Herbal Magic of Chicory

According to old grimoires, chicory is a marvellous herb. However, it needs to be treated in a special way in order to be potent.

Chicory, Cichorium intybus, is a very common plant of the dandelion family. We usually see it with bright blue flowers, colouring walking paths and country roads. However, it seems that this humble herb, is reputed with many magical abilities. It has been used by the Wise ones since Ancient Egypt as it was believed to have many beneficial and healing abilities. Since then, Chicory has been used in Ancient Greece and Romans too. 

Interestingly, chicory’s magic has also enchanted Christian monks, which used it as a substitute for coffee in the 10th century. The root was cleaned, peeled and roasted in ovens. After that, they used to cut it in slices and boiled with or without coffee. Some still use it in coffee blends as it enhances its taste. 

Healing Properties of Chicory

As we’ve already said, Chicory is believed to possess many healing abilities. Therefore, it was used by folk-doctors in many conditions. Always consult with your doctor before trying anything. Lets see some of them: 

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  • Digestive problems 
  • Mild laxative
  • Rheumatism (external use)
  • Arthritis (external use)

Magical Properties of Chicory

According to old grimoires, chicory is a marvellous herb. However, it needs to be treated in a special way in order to be potent. Let’s see some of its correspondences. 

Element: Air

Planet: Sun

Deities: Ra, Apollo, Helios

  • To unlock the powers of this humble herb the witch should use the power of three. Three magical keys unlock its magic. One key is the time, one key is the tool and the last one is the attitude. Therefore, Chicory should be cut with a golden knife – as it corresponds to the Sun and the metal of the Sun is Gold, in Midsummer’s eve – for this is the Day of Solar Deities and entities – or day and in total silence – to show that you are also humble. If you manage to do this chicory is believed to have multiplied abilities. 
  • One of the most interesting abilities of this herb is the following. According to old grimoires, chicory cut in the way described right above, has the ability to open locked door if placed against them. However, modern witches believe that this is actually a metaphor. Therefore, pieces of Chicory root – or even better the whole root, is carried in charmed bags as a road opener – to remove obstacles. 
  • Old Grimoires, use chicory for another interesting ability. It is believed that if used in a certain way, chicory can grant its bearer invisibility. However, the ritual is not described. 
  • Moreover, anointing your body (providing that you are not allergic to it) with chicory’s juice, promotes a positive outlook and can help you be favoured by powerful men. 
  • Smudging with chicory can break curses
  • Burn it in your altar for magical and prophetic powers. 


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