make this Journey safer. 

⚠️ Cleanse the space that you are going to be using for the session

Proper Cleansing may require a whole ritual or some quick fixes. All depends on where and when do you decide to contact the Spirit Realm.

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Cleansing incense
use the ‘cleansing incense’ when needed
  • Space: Due to my experience, not all places are the same. Some are portals whose affinity to certain types of spirits require extreme caution and proper cleansing.
  • Time: There are certain moments where the energy is extreme like the Eclipse (see eclipse magic!). I’m not saying that you should avoid this moments but you should definitely know what you are dealing with. 

⚠️ Cast or raise a protective circle around you and all those in attendance

No matter what you use to cast a circle, you should definitely remember to do it right before ‘playing’ with Ouija. This is probably one of the most important Ouija Board Safety tips. 

⚠️Ask Help from your Guardian Angel

Your Guardian Angel is the most lovely and helpful spirit one can have. No matter what you’ve might have read, this entity has always been close to you and ready to provide His/Her divine wisdom and guidance. No matter what you’ve done, no matter what you think of them, they are truly here for you. All you have to do is ask! 

benzoin resin
buy authentic benzoin resin. Benzoin is believed to raise vibrations and invite higher spirits.

⚠️ It’s not advisable to use a Ouija board while on your own

Think of Ouija as a challenging activity which (for any reason) you may need another person’s help. You don’t learn how to swim on your own, do you? Well, few people do, but why do you need to go through this anxiety when you can share the experiences with someone else? It can also be a great memory for both!

Moreover some say that it’s advisable to have an even number of people while using a Ouija Board.

⚠️Raise Your Vibrations

This is a very important issue as also clearly portrayed in Automatic Writing. Raising your vibration can help you attune with entities of higher Realm. This ‘passive’ protection is extremely useuful. Energy attract alike energy. Some ideas on Raising your Vibrations are:

  • Lighting white candles will help to keep a high vibration to the space. 
  • Chanting Mantras or spiritual affirmations and prayers. 
  • Music can also help you. 
  • Meditation and chakra Cleansing

⚠️ It’s advisable to have a protective amulet with you – you can never be too safe

And what better Amulet from the Pentagram. Learn more about the most powerful Sigil from the World of the Witches here! If you want to have something more sophisticated you can always enchant a protective amulet like this! 

⚠️ It’s advisable not ask for physical signs

Although it can happen you are not advised to ask for signs like this as you can be easily disappointed – missing the most important lessons Ouija can provide. Trust me. The greatest things we’ve learned were what the spirts ‘wrote’ and not what they did. There are much more powerful techniques for ‘material’ phenomena caused by spirits. 

⚠️ Take the Ouija Board seriously; avoiding provocation, taunting or making jokes

I’m not saying this because Ouija cannot be fun. On the contrary it can be really satisfying. However, the Spirits should be addressed with respect and love. Know what you want and ask it. Also, know that you are the Witch/Conjurer whose word is a command. Do not misuse this power for bullying. Why? Because the Angels and the Spirits who came to help you, want protect you if you don’t let them. 

⚠️ Always close the session and say goodbye. 

Bless the powers that have helped you contact the beyond! 

Blessings from the Alchemist and Nixie Vale, the Rainbow Witch

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