Spiritual Advice for all the Zodiacs – July 30 to August 5

Spiritual Advice for all the Zodiacs - July 30 to August 5

Spiritual Advice for all Zodiac signs
Spiritual Advice for all Zodiac signs

General Spiritual Advice and tendencies of the week:

This week the spiritual advice is to turn inwards and work there with ourselves in order to “walk” towards our goals. Especially the long term and life goals. Although it’s more of a spiritual and mental procedure, there is nothing saying we should halt our wordy efforts to the same end. On the contrary, acting now is probably a good thing to do as well. Our subconscious is especially active this period. The upcoming Lunar Eclipse’s energies are now strong and this also helps forming the whole atmosphere of the week.

So, in general, self-exploring, self-understanding, and then finding out or clarifying our goals and our paths is what we should do. In some cases, to do this we may need to deal with some strong tendencies of ours that hold us back or keep us away from whatever we want to achieve. Most of you, you’ll find this week’s vibration strongly related with the previous one’s. There is a slight difference though. Last week we mostly had to clean the path. This week we start walking it. Meditation, visualisation and self-hypnosis are very harmonious with the vibrations of this week, so I would suggest you make the best of them now.

Spells to help you this week:

Some of our spells and articles that can help you make the best of this week are these:

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But also, search our site for whatever else you may need. There are plenty more here to help you achieve your every goal.

Spiritual Advice for Aries:

If you have worked with your fears the previous week, this one will be much easier and brings more benefits. You can target just one goal, if that’s what you prefer to do, but overall happiness is what you are mostly advice to target. Visualise your life perfect and happy in every possible aspect. The “happy” part is very important, not only because there is no perfect life without happiness. It is what motivates your soul now. So, whatever life or goal you want to manifest focus on how happy you’ll be when this happens. Follow the dream in the material world, if you can, and try to at least smile more.

Spiritual Advice for Taurus:

For you too this week’s energies are strongly related with the previous week’s. Rapid and great changes are the main focus. So, if you have dealt with your fear of them the previous week, this week is going to be much more beneficial and pleasant. Realise how you want your life to be, and then deicide you want this life right here, right now. No matter how greatly the circumstances of your current life should change. Accept that these circumstances can change instantly and encourage them to happen so. Reassure yourself that this is a good thing to happen.

Spiritual Advice for Gemini:

Target a life full of abundance. This doesn’t only refer on money. Abundance of love, happiness, etc are included. But money too. The upcoming Eclipse may have already caused you some problems with money, and even if not, it most probably will eventually do so. This is one more reminder for you to fill yourself and your soul with abundance. Even if you want to materialise just one goal for now, realise the abundance this goal symbolises or is going to bring in your life and soul. And, of course, be certain that you deserve this abundance, and having want you are longing for.

Spiritual Advice for Cancer:

Start creating your overall happy and balanced life. If you still think you need to sacrifice some of your life’s aspects to reinforce other parts of your life, then disillusion yourself of this restraining idea. Accept the fact that every aspect of your life can be joyful and should be so. Whether you do target the perfect life, or just a goal, the feeling of happiness is what will empower your visualisations or spells. It’s what awakes and motivates your soul. Thus, make sure you’ll include it in your efforts and give it a great deal of gravity. But, not only your own happiness but the one of the people around you as well. This includes the people who will come in your life in the future. Do not underestimate the importance of other people’s happiness in the composition of your perfect life.

Spiritual Advice for Leo:

Hopefully, failure is not in your minds any more. Now victory should take it’s place. Remind yourself of your past victories. Remind yourself of the feeling of being victorious and successful. Then use this feeling on whatever you do. Use it in visualisation, spell-casting and everyday life as well. Even in matters of the heart you are motivated by victory. Just realise that forcing yourself or ideals on others is not a real victory and sooner or later you’ll pay the prise heavily. Finding the people who share your ideals and admire, inspire, encourage and love you is the real victory.

Spiritual Advice for Virgo:

Love happiness and work happiness are coming now on stage holding hands. They always walked together, even if you haven’t realised that. Your zodiac and the house it rules symbolising exactly this fact. For the sixth house (the house of Virgo) to be overall happy, work must be happy, health must be great and everyday life should be joyful. The latter one, of course includes your interactions with your spouse or lover, and, obviously, their existence in your life. So visualise your life happy and blessed in both subjects. Even more, visualise that your important someone is happy and blessed in both subjects.

Spiritual Advice for Libra:

You need to feel beloved and you sometimes demand from the others to show love to you, sometimes you feel agree and disappointed they don’t. But, do you really do the best you can to receive this feeling? To clarify things, I’m not necessarily speaking about romantic love. Friendly, parental, and all types of love are included. Offering love to people around you will cause love to be offered to you. Not necessarily by the same people. If this is not the case, new people who will express love to you will appear in your life. In the same time, offer love to your own self. This is a nice act and experience of giving love and receiving love in the same time.

Spiritual Advice for Scorpio:

Buddha taught us the affirmation “I am my own lord throughout heaven and earth”. This should be your mantra and target this week. You feel the need to take full control of your life and become successful. Visualise this success. They key is the pleasant feeling you feel in being successful. don’t focus as much on the achievements. They are not motivating enough. If you manage to become a loving “lord” rather than a “tyrant” you won’t have anything to fear.

Spiritual Advice for Sagittarius:

Keep your focus firm on your goals and especially the life goals. Some fears may surface or resurface. This is just because you haven’t dealt with them properly. Deal with them now. Also, healing your sorrows, and removing junks of any kind is an important part of what you should do. You carry a lot of unnecessary burden with you. See what you carry and doesn’t support your goals and abandon it. Throwing away junks and useless things you have in your home is a nice way to symbolise your intentions. If you don’t feel like working mentally or magically towards this end, at least do that. Gifting things you don’t need to people who need them will give you a sense of joy in the act of removing your blocks, so it is an advisable thing to do.

Spiritual Advice for Capricorn:

Find time to relax. Even if you do nothing more than that, do that. It is important. But if you feel up to, work a little more. Realise that everything in your life can become better and things seem worse than they are. At least most of them do. Start healing and bettering what you can, but do it in a relaxed way. Don’t overburden yourself and your schedule. On the contrary, create a more relaxed schedule for your everyday life in general. Not just for this week. But of course, creating one for this week is a start. What you do is focusing too much to each and every tree and lose the forest. You focus in your everyday tasks and loose focus of your life goals. So, refocus to what is really important.

Spiritual Advice for Aquarius:

You were encouraged to learn you have every right to be lucky and happy. Now visualise your life in a way supporting this. See yourself as happy and lucky both in your everyday life and in your life as a whole. And keep offering some silliness and meaningless happiness to yourself. Well… there is no such thing as meaningless happiness. Add these elements on your work or studies, if you can. But even if you can’t or think you can’t, at least in visualisation you surely can do it.

Spiritual Advice for Pisces:

“What can I do now to achieve what I want?” This is the question you should ask yourself. It will work nicely with short term goals, but do it for your life goals as well. Accept no answer like “nothing”. You can do at least one thing, no matter how small and insignificant it seems to be. Find these things and start acting accordingly. Your life is changing. Now. Change it for the better.

Have fun and a blessed week!

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