7 Magical Smudges and Why to Choose Each

7 Magical Smudges and Why to Choose Each

Smudging, aka burning on charcoal (or self-burning) sacred herbs, flowers and resins is probably the most popular method to cleanse and/or charge a space/item/person. Since the dawn of Civilization, priests and priestesses murmured chants and prayers as the smoke of the herbs was rising, filling the room, becoming one with the Cosmos. Magical Smudges have such a rich history. We are going to see some of the most potent and powerful tools for everyday use! 

Magical Smudges. Are they all the Same?

Quick answer is no. Although all smudges aim to consecrate and magically charge space or the living, all herbs and resins radiate different type of Magical Energy. This is why different herbs and resins were used for smudging in different gods and goddesses.

Gods and Goddesses have their Preferences

Orphic Hymns (the prayers and invocations which were devoted for all Gods and Goddesses of the Greek Religion) required different magical smudges. The same applies to most religions worldwide. 

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This is exactly why Witches use different plants, herbs and resins for different spells. Each one has a purpose. However, one can mix-and-match. Thus create a Magical Recipe, like our Druid Herbals we created for all Sabbaths

Let’s take a look to 7 of our Favorite Magical Smudges. 

1. Smudging with Sweetgrass 


Although it is not that popular, Sweetgrass is a MUST-have magical tool. In few words, the purpose of Sweetgrass is to elevate our consciousness thus connect us with higher entities and Mother Nature. Let’s see why we love Sweetgrass so much! 

Triloka - Global Shaman Smudge Braid Sweetgrass - 29 in. by Triloka, $16.78
Triloka – Global Shaman Smudge Braid Sweetgrass – 29 in.

  • Sweetgrass help us tap into the Wisdom we have earned through our incarnations and understand Karma
  • Moreover, this amazing tool is used to summon spirits and angels. 
  • It is used in healing ceremonies, to help spirits aid us. 
  • Furthermore, it attracts our beloved ancestral spirits, who create a magical shield.
  • It is also used as a lucky mojo, which attracts good vibes and fortune. 

2. Smudging with Palo Santo

WHEN TO BURN PALO SANTO: Monday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Also known from the Native American tribes, Palo Santo (the Holy Wood) is used to transmute darkness into light. Incas used ‘Palo Santo’ to abolish mala energía the negative energy. There are many herbs and resins which we use to send away negativity. (Learn more about Palo Santo here).

buy palo santo sticks
buy Palo Santo sticks
  • Palo Santo does not just cleanse negativity. It transmutes it into positive magical energy. 
  • The energy of Palo Santo infuses the room with a sense of Warmth and Love. This mixture of Light and Love is what makes it so special.
  • Because of Palo Santo’s loving and warming energy, it soothes Emotional Scars!

3. Smudging with Pine resin

WHEN TO BURN PINE: Tuesday, Sunday

Pine is a very powerful Tree which is associated with the Forces of Fire, both destructive and rejuvenating. Hence, Pine is used in intense Magical Recipes. 

buy pine resin
buy Pine resin
  • Pine is used for intense and tough situations to banish negative energy with the glory of Fire. 
  • Moreover, Pine is used to summon the fierce energies of Solar Gods, Goddesses and entities. 
  • Pine is used in Exorcism
  • Also, Pine is used when we want something to boost our energy. 
  • Furthermore, we use Pine when we feel that we hit a low point in our life as it rejuvenates. 

4. Smudging with Lemongrass


This amazing herb is favorite to Mercury and the Element of Air. Although its energy doesn’t feel as intense as pine, it is used when we feel we are walking on a wrong path. 

 HEM Lemongrass 100 Incense Sticks (5 x 20 stick packs), by HEM, $6.28

HEM Lemongrass 100 Incense Sticks (5 x 20 stick packs), by HEM, 
  • We use Lemongrass in Road Opening rituals and spells. It helps to remove the obstacles we face. 
  • Moreover, Lemongrass aids in communication with spirits and summoning
  • Furthermore, it helps us refresh our minds and aura. Hence we use it when we feel that our minds are blocked. 
  • Also, we use it when we feel trapped in a series of unfortunate events. It clarifies our path. 

5. Smudging with (White) Sage

WHEN TO BURN SAGE: Monday, Saturday

Probably the most popular from all magical smudges. Sage leaves and branches, alone or with other plants, are usually wrapped up together and left to dry. This creates a nice ready to use smudging incense that when lit can be used in purification, cleansing, banishing and healing practices. Alternatively, dry sage leaves can be placed on a charcoal disc for the same purpose.

NewAge Smudges and Herbs MCWS3 California Mini Sage Wands, 4-Inch, Pack of 3, White by New Age Imports, Inc. $7.49
NewAge Smudges and Herbs MCWS3 California Mini Sage Wands, 4-Inch, Pack of 3, by New Age Imports, Inc.
  • Use Sage to soothe the Pain from Life’s experiences. 
  • Sage is also used in almost all healing ceremonies as it attracts wisdom. Hence, we learn the cause which brought us to this unfortunate condition. 
  • Moreover, Sage is believed to attract spiritual teachers and good vibes
  • Sage is versatile as it can both be used in gentle and very intense spells. This is what makes it so special.
  • Finally, Sage promotes longevity and good energy status. 

6. Smudging with Cedar 

Not that intense as the Pine but strong enough, Cedar is used to conjure the forces of Fire, but the more gentle ones. 


 Cedar Smudge Stick 3-Pack by Generic $9.75

Cedar Smudge Stick 3-Pack, by Generic 
  • Cedar is used for banishing rituals. 
  • It is also used for spell breaking. 
  • Moreover, we use Cedar to call upon the forces of the Sun. 
  • Where cedar is burned (or planted), sacred space is created. Hence, we use it to consecrate our altars and magical items
  • Moreover, cedar protects us, creating a barrier of Good Magic around us. 
  • Cedar is also believed to promote longevity and good health. 

7. Smudging with Juniper

WHEN TO BURN JUNIPER: Thursday, Friday

We end our Magical Smudges with Juniper. Why? Because I find it the most magical of all. From all Magical Smudges, Juniper is the one I use for both exorcisms and sex magic. It has so many ritual uses as it is associate with Jupiter, the planet of Opportunities. Let’s see some of it uses which makes it invaluable from all Magical Smudges. 

Smudging Herbs - Juniper Smudge Stick - 2 Mini Bundles by Prabhuji's Gifts $14.95
Smudging Herbs – Juniper Smudge Stick – 2 Mini Bundles
by Prabhuji’s Gifts 
  • Juniper heals when diseases are caused from spiritual entities. It actually ‘burns’ the attachment we have from astral parasites. 
  • Moreover, Juniper refreshes our magical energy and enhances our Libido!
  • Also, Juniper is preferred when Elves are needed to support our magical work. 
  • Juniper, allegedly protects our space from thefts (although I would also lock my door, LOL). 
  • Moreover, Juniper protects us from accidents, evil witches and astral monsters. Cool huh? 
  • Furthermore, Juniper is used in Manifestation rituals while summoning the spirits, or when we ask from the spirit for materialization of our wishes.
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