Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo – January 31

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo - January 31


General Predictions:

On January 31, at 13:28UT the Moon from Leo opposes the Sun in Aquarius forming the Full Moon. This Full Moon is not only a Blue Moon, but it is also a Lunar Eclipse – Blood Moon. The Eclipse itself will start at 10:51 and will last until at 16:08 UT. Of course, the peak of the Eclipse will happen at the moment of the Full Moon. This is a Total Eclipse, so the whole Moon will be shadowed.

A magic Vortex Will Open on January 31

Not Only this is a Super Moon, which means that the Moon affect Earth more, it’s also a Blood Moon – Lunar Eclipse and a Blue Moon. This EXTREMELY rare event occurs on a VERY special day for Witches. The day of Imbolc. 

Hence, this Full Moon will open a Vortex of tremendous Magical Power. Are you Ready for it?

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As Venus is also affected by the Lunar Eclipse, not too strongly but not too weakly either, love, health, beauty and the arts will be affected by the Eclipse. Unless it is stated otherwise in your zodiac, this influence will be calm. It will mostly motivate you and help you initiate a beneficial change in these areas of your life. Even more, this beneficial influence will be active until the next Lunar Eclipse on the 27th of July 2018. Even if this influence comes in an unbalanced and unpleasant way right now, after the New Moon, or after the end of the Ecliptic period on the next Full Moon, the beneficial results will start being visible to you.

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo - January 31

Virgo and Libra will be the luckiest zodiacs of the Eclipse, as they won’t receive as much stress as the others. Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Cancer will probably be the ones facing the most stress.

Predictions for Aries:

Financials will be affected by this Lunar Eclipse, one way or another. Corrections in your financial management may become important. In some cases, the fear of a “coming” financial disaster can stress you, but the disaster itself may never actually take place. Try to stay calm and do not act hastily. In fact, no matter the stress and how realistic the danger seems, this Eclipse won’t cause you serious problems in your financials. On the contrary, if you remain calm your decisions will be right, and will eventually help your financial growth.

Love life is also affected by the Eclipse. Problematic relationships can come near their ending. Depending on your individual situation, they can actually end. If the relationship is not that problematic, then the revelation of the problems can help you realise them and then face and heal them. This, too, needs a calm and clear mind, and this can become a challenge on its own. Significant changes can happen in your love life, but they will be for the better.

Family can be affected by the Lunar Eclipse as well. Especially kids or other younger members of it. Situations in their lives can be a little to a lot challenging, and this will affect you, too. Once again, it will probably be their love life – or lack of it – that generates the unpleasant situations. If they are not old enough to have a love life, then their emotional life will be affected in some other way. Whatever the case, support them if you can, but do not interfere too much. Similarly to you, the problems they face can be thing they need to heal and correct.

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Predictions for Taurus:

As we’ve seen in the New Moon’s article, as the month proceeds there is more focus in your career. It’s only natural, then, that this Lunar Eclipse will challenge this aspect of your life. You may have too many things to do and not enough time to properly take care of them. You may also need to take important decisions, and in most cases, readily act upon them. Correcting problems, issues and policies in your job can become a daily occurrence. If you own a business with personnel, you may see the need to make some changes there, or these changes can force their way in your life.

But the biggest problem this Eclipse will cause in your career is that it will try to take your focus away from it. You are focused on your career and this is what you want to do. But family, home, the neighbourhood, and whatever you consider as “home” and whomever you consider as “family” will demand your attention. Problems, issues and significant events and situations may happen in these areas, and you will need to pay more attention there. This happenings can be negative, or they can simply happen in the wrong time for you. Whatever the case, they seem to unsettle you. Also, cars, phones, computers and the likes of those are amongst the most probable things that will need your care during the period of the Eclipse.

Love life doesn’t seem to be affected much by this Eclipse. If anything, the eclipse fuels the love life. As long as this doesn’t unbalance you, there will be no problem. On the other hand, health is affected enough. You may have already started taking better care of your health, and this is exactly what you should be doing. Changes in your diet, daily routine, work out routine, and things like those will be made. Although many such changes will happen right away, this influence will follow you until July’s Lunar Eclipse. Beauty receives similar and long lasting influences.

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Predictions for Gemini:

Gemini students will be affected quite strongly by the Lunar Eclipse. Changes of teachers, schools, or courses can happen. Exams, tests and the like of the period will also be affected by the Eclipse. Try to discipline yourself while preparing, and stay calm while going through these tests, exams, or whatever it is. There will be difficulties, but this doesn’t mean you can’t succeed.

