Predictions: Full Moon in Scorpio – April 30

Predictions: Full Moon in Scorpio – April 30

Pink Full Moon
Pink Full Moon

General Predictions:

On April 30 2018, at 00:58 UT the Moon from Scorpio accurately opposes the Sun in Taurus forming the Full Moon.

As this Full Moon not only happens under the power of Beltane, but also influences strongly both the Lunar Nodes, it’s a very powerful Full Moon and can help us deal with and heal the our past, as well as to remove the obstacles from our future paths.

Mercury’s stress on Saturn has declined and will cease its activity by the Third Quarter, but now it stresses Mars. This is a good and a bad thing, as it empowers our determination, but makes us more careless and more easy to get aggressive. If we overcome the negative influences of this aspect, though, we can make a great deal of progress. Accident are more possible, so be extra careful when driving, and when engaging with dangerous activities.

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Mercury also squares the Retrograde Pluto, and will continue doing so until the end of the Lunar Month. This is probably the most challenging aspect as it will affect out mood in a negative way.

Also, Venus squares Neptune. This influence will be practically active from the Full Moon until the New Moon, but the square will be accurate on the 7th of May. Beauty, love and arts will be tested. Correction moves can be made, though, for all of these aspects. Also, magic for bettering and healing these aspects of our lives will be promising during the waning Moon.

Also, the Sun from Taurus opposes now the Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio. On the 9th of May this aspect will be accurate, but it is active and will remain so even a few days after the New Moon. This is not a purely negative aspect. The extra focus is indeed stressful, but also will provide the opportunities to make some progress on the areas the Retrograde Jupiter influences.

On the good side, from the 6th of May onwards, Mercury will be in conjunction with Uranus in Aries. The accurate conjunction will happen on the 13th of the month, “just” before the New Moon and just before the two planets enter Taurus. Nonetheless, it will be active during the waxing Moon, too. This conjunction will make us more adaptable to the situations and more flexible. So, if we overcome the negative mood, we’ll be able to deal with them quite successfully.

Also, the Sun from Taurus is in a hexagon with Neptune in Pisces. The accurate hexagon will happen on the 6th of May, but the influence will last until after the New Moon. This influence can help us fight back the negative mood Pluto’s stress gives us. It can also help us with our magic.

Predictions for Aries:

Business, and especially those of perfumes, medicines, para-pharmaceutics and similar business, can face some stress and difficulties. In most cases, in-business difficulties, rather than because of lack of customers, or lack of customer satisfaction.

Friends, siblings and occasionally other people can cause you some stress, too. Once again, it’s the way you feel about what they do and say that actually affects you the most. Also, misunderstandings can easily happen.

Nonetheless, you seem quite bright and confident during the waning Moon period, and this brings you successes and good luck. At least to a degree. It can also help you promote all your dreams and wishes. Finally, money is one of the aspects of your life that seems mostly lucky.

Predictions for Taurus:

Intuition, imagination and all your spiritual abilities are very strong this period. The inner talk, too. This can be a double edged knife. Both the negative feelings and thoughts and the supportive ones receive this influence. Overcome the negative ones and empower even more the supportive ones.

Trade can be a little problematic. This affects mostly the profit, though, and not other kinds of advancement in the field. Even other than that, money will be a little peculiar. Expenses may appear out of the blue, or you may overspend money in things you don’t need. Show some moderation, and things will be much better.

Finally, social activity can be very good during this period. When interacting with people you are quite brilliant and charming, and this can help you a lot. Meeting new people is also possible.

Predictions for Gemini:

Communication with spirits can be a little problematic. If it happens spontaneously keep in mind that you may haven’t come in contact with the spirit you think you have, or that the message you received it isn’t the one they gave. Also, bad “omens” can appear, while they are not real omens, or they aren’t as bad as you think.

Business matters can tumble you from the Full Moon until a little after the New Moon. In some cases, it may have started happening a little earlier. Of course take careful steps, but do trust yourself and your fate a little more. Not everything is as difficult as it feels at first glance. There are actually enough opportunities to better the situations there.

Finally, this is a good period to socialise and to expand your social circle. Do your best to people of your interest, or to spend more time with such people you already know. It can be pleasant, but it can become even more beneficial than just pleasant.

Predictions for Cancer:

Partnerships can be a little problematic during this period. This doesn’t mean necessarily bad, but some issues demand your attention. On the contrary, business and career matters proceed mostly nicely.

Also, if you are planing to change the social status with your life partner during this period, you’ll face more problems and challenges than normally. For the same reason, for relationships you need to keep private, do your best to make sure the secret won’t come out.

Studies can progress well, although not in a stress-free way. Work related travelling follows a similar pattern. Also, trade, and especially international trade, receives mostly beneficial influences. Finally, social media and internet pages can progress during this period. If you need them, whether it’s for business or personal reasons, it’s a good period to work with those.

Predictions for Leo:

Studying, and especially studying abroad, can become a little extra stressful during this period. But this doesn’t mean necessarily it’s a bad period for such activities. There is stress, but also there is a great potency for advancement in the field.

