Tips & Tricks While Retrograde Neptune

Tips & Tricks While Retrograde Neptune

Neptune is one of the most slowly moving planets around the Sun. Hence, it’s Retrograde course makes things even slower. But that’s not what this article is all about. Here, we are going to discover what is advised and what is not advised during Retrograde Neptune according the ancient wisdom of Astrology and the arcane arts.

Neptune in Astrology

To see how Retrograde Neptune affects us we must first learn  what Neptune rules in astrology. So, even though Neptune was NOT one of the planet of the Ancient Astrology as was found in 23rd September, 1846, this discovery was foretold in occult Astrology. Thus, what few know is that the ancient mystics, knew that we have to discover another 5 planets. One for each Zodiac Sign. So, till now, we’ve only discovered three more: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. We’ve got 2 more according to esoteric astrology. Although the energies of each planet is prophesied, we haven’t discovered them yet.

Neptune, is named after Poseidon (Neptune in latin), god of the Seas, one of the 3 most power brothers (Zeus-Jupiter, Poseidon-Neptune, Pluto-Hades). Hence, the Symbol of the Planet is Poseidon’s Trident, a powerful weapon for all Witches.

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However, Poseidon in astrology doesn’t rule the seas and Water. Moon does. This is a common mistake of modern Astrologers. Moreover, Neptune rules over chemical substances, chemistry in general, alchemy (involving all liquids), dreams, illusions, confusions and all that is beyond our human perception.  Also, Neptune rules over Spirituality. Hence, most powerful magical practices should be aligned with Neptune.

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Furthermore, this planet rules over deceit and addiction. Neptune, goes one step forward compared to the Moon. This is why in Alchemy we use both ‘Planets’ when creating potions. In our Magical Shop, we try to create potions and incenses when this planets align.

Tips when Retrograde Neptune

When Neptune dances backwards there are plenty of opportunities and also things you should avoid according to the Ancient ones.

Dos & Opportunities

Here is a handy list of things you should try during Neptune’s backwards move.

  • Keep a Dream Journal

When Neptune is Retrograde, the cosmic forces present us amazing spiritual opportunities to evolve. When we sleep, amazing information passively descends to us. One way to keep up with this information is to keep a Dream Journal. As you keep on writing down your dreams – preferably the first thing you do when you wake up – your consciousness expands!

  • Cast Spirit Summoning

As we’ve already explained, Spirits are especially active during Retrograde Neptune. In fact, what changes is our perception. So, during this time, call upon your Guardian Angel, or Spirit Animal or any spirit you feel comfortable with like the Sacred Phoenix or Archangel Michael.

Also keep a journal when talking to spirits and revisit the same text to see what happened.

As we’ve already explained, the energies of Neptune as planet, are very close to the Moon. Hence, they usually work great together. Opening ‘Moon Portals’ will help you consciousness expand. It will also help you with Astral Projection and Shamanic Journeys.

  • Craft Magic Potions

It’s advised to experiment with formulas and potions as Neptune will help us achieve what we want. Of course you can buy witchy formulas like ours, but you can also create them YOURSELF, which is something we always advise!

Don’ts and Traps

Here is a handy list of things you should avoid during Neptune’s backwards move.

  • Get addicted

Unfortunately, Neptune also rules over possible addictions. What’s your poison? During Retrograde Neptune we might find new ways to intoxicate ourselves. Drugs and toxic substances and other things which may harm when you overuse them like alcohol, food, TV etc. Hence, during this time, please try to create a barrier of serenity and objectively  observe things that you may find yourself addicted to.

  • Close your Eyes to the Truth

Also, as we previously analyzed, Neptune rules over illusions. Therefore, Neptune may cloud your judgement or even create a need to ‘escape reality’. It’s very common during these influences to skip the facts and focus on day-dreaming. Of course, this usually leads to a big-scale catastrophe and loss of self-esteem. ‘How couldn’t I see it?’ we usually ask ourselves. Well, we do see it. We just don’t want to believe it.

  • Disconnect from Spirit

Although it’s clearly something we usually get help from, sometimes we question ourselves and our powers. Hence, this often leads to self-doubt. Please do not repeat the same mistakes. Energy doesn’t lie. Trust your intuition. Listen to your heart.

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