Monday, 24 July 2017

Monday, 24 July 2017

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Astrology Today: Moon, still from Leo, forms some auspicious aspects with Jupiter, the retrograde Saturn and then, Venus, giving an overall lucky feeling in the day. Mercury, also from Leo, forms a perfect triangle with Uranus and a weak, yet, conjunction with the Moon, making things even better.

We may tend to act a little over-dramatic for no apparent reason, but let’s say it’s a fun thing to do from time to time.

The only problem raises from the opposition of Venus from Gemini to Saturn. This aspect was active since Wednesday, but it was weak and overshadowed by more potent and powerful aspects, and it is going to be active until coming Friday. Today, though, it is in its strongest point. Lovers of old may appear under this influence.

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The luckiest signs will be Leo and Aries. Gemini and Sagittarius will be more stressed. Libra’s first half of the day will be better than the second half.


Mostly a good, happy and lucky day for you this one is. Some interesting happenings in communicating with people from afar. These can be unexpected, happy or unhappy coincidences. But not much of a problem.


The most probable sign to meet an ex-lover, or somebody who reminds you of one is you. This won’t be as disturbing as you may thing, unless you are engaged in a relationship right now. In some cases it will be a purely happy occasion.


You are trying to find out your place towards your partners, business and life alike. This is mostly an effort to bring a healthier balance in those relationships, and therefore is a good thing. For some of you, though, something unpleasant will ignite the thoughts.


Extremely potent day for work and money related magic for you today. On the other hand, avoid job interviews and signing new work related contracts today. You also may feel like your health declines. Take proper care, of course, but relax. In most cases this is just an illusion.


You keep shinning, and you are still lucky. Expect a good day in every aspect of it. Your lover or spouse may have something they would like to discuss with you. Make sure to notice that, as they won’t always show it clearly, and then, pay proper attention.


Your psychic powers are still very strong and your mind much more clear. You are more capable to cast any spell. A good day to try new things in magic and spirituality. Your family and work may stress you a little, but it’s a passing tread.


Still extrovert and in a meeting-people mood, and you feel optimistic about that. This may become a little more stressful and problematic later on the day, but not to a disastrous point. Siblings or sibling figures, and especially older ones, play important part in your day.


You are still mostly focused on your work and career. Sex starts its raising, but today mostly in a problematic way. Don’t try to find a new lover today, but try to deal with problems with your current lover. Very potent day for sex magic and dealing with karma.


Your marriage or your current relationship, unless it’s a new one, will be of importance in the colouring of your day. Possibilities are that this will happen in a stressful way, but if you have dealt with the issues there, it may be an unexpectedly wonderful experience. Those who are divorced or on a second marriage, might have more problems with their ex than their current spouse.


Your shine is still present. You probably don’t feel it as strongly as yesterday, but it is there. Your intuition is strong, but occasionally unreliable, so be cautious. Health related magic is very strong for you today. Stressful but good day for professional healers, especially of the spiritual type.


You are mostly balanced and calm. You may face some stressful experiences with your social circle, but most probably not with the ones you consider important. And even the experiences themselves, don’t expect them to be very stressful. Your children’s social circle, if you have any, may stress you more.


Work and career now is clearly more important. Health remains important, as well as the health of your family members. All these will fill your day one way or another. If something is unpleasant relax. In most cases it’s not as serious as you think.

Astrology and Magic:

All magic is favoured under the active astrological influences. A great day to cast spells that intend to create huge influences.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day.

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