Means of transportation and communication, as well as jobs that make use of those, or sell those, will face some problems. Back up your important files of your computers and phones, and take good care of your cars, or other vehicles.

Siblings, close friends, and, in some cases, neighbours can face some problematic or challenging situations. This may unsettle you, or stress you somewhat, but do not let it become overwhelming. In some cases, just being there for them and listening to what they need to say, can be the best help you can provide to them, and the best course of action you can take without further stressing your own life.

Finally, your financials receive most of the – not so pleasant – influences of the Lunar Eclipse. Existing problems there can become bigger, or more visible to you. New issues may also appear. Avoid overspending on whatever it’s not necessary right now. Otherwise, you may find yourself in the need of the money you spent in unnecessary things. Correcting your financials and financial strategies can become necessary, too. Start doing that before it even becomes a need, and the results will be even better, for now and for the future.

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Predictions for Cancer:

This is a time to try to relax as much as possible. The Lunar Eclipse will stress and challenge you in many ways. This is only natural, since the Moon is your ruler. So, yes, finding time to rest and relax can be less than easy, but this only makes it even more important. Meditation can, and should, become your best friend during this period, and this is not only because of the relaxation it can provide to you.

Under the power of this Lunar Eclipse you redefine yourself. Even if you try to avoid this procedure it will happen to a degree. It will only become more stressful and less effective. So, embrace this procedure and initiate it. Heal yourself and detach yourself from your past. Then decide how you want to be and support yourself in becoming like this. Searching inside you for what holds you back and what motivates and express you is very promising now. Do that. The more you work on yourself, the less stressful the influences of this, and probably of every next, Lunar Eclipse will be. Don’t be too impatient to see results in this self-discovery, self-bettering. This things need their time. Even more, this influence will support you until July’s Lunar Eclipse.

Financials also are affected by the Lunar Eclipse. Every mistake in this field will become more than obvious. Correct them to the best of your ability. If there are many things to correct you may feel like the situation is hopples, but it isn’t. Start by correcting what you can correct and the situations will start getting better and better.

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Predictions for Leo:

Health needs your attention during the period of this Lunar Eclipse. Make sure you rest well, sleep well, and in every possible way you take good care of your health. Most probably, there is no reason to panic. But do pay attention to your body’s messages and needs. Your lover, partner, or spouse may also have to deal with some health issues. Keep in mind that most of the times things seem worse than they are. Nevertheless, take proper care of these issues.

Redefining yourself and your public image is a trend this Lunar Eclipse forces in your life. This trend will continue being active until July’s Lunar Eclipse, but now it may start in an unbalanced, unsettling and forceful way. Nonetheless, this is a good thing to happen. You have the opportunity to learn more about yourself and abandon the self-imposed restrictions and images that don’t serve you and your happiness any more. Do proceed courageously in this. Not hastily, but with determination.

Spirituality and spiritual paths can also change during this Eclipse. Or start changing. Schools, groups and teachers of inner teachings can change too. In some cases you realise that those individuals or schools are not what you want to follow. In some cases, the change can come from their part. Whatever the case, it will be a good change in the long run. Even if you follow a solitary path, your own beliefs can change. Once again, don’t be afraid of this change. Your beliefs become more correct and real for you.

Although your own financials don’t seem to receive any inauspicious influences, friends, lovers, partners and spouses can face some financial difficulties, or challenges. Changes in their jobs can also happen. All these may stress you a little, or disturb somewhat the balance in your lives and your relationship with them.

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Predictions for Virgo:

You are clearly one of the luckiest zodiacs as this Lunar Eclipse doesn’t affect you strongly. Even more, if you are not in a spiritual path or line of business, then you may even walk through this period without even noticing it. Some changes in beliefs, spiritual groups, spiritual teachers or schools, may happen. Some by your choice, some will be forced upon you by the circumstances. If your work involves spirituality and spiritual means and teachings, then you may experience some upheavals there. The same is true if you regularly practice these methods for non-professional reasons. But, of course, an Eclipse causes problems mostly because its energies are very strong and difficult to balance. If you manage to make good use of these energies, then great progress in the field can take place.

Love life is relatively unaffected by the eclipse. Nonetheless, be patient with your other half, as they may have to deal with stressful issues in their lives and, therefore, they may not be in the best of moods. Friendships, on the other hand, are affected by the Eclipse. This is probably the strongest influence of this Eclipse and it probably won’t be very pleasant. Problematic friendships can even end. If the friendship itself is strong enough and healthy enough, then the relationship will last, but nevertheless, any problems and issues between you will be clear as day. Maybe much clearer than you would feel comfortable with. Healing this issues, though will benefit the relationship in the long run.

