Full Moon in Gemini – Zodiac Predictions

Full Moon in Gemini - Zodiac Predictions for the Cold Moon.

Full Moon in Gemini - Zodiac Predictions

For the general predictions for the Full Moon, click here.

Predictions for Aries:

Everything mentioned in the New Moon’s article is still true, so please do refer to it.

The focus in studies, or acquiring knowledge on any subject becomes even stronger. Good luck flows too, more than it did during the waxing Moon.

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Love life is a little better than it was during the waxing Moon, too. Things and situations for those already in a relationship, or a marriage can get even better and more pleasant. If you share similar interests, enjoy them together, discuss about them, or whatever is applicable in your case. For the singles, the odds to find a new relationship are a little better. Once again, like minded people are what you are seeking and attracting, consciously or not.

Meditation is strong and will remain strong during the whole waning Moon. Healing of past experiences and traumas, and most of all healing and bettering you relationship with your own self are the strongest. Provide love and care to yourself, and the Universe will answer by sending love and care your way.

Work and business matters are also good. Maybe a little more problematic than what they were during the waxing Moon for trade and, especially, international trade. But in no means catastrophic, or inauspicious. Just a little less lucky. Correcting mistakes, and strategies, finding out problematic points in your job or business, and things like those, are favoured. Hiring personnel, especially if you were already seeking for some, becomes easier, too.

Predictions for Taurus:

The main focuses of the waning Moon are the same as the waxing Moon, so do refer to the New Moon’s article, for a better understanding of the influences you receive.

Although Venus left Scorpio, it stills support your love life, in a slightly different way. If you are seeking a new relationship, do your best during this waning Moon. Mind that, if you are seeking a relationship with a significant age difference, the coming waxing Moon will be just as good, or slightly better. If not, it will be slightly worse. So, do your best now! The retrograde Mercury coming in conjunction with Venus may actually help you meet more people. This will be even more true for those who already know what they are seeking, and have started seeking it.

Sexual attractiveness hasn’t really lost its touch for you. It is still important in the persons you want to invite in your life. And even more, it is what you promote the most about yourself. If you are not feeling sexy, change the way you are feeling about yourself. And express it! Internet, parties all the ways that bring you in contact with many people are the best ways to find a new partner. Chat, go out, have fun and, repeating: be sexy!

Workwise, finding a new job is favoured. Depending on the individual way the retrograde Mercury will affect you, you may find this new job during, or a little after the retrograde period. In all cases, though, search intensively and send as many CVs and applications as you can. Your efforts now are the ones setting the wheels in motion. If you want to expand your business, or achieve a promotion, also do your best now to prepare this. Prepare, is the key word. Rushing it will bring problems. Do your research, do whatever you need to do so that the expansion, or promotion will come naturaly and easily, most probably after the 23rd of the month.

Predictions for Gemini:

Please do refer to the New Moon’s article for more info.

Love life is still the main focus. Exes may play a role in this. Them, or people reminding you of them may enter your life. Finding a new relationship that reminds you an old one is possible. I mean it in a good way. But, if this isn’t actually your ex, make sure you realise the difference. Also, forgiving and releasing your exes and your past will open the doors for a new, better love affair to come. Even if you are in a relationship, forgiving and releasing your past will improve your relationship. And when I say “your past” I mean both the one with your current special someone, and the one before them.

If a new prospective partner enters your life, don’t make haste. Slow and steady steps are important. Don’t avoid anything you find interesting, but don’t rush either. If you are in a relationship, marriage proposals may happen, or other ways to make your relationship better or more official. Once again, agree with anything you like, but, when this applies, don’t rush. For example, accepting the proposal tomorrow and getting married the day after, is not advisable! Just a word of notice, though. Because of the retrograde Mercury, misunderstandings and problems in communications between you and your special someone are possible. Stay calm, clarify what you need to clarify, and try to laugh away the miscommunications. If not, then you may actually cause unnecessary problems in your relationship.

There is a little less focus in your work, but no bad luck at all. This means that things proceed smoothly and nicely there. The only exception can appear if you have business partners. Then this can be a little troublesome as disagreements, misunderstandings and things like those can appear between you and your partners. Stay calm, avoid extreme decisions, and, eventually, Mercury will turn direct again, and things will become clearer.

Predictions for Cancer:

As I say for everyone, do refer to the New Moon’s article. The focus has slightly shifted, but mainly but the main forces are the same.

There is less focus and less stress in the family. This is good. Things have settled down, at least to a degree. And now you can concentrate more on the work, where there is more emphasis now.

