Mirrors of the House. Superstitions and Real Witchcraft

Mirrors of the House. Superstitions and Real Witchcraft

This is one of the most anticipated articles. We have received so many messages on how to use mirrors of the house. Moreover, we’ve received several inquiries on ‘weird’ things that happened inside or near mirrors. Well, it’s time to learn more about these little portals we’ve all have. So dust off your Wands Witches, we’ve got work to do. 

Mirrors & their Secrets

Only few, now, still remember the arcane secrets and abilities of the mirrors. For those who still want to learn the truth, this article is dedicated to them. 

Before continuing, I want you all to remember that a Regular Mirror and a Magic Mirror (used for scrying) are different things, as ‘magic mirrors’ are rarely mirrors themselves. This article is about Regular Mirrors and how these can actually be used in Magic. 

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Aphrodite and her Mirror 

The sacred object and ‘weapon’ of Aphrodite is a mirror. Even the symbol of planet Venus (the Latin name of Aphrodite) is a circle with a cross underneath it, which represents her beloved copper hand mirror, she so proudly held. So what is this all about?

Aphrodite and her worshippers
Aphrodite and her worshippers uniting their hearts with Love

No, it’s not just a symbol of vanity. Aphrodite was truly a Goddess of Love & Beauty, but this is not just the case. Due to the reign of Patriarchy, Aphrodite’s powers and secrets were actually misinterpreted, intentionally or unintentionally so. She is a Titan, her father is Kronos (Saturn) and, therefore, she is one of the most powerful Goddesses. Please, also let me remind you that Love is the key that unlocks all mysteries. 

When Aphrodite is looking at her mirror, she is not just admiring her divine beauty, for the Mirror helps her acknowledge the Truth and the true reflection of the World. 

A mirror implies reflection, and reflection hints the presence of Water. Remember, Aphrodite was born from the Ocean. She has risen from the waters, shining her beauty, the beauty of Love and Truth. 

So, there you are! Mirrors are associated with the Element of Water and all deities and spirits linked to it! Therefore, the Water is the Secret which will help us unlock the mirrors’ powers. 

  • Many Deities use ‘Mirrors’ as sacred objects, focal points or even powerful weapons. Isis, Freya and Amaterasu to name a few. 

What do Mirrors of the House Actually Do 

Mirrors are Magical Tools, and really powerful ones, I must add. Let’s see more about their long forgotten abilities. So, Mirrors can act as: 


  • They can actually be used to access other Realms, or contact/conjure spirits. A Witch / Conjurer can use a regular mirror to access other realms. Most likely, they use it so that a spirit can appear in their previous physical form. Mirrors have been used to create portals, in order to help other entities to reach our plane easier.
  • This is why we cover the Mirrors, when someone has died in the house recently. This superstition, as explained in a detailed article, helps the spirits move on. 
  • Although regular Mirrors of the house have been used to bless whole towns by becoming portals of Angels, or other benevolent creatures, there are many examples of dark wizards using their power for evil purposes. 
  • TIP: Prior sleeping, Light a candle in front of a mirror, while asking from your Guardian Angel to keep you and the house safe and blessed. 


  • Mirrors can also be used as arcane detectors. Anything reflected in the mirror, physical or not, is ‘stored’ as information inside. This is why mirrors are witches’ best friends. Mirrors speak the truth if a Witch knows how to ask. Remember Aphrodite. 
  • However, if there is too much of this information, it can also radiate a similar energy as the one that it has stored. For example, if a mirror is exposed to laughter and good energy, it will radiate the same. If it is exposed to negativity, it will act likewise.
  • Due to this ability, a Mirror needs to be regularly cleansed especially if it exposed to a room, or house, full of negative energy.
  • TIP: To cleanse a mirror, smudge it regularly with sage and rinse it with Holy Water


  • Some wizards use Mirrors in order to create copies of themselves and increase awareness, or, also, to be able to acquire more wisdom, on a certain subject. This is actually really advanced magic, yet many practice it.
  • As previously described, anything reflected to a mirror is stored in there. Therefore, you will need a brand new mirror if you are about to use it for yourself, carefully exposing it only to yourself and no one else. 
  • TIP: A simple trick to increase protection is to stick your photo on the backside of a mirror, with your face covered from the backside. 

Alter Reality

  • Witches love to use the mirrors in order to change what they see and feel. This is called ‘glamour’ magic and is based on illusions, projected by the witch.
  • One of the most common ‘tricks’ is to alter their appearance, although it can also be used to ‘cloak’ anything. This is done by using a small hand mirror. Although it requires some effort and practice, the main concept is that you ‘see’ your reflection bathed in golden light. You breathe slowly and focus on the golden light which shines from you, in you and all around you. Now, you ‘see’ the change you desire in the mirror and focus at it as if it’s already the reality. When you are satisfied with your visualisation you dress the hand mirror with black silk and keep it safe and secret. 
  • TIP: Here is an example of using a mirror for this purpose.

Mirrors and Superstitions

There are many stories, fairytales and superstitions surrounding the home’s mirrors. Here we are going to see each one and why does this happen! 

Mirrors and Death

Spirits and more importantly, hungry or angry ghosts and demons often haunt houses and people for their own purposes. The most protective one is concerning the place s/he live, the less these entities can influence the inhabitant.

It is said that if a mirror falls and breaks by itself, its owner will die. Do you know why?

 However, there are some times when our defences are lowered and/or we have neglected to fortify our home. Mirrors, acting as gateways, can be ‘used’ by these entities to infiltrate one’s home, especially if negativity at home is present.  Spirits often cause material phenomena (check here for more). When the spirit is empowered and fed with the negativity, glasses and mirrors may break. At this point, the spirits has established connection and it is easier to be influenced and be haunted. As a result, accidents occur. 

Moreover, as we saw in the article of arcane knowledge dressed up as superstitions, many cover the mirrors of the house after a recent death. A mirror can act as a gateway, through which entities can enter or leave. Therefore, by covering the mirrors, you actually help the spirit move on because, otherwise, it can be trapped in the mortal world, by grief and sorrow.  

Mirrors and Spirits

As already seen, the mirrors can act as gateways for spirits. This is why many are still afraid to look to a mirror during a thunderstorm. The energy of the thunder and storms is used in magic for materialisation. Therefore, this energy can accidentally ‘materialise’ spirits which can be seen within a mirror. This superstition is very common at the Mediterranean Sea. The same applies with looking at a mirror under the candlelight. 

Mirrors and Wealth

One of the most common magical practices, which is now passed as ‘superstition’, is having a large mirror reflecting the dining room and the dining table. Gathering up the knowledge we have so far, you can realise that the reflection of food, magnifies the wealth and the blessings. 

Moreover, many leave food for the spirits of the house. The reflection of the food instantly transforms it into spiritual food, which can be consumed by the spirits. Therefore, the spirits of the house are happy and they protect and bless the inhabitants. 

Every now and then, leave some food on your dining table – reflected by a mirror hang nearby. This is done to ‘feed’ the spirits of the house, who, in return, will bless you with wealth and protection.

Have you heard any other superstitions about mirrors? We would love to see your feedback!

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