If there are no such issues at all in your friendships, that’s good, of course, but you won’t be able to completely avoid this influence. Problems or significant upheavals in the lives of your friends will unsettle you or stress you. They can also affect the communications and interactions between the two of you, both regarding their regularity and their quality.

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Predictions for Libra:

This Lunar Eclipse will affect you mostly in directly. Your friendships can face some problems. In most cases, though, it’s your friends the ones that face problems, and they share them with you, rather than your friendship with them. So, just be there for them and support them. In case a friendship is directly tested, then that’s exactly that. Friendships with strong foundations will become stronger and healthier. They just need healing. Friendships with weak foundations, will show their true colours.

Computers, phones and other high-tech gadgets can malfunction. Internet connection and phone lines can follow the same pattern. Make sure to update your firewall and antivirus, and to back up your important files. In some cases replacement of these gadgets may become necessary. Although your financials don’t receive negative influences and the same goes for your work, you may need to spend some money on such gadgets. Moreover, if your job is based on them, you may have some problems because of their problematic behaviour.

If you don’t need to buy such equipment, but you want to buy some, this is not the time to do so. Wait until the influences of the Eclipse cease to act. If you need to purchase such equipment, do it from shops with good return policies. You may find your new gadgets acting peculiar.

In some cases, a change in your career can take place. In most such cases, though, this is a decision of yours. The Eclipse just gives you a “friendly” push. So, proceed confidently and look forward to it.

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Predictions for Scorpio:

As the lunar month proceeds career becomes more and more important, and lucky. Expansions, new jobs and the like are supported by the stars, as we’ve seen in the New Moon’s article. With the sky focusing so much on your career, it’s not a coincidence that this Lunar Eclipse affects it, as well. If you are working for somebody else, upheavals in the company you are working can make you feel like you don’t want to be there. If this was clear to you for some time now, you may actually find your way out of there. In some rare cases, this “exit” can be forced upon you. Unpleasant as this may be, the Eclipse demands corrections, and as a correction move you should regard what happens. Under a lucky sky, and with all planets moving forward, finding a better job is more than possible. If you own a business, then, again, the Lunar Eclipse will demand correction moves. In this case, though, you’ll be the one making this moves. Whatever your case is, act decisively and promptly, but not hastily.

Your spiritual path will also be affected. Although this influence is relatively calm, it will follow you until July’s Lunar Eclipse. Your spiritual path and your beliefs start changing. This can be challenging, but it will be a good thing. What once you considered as correct and harmonious to you, may not any more be so. The Eclipse will help you find out, and correct your path and beliefs. If you are practising under a teacher, guide, school, or something alike, the situations of the mentors or the schools may intrigue this change.

Finally, family and especially older people in your family, like parents, may have to deal with significant, or unpleasant events. This will stress you, or unsettle you a bit. In most cases, though, just a bit.

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Predictions for Sagittarius:

Always is a wise choice to avoid unnecessary travelling during an Ecliptic period. Even more so if the Eclipse affects this area of our lives. And this is exactly what this Lunar Eclipse does for you. Therefore, avoid all unnecessary travelling.

Also whatever has to do with the mind receives the Ecliptic influences. Students will feel this influence very strongly. Changes and unforeseen problems in your schools or studies may take place. Churches, and spiritual schools also receive this influence. Probably even more powerfully. If you are committed to such a place, then expect to see things going a little crazy there. You may also find yourself changing a spiritual teacher, the church you attend, or the spiritual school you attend. In some cases, even a change in religion or the whole spiritual path may appear.

The feeling of death is strong too. You may find yourself in danger, or in situations that you fear for your life. In most cases, though, death won’t come any closer. Things inside you die, and this is a necessary procedure to make place for new things. It’s not something you should try to avoid, even if it isn’t pleasant when it happens. You may also make a will during this period, or a few months later. This influence will be present in your lives – much calmer after the Ecliptic Period, but still present – until the July’s Lunar Eclipse.

Your job is also affected by the Eclipse. In most cases this will mean a change in your job, or your post. In some cases a significant change in the environment or the situations under which you work.

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Predictions for Capricorn:

During this Lunar Eclipse, try to avoid all dangerous activities and situations. This includes dangerous sports, speedy driving and drug abuse, but not only these, of course. If you can’t avoid everything that presents a high risk level, be extra careful. Of course, you know this already, but I’m reminding you of this, just in case.