The situations there can be a little chaotic, hectic and stressful. You may don’t feel or see it right now, but things are getting better there. All this upheaval will set things right. At least, righter. Finding a new job right now can be a little difficult though. Of course, do your best, if this is what you need. It’s difficult, but not impossible. Before signing any contract, though, read it carefully and ask the advice of a specialist if you are not sure about what this contract tells. Also, if you are to enter a company you know nothing about, it may save you from future problems to investigate this company in advance. Internet can be a great help to that end.

Health can also become a little more sensitive. Old problems may act up, or reappear. These, though, are probably reminders. They want to remind you to take proper and good care of yourself. Avoid panicking, seek your doctor’s advice and help, when needed, and things will be soon better. Spiritual and energy methods of healing are very strong for you right now, so employ them. There is no need to wait for a problem to occur to employ such methods, as preventing a problem is easier than treating it. Of course, these methods are meant to support any medical treatment and not to substitute it.

All forms of beautification are favoured. The age reversing kind of it, even more so. Thus, make yourself as beautiful and as attractive as you want. Spiritual methods to enhance your beauty are also very strong. Especially meditation and visualisation.

Predictions for Leo:

The second half of the lunar month is still quite happy for you. Maybe a little less, some times, but also a little more some other times. But it gets better by the end of it. Going out and having a nice time both with friends and with co-workers, clients and the like is something that will be a common practice. Sometimes you may need to pretend you actually have fun, other times, though, you’ll have a really good time.

Love life remains quite happy and lucky as well. The retrograde Mercury can cause some difficulties in meeting with your special someone, or in communicating with them. It also can cause some misunderstandings. On the other hand, Venus will bring more luck in the subject. So, be a little more patient and calm and things will become better and better. If you are seeking a new relationship, then both these influences can become more vivid. Expect many possibilities, but unclear ones, and with some unlucky events in the procedure. But overall, it is a good period. Difficult, but good.

Family is also important during this waning moon, but mostly in a positive way. Love affairs of your children, or other family members bring joy to you. The first impression, if you haven’t met them before, may not be very good, but this will change very quickly. And even without these, being amongst your family brings you much more joy than stress.

Regarding work and business and for more details, refer to the New Moon’s article.

Predictions for Virgo:

Please refer to the New Moon’s article for more details.

Although everything in the New Moon’s article is still true, the focus changes a little. Friends and your relationship with them, becomes an important part of your focus. Improving your friendships, finding new friends and things like those happen in your life. Neither always in an easy way, nor always in a purely happy way, but the end result is healthier.

Creating and fortifying your foundations inner and outwardly ones is very important for you. Concerning business, preparing for expansion is more wise than expanding, now. But correcting problems in the area, and bettering the situations is very much favoured.

All problems of your life will come to light. The key to correct them and heal them is inside you, though. Forgiving yourself, and offering love to yourself is the most important part of correcting the problematic situations in your life. Don’t spend too much energy correcting the world around you. This can actually cause even more problems. Changing the way you think and feel about the situations, and getting yourself ready for a better future is what you need to do. Of course, when it is necessary, act now, but when it isn’t, try to decide the best course of actions and heal the inner causes of the problem. Then, after Mercury turns in direct motion again, you’ll be able to act wisely and achieve better results with minimum effort.

Predictions for Libra:

For you the waning half of the lunar month will be quite different than the waxing half. At least regarding your job. Expansions of your business now are not favoured. If you have to do them now, expect all kinds of difficulties and delays. Yes, they are possible, but much more difficult. On the other hand, correcting mistakes and perfecting your methods are much stronger now. Every problem will come in light for you to see. Then, you’ll be able to find the best way to deal with it. The rule applies wherever your way of doing something is more complicated than needed. Simple ways of doing the same job, or even a better job, will come in mind. Adopt this new methods.

Money is happier than during the waxing Moon. This can partially happen because of the cut of unnecessary expenses, or because you now don’t invest money into expanding your business. Your efforts can also start paying back, in some cases. Whatever the case, income can raise, or your financial situation will become better in an other way. From all the expenses you may decide to avoid, paying back debts is something you should not. Trade may has to deal with some difficulties, because of the retrograde Mercury, but even if you are in this line of business, expect a profitable period.

Your social life becomes even more important now than it was during the waxing Moon. Healing and bettering your relationships and your social life as a whole is something you should be doing. Even if you don’t intend to do it, to a degree it will force its way in your life.

Predictions for Scorpio:

Things during the waning Moon will follow the same pattern we described in the New Moon’s article, so do refer to it. But now, things will be calmer and quieter. Regarding money, though, some trouble may appear. Mostly if you have neglected obligations or something alike. There may be some problems in making profit, especially if you are in the business of trade. This alone, though, wouldn’t be enough to cause problems. In other words, now, healing your financials becomes even more “demanding”.

