How to make a Lucky penny – original Spell and Recipe

How to make a Lucky penny - original Spell and Recipe

Have you ever stumbled upon a penny on the ground and felt a sudden surge of delight? Perhaps you picked it up, convinced that this seemingly insignificant coin could bring you good luck. If so, you’re not alone! Ancient people believed that metals were gifts from the gods. So the belief of finding a coin is instantly translated as finding a lucky penny as this omen has passed into our collective awareness throughout millennia.

Hence, the lucky penny has held a special place in our collective imagination, symbolizing hope, fortune, and serendipity. Buckle up, as we will journey into the fascinating world of the lucky penny, exploring its history, cultural references, and even some lucky penny spells. Today, we unravel the hidden magic that lies within the humble copper coin.

Unlocking the Magic and Fortune of the Humble Penny

From Barack Obama to Heidi Klum, believe it or not, countless celebrities also have their lucky penny and lucky charms tales. From carrying a special penny in their pockets during performances to attributing their success to a chance penny discovery, these anecdotes prove that even the rich and famous are convinced in the power of a lucky charm.

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The concept of luck and talismanic objects can be traced back to ancient times. In various cultures, found coins were believed to possess mystical qualities that could bring good fortune and ward off evil spirits. The idea of the lucky penny finds its roots in this age-old belief system.

Dating back to Roman times, the modern phrase “find a penny, pick it up, and all the day you’ll have good luck” has been a popular superstition (click here more more superstitions based on actual magical wisdom). It was believed that stumbling upon a penny, especially one with the “heads” side facing up, would invite positive energy and blessings into one’s life.

Lucky Penny Spell, History, and References of the Lucky Penny

Modern english penny was remodeled on the ancient Roman denarius and was officially introduced in England around 757 A.D. After that, pennies along with english civilization travelled and was introduced to America carried by the first colonists. The initial manufacture of pennies involved copper for this mental was bountiful when first created in 1973.

The lucky penny holds a significant place in many cultural traditions. In some cultures, the act of giving a coin as a token of good luck symbolizes prosperity, wealth, and protection. It serves as a physical reminder of the abundance and blessings that the universe has in store for us. The belief is so strong that we even have an national ‘Lucky penny day’: May 23rd!

Lucky Penny and Alchemy

Moreover, the penny’s copper color itself holds symbolic meaning. Copper is the metal of Aphrodite (Venus), Goddess and Planet associated with abundance, satisfaction, earthly delights, and positive energy flow. As such, the penny becomes a physical representation of the positive forces at work within the universe.

The world is brimming with captivating stories about lucky pennies. From unsuspecting individuals finding a shiny penny right before a crucial job interview to perfectly timed penny discoveries preceding life-changing events, these stories serve as charming reminders of the potential magic hidden within everyday objects.

The lucky penny has also made its mark in popular culture. Don’t tell me you don’t remember Scrooge McDuck’s lucky penny? Even Magica de Spell tried to get it! (so lazy… she could just do this spell! LOL). Countless books, movies, and songs have referenced the charm and allure of the penny. Whether it’s a protagonist finding a lucky penny that sets off a chain of serendipitous events or a song that celebrates the penny as a symbol of hope, these references reinforce the sentimental value attached to the humble coin.

So How do I make a Lucky Penny?

You want to perform this spell on Sunday, the day of Apollo, God of Light and ALL Blessings. Also you need to find a penny or a coin. Any coin will do. It doesn’t matter the cost. Of course you can just use you own but by using a coin you found you put much extra luck in it!

Let’s take a look at the ingredients.

  • try this ONLY on Sunday
  • A coin you found!
  • Sun Water (follows the recipe don’t worry)
  • fresh cut Bay Leaf

How to make Sun Water (lost story short):

Just as you create Moon Water (click the link) you can create the Sun water. Sun Water cannot be stored. It has to be used instantly. So, take a glass jar and fill more than half with fresh water. Place it on a sunny place. Seal the jar and put it in direct sunlight for 2 or 3 hours. Ask Apollo’s blessing to charge the Sun. You might even want to invoke him. This will charge the Water with Sun Magic.

How to make the Lucky Penny using Sun Water

So take the fresh cut bay leaf and put it in the jar of Sun Water. Call the power of Apollo! Soak it in the sun water and stir the water clockwise three times. Leave the leaf inside.

Hold the Penny and chant:

Apollo’s favor I seek to gain,
With this spell, luck shall remain,
By the power of Apollo and Sun’s divine,
I enchant this penny, make it mine.
Grant me blessings each day anew,
Fortune’s touch forever true.
Lucky penny, bring me wealth and cheer,
As I cast this spell, let luck draw near.”

Stir the penny clockwise three times in the Sun Water. Visualize the golden light shining and embodying the penny.

this is called the Peristigma. The Solar Symbol - ancient symbol of the Sun
this is called the Peristigma. The Solar Symbol – ancient symbol of the Sun

Take the penny and carve the peristigma around – the Solar Symbol. You can use a knife or a marker or even some permanent nail color – preferably with some glitter (at least that’s how I like it). Put it in your wallet or anywhere you want. Enjoy your Good Luck!

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