See Andromeda Galaxy with Naked Eye – September 29-30

Andromeda Galaxy with Naked Eye

This weekend, something amazing is waiting for all of us, especially the Star Witches. Set your alarm around 20.30 pm EST on Saturday and Sunday 29-30th September. Why? Because you will be able to see something really cool. Just go somewhere with little light pollution (little to no street lights or other source of artificial light) and see NorthEast and you can see Andromeda Galaxy with Naked Eye!

Star Witches Rejoice! 

If you are not experienced enough we will guide you through it. It’s pretty amazing. Moreover, this is how most of us – Star Witches began our Magically thrilling Path of the Craft. And as you know, Star Witches are considered one of the Most Powerful Ones in the Craft.

Who is Andromeda? 

Andromeda was a beautiful princess, daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia (keep that in mind as we spot the galaxy). She was so darn beautiful what she even believed that was more beautiful to the Nymphs of the Sea, Nereids.

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Poseidon, god of the Seas, got really angry and as a punishment He sent Cetus, a sea-dragon to ravage the coasts of his father, king Cepheus. The Royal couple despaired and asked divine guidance from Apollo, god of Prophecy and Magical Arts. He said that no good can come if Andromeda is still alive, because she is the one who angered God Poseidon.

Andromeda, ready to face her destiny. The Sea-Dragon is haunting or protecting her? Who knows. Thankfully Perseus is coming to set her free! 

Andromeda, was exiled and was ready to face her destiny. Thankfully, the beautiful princess was saved by Perseus, a hero of Greek Religion who was riding Pegasus, the Winged White Horse we all love! She lived happily ever after serving as a wise queen to her husband, Perseus. After her death, Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, put her at stars as a bright Galaxy. 

Andromeda Galaxy with Naked Eye

I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen Andromeda in several NASA pictures but this may be the first time you see this amazing phenomenon with a naked eye. To do so we need to locate it, which is not that difficult providing you follow the rules and find a pretty dark spot – away from artificial lights which may block your vision. 

To do so you need to locate Cassiopeia (her mother) and Pegasus (the wonderful winged White horse of Perseus) because Andromeda is right in between. See the map below. Locate Cassiopeia and visualise a bow, pointing like this. The end of arrow reaches Andromeda! 

How to Locate Andromeda by locating Cassiopeia

How Does Andromeda Galaxy with Naked Eye Look Like + Instructions

Andromeda usually looks like blurred light mass but don’t get disappointed. Here’s what you need to do: 

  • 1. Go somewhere with little to no artificial lightning. The darkest the night, the brightest the stars! 
  • 2. Don’t miss the time. Set your alarm at 20.30pm!
  • 3. Once you locate it try to look just a hint on the left or right. Why? Because this is how our vision works. Our peripheral vision is more able to see the light than when we focus directly on our target due to rods and cones. Rods who are triggered with peripheral vision, are responsible for capacity to see at low light levels. Even if you are looking through a telescope and binoculars this also applies! 
Andromeda with naked eye
THIS WEEKEND: See Andromeda Galaxy with naked eye
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