This is also a period of personal growth. Healing your past, strengthening yourself and your relationship with yourself and improving your talents and abilities are very favoured during this waning Moon. Make the most out of it.

Making a name in your job seems still auspicious. Business based on beauty join the club now. This includes both those providing beautification services, and also, models. Things won’t be as easy-going as they were during the waxing Moon, but they won’t be any unlucky at all. Just a little more difficult. This aspect won’t last long, so do make good use of it.

Predictions for Sagittarius:

I could simply say, please read the New Moon’s article. Everything written there will be true for the second half of the month. But let’s see what changes.

Intuition, now, may not be as strong. This is true, of course, for those who don’t practice it consciously. If you do practice it consciously and systematically, then you’ll only see improvements in your ability. The difference, then, would be that the rate of improvement now is smaller than it was during the waxing Moon. Imagination will continue being vivid. Even more so. In some cases it can interfere with your intuition, but, if your objective is the imagination, then all is good. This, of course, will help all artists and everyone using their imagination in their work or hobbies.

Bettering your relationship with yourself and finding your balance in your world will be a little more challenging now. You can be a little more sensitive to what people say, or think about you, your life, your goals, etc. Protect yourself. If you hear something negative, or discouraging, realise that this is their opinion. Does it have anything to offer to you? Can it help you in any way? If yes, receive the blessings, not the negativity. Surround yourself with people who support you. Keep in mind though that those discouraging you may also have good intentions. This doesn’t make them right, but it means they are not your enemies.

Predictions for Capricorn:

Career matters, more or less follow the pattern we’ve seen in the New Moon’s article. Public image is still important, but now there is less focus of energies there. It’s not your primary goal any more. At least not for most of you.

Self investigation and self understanding is and should be. Saturn is getting ready to enter your zodiac and remain there for three whole years. Understanding yourself and your needs and healing whatever you can heal will help you have an easier Saturn’s passing. Meditative techniques can help you very much in this procedure. Employ them regularly. Fears and phobias can awake during this period. In most cases, not in a really disturbing way. They make themselves known for you to heal them. That’s the way you should experience this event.

Dreams, omens, the astral plane and the spiritual world become also important. Practising techniques about them can give you a good progress. But even if you don’t use any such techniques, at least pay attention to your dreams. Keeping a dream log can help you understand yourself, your needs, your wishes and whatever bothers you, easier. Your day-dreaming can also become an important part of your life. But this is part of the very active imagination we talked about in the previous paragraph. But do meditate on the realisation of such dreams.

Predictions for Aquarius:

The waning Moon has almost the same influence for you as the waxing Moon, so, please refer to the New Moon’s article. Here I’ll try to explain the fine differences.

For poets, writers, student, teachers etc proactivity will continue being good, but life may interfere a little more to it. In a distracting way. Finding time to take proper care of these avocations, or occupations, of yours may be a little more difficult. Keeping your concentration, too. Schedule wisely and discipline yourself.

Internet activity becomes a little less busy. But, just a little, in most cases. You public image can concern you a little more. Avoid obsession, and negative thinking. If you consider your public image important, support it with love and optimism, but also with self respect. Also, if this applies to you, be careful of scandals, especially when Mars, Mercury, Saturn or Aquarius receive stressful influences.

Predictions for Pisces:

The second half of the lunar month doesn’t emphasise so much in magic and the metaphysics. Sex also will be less important. Of course magic is strong for everyone and, therefore, for you, too. But there isn’t any extra focus. Other than those, the rest of the advices in the New Moon’s article are still active.

Work receives mostly beneficial influences. Misunderstandings, complication of simple things, false rumours, delays and things like those can happen, of course, but overall, things will be good. A little chaotic, but good.

Studies also receive beneficial influences. In most cases, without problems, with the exception of the days Moon stresses the subject for you. If you are an actual student, not only your studies can advance during this period, but also your everyday life will be quite pleasant. The retrograde Mercury may generate some stress, but only a little.

Unpublished authors, poets etc, or those who have ready and unpublished works may now find the way to publish them. Also, journalists seeking job can find one, and those having one may become more famous. At least amongst their circle.

Astrology and Magic:

All magic is strong during the waning Moon. Wish manifestation remains strong. Removing of obstacles will be very strong. Techniques and spells employing meditation, hypnosis and visualisation remain extra strong, until the 11th of the month.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this Super Moon, and this waning Moon period.

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