How to visit people in their Dreams

How to visit people in their Dreams

Dream magic is a powerful form of witchcraft practiced by many throughout the millennia. The key to dream magic is believed to be the use of a secret doorway – located in you – probably into the subconscious. Finding that door is the first step. Hence, Dream magic has been used since ancient times in many witches believe we can provide taxes to hidden lol it, unlocking spiritual insight, connecting with ancestors, and even providing guidance and future decisions. Finally, this form of Witchcraft can show us how to visit people in their Dreams.

Ethics of Dream Magic

What do you call an ethical wizard who uses dream magic? A conjurer of conscience!

Ethically using dream magic involves understanding the power of connecting to others, and tapping into energies beyond our own. It also requires paying attention to one’s intentions when casting a spell or working with spiritual entities. While dream magic is not inherently dangerous, it has the potential to cause harm if done improperly. Therefore, all practitioners should strive for balance in their work and respect boundaries while engaging in this type of magickal practice.

In other words don’t use dream magic without the receivers permission. Practice dream magic responsibly. Like attracts like!

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Powers of Dream Magic

Dream magic has the power to open up opportunities that seem impossible in the physical world. This type of energy is incredibly powerful and can be used for manifesting one’s goals, desires, and dreams. With dream magic, it is possible to tap into an infinite source of potentials, allowing individuals to step outside their comfort zone and explore possibilities they never thought were attainable.

Dream magic gives us access to other realms where we can find answers and guidance on our life’s journey. There are many different types of dream magic practices available today; each offering its own unique benefits. Visiting people in their dreams is a fascinating experience, and one that can be both empowering and enlightening.

If you need extra help, as guidance from god Oniros or of your guardian Angel.

How to visit people in their Dreams

Visiting people in their dreams can be a fascinating and memorable experience. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started and learn how to visit people in their dreams. Do this every night for at least a week:

1. Relax your body and mind before going to sleep – meditation, yoga or even just deep breathing can all help with this process. I would also recommend a chakra cleansing!

2. Visualize the person you want to visit in your dream; focus on that image until it becomes crystal clear in your mind’s eye.

3. Speak out loud (or in thought) that you wish to visit them while they are dreaming. Doing this sets the intention for what will happen next nightfall when you go back to bed again with this same thought as focus of attention! Also take few seconds to send waves of love this person. This opens the Door for the Dream World. These are the basic steps which WILL do the trick.

Advanced directions for one who has mastered Lucid Dreaming (Steps: 4-8)

4. As soon as possible after falling asleep, try projecting yourself into the other person’s dreamscape – imagine yourself being there with them and speaking directly into their subconscious mind if need be!

5. Allow yourself time to explore the environment within which both of you find yourselves – notice any details about its look & feel, ethereal nature etc…this could be anything from floating islands made up entirely from bookshelves full of old vintage novels; an underground labyrinth filled with doors leading off down mysterious corridors; or even an enormous castle atop some misty mountain peak – every dreamer’s world has potential for endless possibilities so take note as much as possible whilst here exploring together!

6. Communicate clearly & openly during conversation but also pay close attention for signs/symbols being sent by either side which may have special meanings only known between two parties involved…this could come across anywhere such like words used particularly often throughout dialogue exchanges or perhaps images seen suddenly appearing right before our eyes!

7 . Ask questions & seek answers during interactions taking place inside magical realm we share together (elevating awareness through knowledge exchange). This way we gain deeper insights collectively into why certain things exist or how best one can approach different situations encountered along path through life itself…allowing us both grow exponentially at each others expense!!

8 . Once finished exchanging thoughts/ideas, thank each other profusely for having such wonderful opportunity afforded us tonight then immediately move back towards waking reality again by slowly counting backwards from 10 downwards without getting distracted by anything else occurring around ourselves firstly.. 9 … 8 .. 7 .. 6 … 5 .. 4 .. 3 accordingly… 2 … 1… fully conscious now once more feeling refreshed & energized ready whatever new day brings next!!

Waking up – Keeping track

9 . Record everything experienced afterwards writing it down upon paper if desired so later on further reflection takes place allowing access additional depth information not noticed earlier maybe?!? Plus always remember too believe nothing heard said unless verified independently using own intuition prior accepting/believing otherwise!!! 10 . Enjoy these visits immensely every single time participating fully creating lasting memories evolving between two connected souls forevermore thereby rewarding relationships built over years spent living….

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