Also there is a great focus on how much you feel free to be yourself and express yourself in your life. Work, daily life, and all aspects of your life can be affected by this influence. You want to be yourself and follow your heart and dreams stronger than usually. And you “demand” from every aspect of your life to support this. This is actually a good and healthy thing. The challenge will be to embody it to your life without causing unnecessary tension.

Finally work of all kinds, and especially trade, seems important. A bit stressful, but satisfying most of the time. Money wise, too.

Predictions for Virgo:

Love and sex life receive both beneficial and stressful influences. Although your libido may be stronger than usual, sexual activity can be less satisfactory than you would like. For singles, finding a sex partner, will be quite challenging. At least one compatible with your wishes. Finding a new love is more possible, especially if you focus on mental compatibility rather than the carnal one.

Business partnerships can also face some issues. Business of beauty, art, love and magic are the most vulnerable. In the same time, though, solving these issues can provide a long lasting boosting in your business.

On the good side, your both your self-confidence and your magic are quite strong during this period. Employ them to help you achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Predictions for Libra:

Focusing on love matters, and especially for those already in a marriage or a relationship, is what you tend and want to do during this period. Situations, though, aren’t very helpful. Family and family obligations can become obstacles in your efforts. Existing problems in your relationship can become more obvious, or, in some cases, stronger. If you do want to make things better, patience, understanding, forgiveness, acceptance, and more sex can help you.

Work can proceed quite nicely during this period. Artistic and spiritual or mental kinds of work, including studying, can face some stress and difficulties, but even them will proceed nicely, overall. Also, taking care of your daily routine and making it more convenient and satisfactory for you is supported by the energies of the Full Moon, and the waning Moon period.

Predictions for Scorpio:

For the zodiac ruling sex, sex is always an important issue. Unfortunately, this Full Moon stresses this aspect of your life in more than one ways. Sexual satisfaction may not be a common occurrence. Finding new, good sex partners can be a challenge, too. If you find such people, be a little extra careful during the procedure, as well.

On the other hand, love life receives beneficial influences. If you are in a marriage or a relationship, focus on having as much pleasant time as possible with your partner, outside the bed. Then, even bed can be more satisfactory. If you are a single, don’t rush in bed with a possible love interest.

Finally, work can become extra tiresome from time to time, but it proceeds nicely, overall. Finding a new job is also possible.

Predictions for Sagittarius:

Money can feel more tight during this period. In most cases it feels more tight than it actually is. Cutting unnecessary expenses is a good tactic, but try to avoid overdoing it, as well. In actuality, offering pleasures to yourself is something this Full Moon and this waning Moon period encourages you to do. Good luck for all matters can come your way by doing this. So, a wise choice would be to find economic ways to enjoy this half of the lunar month.

Your spouse or current love can cause you some stress. Whether it will be because of issues in their lives, or because of issues in your relationship with them, defers for each case. A combination of the two, is also possible.

On the other hand, all other family matters proceed nicely. Health also receives some beneficial influences. This goes both for yourself and for family members.

Predictions for Capricorn:

Home and family are important. Taking care of both of them is advisable. Changing your place of residence, though, it’s not. It isn’t really inauspicious, but it can become more troublesome than it needs to. On the other hand, searching for a new home can give very nice results. This doesn’t necessarily mean many results, though.

Also, work can become quite tiresome. In most cases it can feel more tiresome, or even disappointing, than the situations actually call for. Keep your spirits high.

Friends and lovers can give you a nice time. Finding new friends and new lovers, is also possible. If you search for such people, then even more so. Strengthening and deepening relatively fresh friendships and relationships is also possible and advisable.

Predictions for Aquarius:

Your closest people, such as close friends, important relatives and family will be the main focus of this waning Moon period. In most cases in a pleasant way. In some cases they can also provide you with the support you need, including financial support. It is possible though, that occasionally they will cause you some stress, or make you feel unimportant. In most such cases, though, it’s you over-reacting to whatever these people do or say.

Even without family’s and friend’s support, money receive some beneficial influences. Maybe not too strong, but beneficial, nevertheless. This can make you feel like spending more money as well, but avoid it, as much as possible. Especially when it comes to clothes, accessories and anything that has to do with beautification.

Predictions for Pisces:

Money can cause you some worries during this period. In most cases, though, it will be just that. Even when it’s not just that, the Full Moon and the waning Moon period support money more than they cause problems to it. Therefore, the final outcome will be beneficial for money matters. As a general advice, avoid making expensive purchases, whenever it’s possible.

If you are in the trade business, then some problems may occur. Other than that, though, work and business proceed relatively normally. If anything, there are beneficial energies regarding your profit. This can affect trade as well, despite the problems.

Also, your social life can become a little more active. In most cases this means spending more and more pleasant time with your most important friends, as well as coming in contact with friends you are not in constant contact. Finding new friends is possible, but it’s not the trump cart of this Full Moon.

Astrology and Magic:

Most forms of magic receive a boosting. The problem solving kind, and especially for healing magic for beauty, love and arts, even more.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this waning Moon!

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