1st to 7th of January: The ideal time to initiate goal realization and self-fulfillment

1st to 7th of January: The ideal time to initiate goal realization and self-fulfillment

1st to 7th of January. It is not a coincidence that in our era and in Western civilization the New Year`s Eve is celebrated at the beginning of January. Of course, how people mark the beginning of a new calendar year vary across the globe and there is a good description of other New Year’s Eve traditions in this Wikipedia article. Still, we have seen in a recent post that the time after the Winter Solstice has been spiritually crucial both in Pagan and Christian traditions.

The Winter Solstice is for the Northern Hemisphere the period of growth. It signalizes the slow but certain return of the light and the sun. Contrary to the Summer Solstice after which we should slow down, enjoy the summer and the sun, contemplate on our deeds and settle down things, while we leave things that do not deserve aside, the time after the Winter Solstice is the point to set goals and gradually realize them.

1st to 7th of January: The ideal time to initiate goal realization and self-fulfillment

So, this period is not an arbitrary time boundary but a genuine new beginning. What we should do is to harmonize ourselves with the cosmic rhythm so that we achieve the greatest positive impact and realize good goals.

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Still, lo and behold! This is not merely about achieving ‟practical” results, like a career promotion or a new romantic relationship and the like. These are undoubtedly significant aspirations. However, when we aim at self-fulfillment, we should be aware that our efforts are supposed to go deeper and incite us towards a complete spiritual transformation.

So, here there are 5 ways to get a new phase of growth and realization started.

Beyond New Year’s Resolutions

We repeat: this is not only about getting fitter, more beautiful or handsome, being on good terms with our colleagues. Set higher, more gentle goals such as adopting a spiritual fashion of life, discovering or unblocking and using your magical powers in a benevolent way for you and the others, developing a holistic philosophy of life. See the big picture. Everything else will follow.

Dedicate yourself to your destiny

Our presence on this planet is part of a wider network. Nevertheless, the sticking point is that we refuse to observe our true nature since we focus on materialistic wishes and the doctrines of the society. In this first week of the year, take some time for meditation and relaxing. Do not be biased about your wishes. True nature will lead to a spiritual awakening. This will in turn show you the right way.

Change your diet

Here, there is a misunderstanding. It’s not about bringing your nutrition to the tedium, so that you finally constantly get the munchies and you feel that you miss something. See what the nature offers to us at this period of the year. From January on, avoid processed foods and things that bloat your stomach. Along with your body, these also blur your thought and emotions. Drink more tea and herbs. Drink some red wine, though not much. Try to enjoy its taste and consider the earthy element in it. Before drinking offer a libation to a spiritual entity.

Get prepared to develop new, reasonable habits

Reading and listening to music is quite crucial. Yet, it is erroneous not to filter what we consume. If this is important for the body, it is equally important for the soul and the spirit. Read books of knowledge and demand quality and sincerity, especially in spiritual matters. Not everyone had been really prepared to write a book about self-development, so filter your choices. Focus on knowledge that could be put into practice and action but give time to the knowledge to settle inside you. Similarly enjoy good ethnic or religious music and search for melodies that enhance any spiritual experience. Do yoga or any other body exercise but do not overdo it. Excess in exercise causes unbalance to the connection between body and spirit.

Be ambitious but not greedy

Ambition in career or in other domains is an important motivating factor. Still, in some cases it may alienate us from our deeper will and may make us more materialistic and less spiritual. Set your goals of daily life keeping some emotional distance from them. You can be passionate while working on realizations but don’t let ambition to consume you and possess you. If you have magical powers, try to be benevolent not only for your own sake but for the greater good. This will make you a source of positive energy and will cleanse negativity around you. Your self and everyone close to you will be grateful!

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