Put God on Speed Dial – Instant Message from the Universe

Put God on Speed Dial

I bet you’ve already seen a way to ask Universe for a sign – the passive way. If you do not want to wait for an answer (like me) why don’t you try something more… BAAAM!!! In this way, you will learn, how to put any Goddess or God on Speed Dial. This is a way to send an Instant Message to the Universe and get an Instant Reply. 

Put God on Speed Dial – the Active way to Ask the Universe for a Sign:

There are many magical instruments to use in order to connect with your Higher Self and / or the Divine source. In Magical Recipes Online, we’ve seen how to…

Dedicate one magical instrument for divination to an entity / deity of your preference.

  • Pick the instrument of your choice (a pen for automatic writing, a pendulum, a candle… etc)
  • Consecrate the Instrument of your choice. Use smudging or even the Garuda Mudra. 
  • Dedicate it to a Deity or Entity of your choice. For example, I have dedicated a pendulum to God Poseidon and a tarot Deck to my Guardian Angel.
  • Regularly Recharge it’s energy with Libations to the Deity or Entity. 

Let’s see some examples:

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  • My pendulum is almost always worn as a magical amplifier but regularly I love to rinse it with Sea Water to infuse it with Poseidon’s sacred divine power. Additionally, my tarot deck is on Guardian Angel’s altar, together with His white candle. Every time I ‘use’ the deck, I summon the energies of my Angel through the candle. 
  • Hence, if I want to “chat” with my Guardian Angel, I pick up the Tarot Deck, light his candle and start chatting. 
  • The same applies with God Poseidon. By the time I put the Pendulum in my hands, a connection with Him is established. 

Let’s see some tips too. 

  • Some times, the connection might be hijacked by other entities or deities who want to advice or contact you. 
  • The more you use your ‘magical instruments’ the easier it’s gonna be to talk with the Deities and Entities you want. You will actually hear them talk to you without even shuffling the tarot deck or waiting for the pendulum to move…

Give it a try… 

Put God on Speed Dial! 

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