This sense of danger can also affect your sex life. If you are sexually active, make sure you play safe. In addition, take good care of the health and hygiene of the genitals and the whole sexual system. Significant events can happen in your sexual affairs as well. Good or bad ones. If you need to keep your sexual adventures secret, then be extra cautious during this period. Also, brawls between you and your sexual partners may take place. In the same time, sexual relationships may become more important than just that unexpectedly, or you may enjoy interesting sexual experiences. Once again, play safe.

Safety should become your priority in your spiritual and magical practises as well. Experimenting with astral travelling, unless you have enough experience with it, spirit summoning and other high-risk magical practices, is unwise. Using “harsh” spiritual methods to heal or discover yourself, is also unwise. But, in the same time, if you are experienced in such methods, and take all safety precautions, then you can achieve great results. In addition, psychotherapy can become really effective, but if you are starting this during this period, choose your therapist carefully. Also, expect some stressful and unpleasant start.

Not only your sexual relationships, but also your other kind romantic relationships can face some challenge. This includes those in a marriage. These challenges can be caused by problems in the relationship, or by the stress, probably for financial reasons, your other half faces. In most cases, both these reasons will be present. Be calm, keep your mind open, and do not rush into decisions. In the same time, though, do act with self respect.

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Predictions for Aquarius:

This Lunar Eclipse will test your love life more than anything else. The current relationship can become a battlefield. Every emotion you have suppressed, everything that hurt you in the past, or you did and hurt your partner now cries for attention. Handle these situations as calmly as possible. In most cases this is happening to heal the relationship. Not to end it. Of course, some relationships will end, but these are those that don’t have strong foundations. In some cases where there are no significant problems in a relationship, the stress your other half feels from other aspects of their life, will stress the relationship between you two.

If you are single, and not by choice, you feel the loneliness strongly. But this is not a time to “indulge” in depression. This is a time to find out what you are doing wrongly, or how you invite this loneliness in your life. Then, of course, correct these thoughts and attitudes.

Job is affected by the Eclipse. So, changes there will happen. Avoid hasty decisions just as much as delayed decisions. This way, the odds are that the changes will be beneficial in the long run. Health also needs some attention. In most cases, resting more, sleeping better, a change in your diet and things like those will be enough to get you through the period without a problem. In some cases, some minor, or swimmingly important but not so, problems may appear. Of course, whatever the case do take a proper care of your health. This is an astrological guide, so we investigate the general influences the Eclipse bring in your zodiac. Your individual case might be different. So, once again, do take proper care of your health.

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Predictions for Pisces:

This Lunar Eclipse will affect your health. Since the sky overall is a beneficial one, serious problems will be a rare occurrence. Nevertheless, pay as much attention to your health, as possible. In most cases, though, changing your diet, your work out schedule, or even your sleep schedule will be the way this influence will manifest in your lives. If you have existing problems, they may act up a little. In the same time, magic and energy means for further enhancing your health, or healing existing problems, are very capable.

Work is one of the main issues of the lunar month, and it will be one of the areas receiving much inference from the Lunar Eclipse as well. Changes there will be made, or you’ll be forced to make them. If you employ others, your personnel may change a little. If you work for others, you may change your job. Whatever the case, though, these will be good changes in your work area. Moreover, your financials don’t receive any inauspicious influence, so it’s highly unlikely a disastrous change to appear.

Financials of your kids or other younger members of the family, though, may face some problems. Them, they’ll need to change their strategies and policies, or they’ll have to try harder to deal with those problems. Avoid the tendency to support them in ways that don’t show self-respect. Advising them will be much more helpful than covering their financial needs. This way, the correction in their financials will be much more permanent. Of course, if you find it necessary, support them financially as well. Just make sure this not the only thing you are doing and that you take care of your own financial needs as well.

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Astrology and Magic:

A Full Moon always has great magical potential, a Blue Moon even more, an Eclipse even more. So, you can understand that not only this Full Moon, but also the whole waning period will have a huge magical potential. The problem is that the energies of an Eclipse are so strong that we may mishandle them. So, prefer methods you have worked with previously. If you want to try something new, then work with gentle methods. Paradoxically, the stress upon Venus gives to the same subject a great magical potency. Therefore, healing, beautification, love and whatever magic has to do with the arts will be very strong during this waning Moon.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this Lunar Eclipse and the waning Moon period!

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