Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Cancer – 20/21 June 2020

Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Cancer – 20/21 June 2020

General Predictions for the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer:

On June the 21st, at 06:41 UT the Moon meets the Sun, in Cancer, forming the New Moon. This New Moon is also a Annular Solar Eclipse. Furthermore, this Solar Eclipse, for most of the world, happens during the Summer Solstice. So, TONIGHT, the Ring of Fire will activate the Vortex. The next hours are unprecedented opportunities to CALL BACK OUR POWERS. Spiritual forces cross all Realms and the energy is so thick that you taste it!

For Africa and Asia that will mostly be able to observe the eclipse, it does that. The previous time we had a Solar Eclipse during the Summer Solstice it was on 2001, when it was a Total Solar Eclipse, while the next time we’ll have one coincide with the Summer Solstice will be on 2039, when it will be an Annular Solar Eclipse, like this one.

This is the second Eclipse of this Ecliptic Period, which hosts three, in total. As no major planet is stressed by this Eclipse, it will be calmer than the previous and the next one, but not a calm one. Nonetheless, as all the Lunar Nodes are greatly affected by the Solar Eclipse, it might bring Karmic cleansing and Karmic events. Spells to change your Karma, during the Eclipse, can produce great results, but, of course, extra caution is needed, as you may end up biting off more than you can chew.

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Keep in mind that all Eclipse affect the Nodes to some degree, but this one affects them as strongly as possible. On top of that, this Solar Eclipse affects Chiron, too, although slightly, making the Karmic effect even stronger.

The Sun enters Cancer on the 20th of June, at 21:44 UT. This means that the Solstice happens either on the 20th, or on the 21st, according to your time zone. During the waxing Moon period, Mars changes its zodiac, entering Aries, on the 28th, and no other planet changes its zodiac. This new position of Mars is an important one. Mars, on average, stays in each zodiac for about a month and a half, but it will stay in Aries, the zodiac it rules, until the 6th of January 2021. During this over six months long stay, it will turn into retrograde motion, too, but not during this waxing Moon period.

Also, Saturn returns in Capricorn on the 1st of July.

Venus will be turning back into direct motion on 25th of June, but Neptune will have turned retrograde two days earlier, on the 23rd of June. Therefore, during this period we will be having five retrograde major planets and six of them, for two days. Furthermore, Chiron is slowing down considerably, as it will be turning into retrograde motion during the coming waning Moon period. Therefore, the retrograde activity is getting stronger.

As we’ve said in the Lunar Eclipse article, this strong retrograde activity (along with the slow-moving planets) slows down our pace. In cases, forcibly so. It also demands us to think things more carefully and more thoroughly and to make smaller steps forward. On other hand, the Eclipses can demand immediate action and produce unpredictable turns of events, on which we should react readily. This builds up stress and tension. Therefore, as a general advice, keep your schedule as flexible and light as possible and make sure you rest and relax well, in every opportunity you get.

The inauspicious aspects of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse:

The Sun’s square with Mars, although it now loses power by the day, it is still active and it will remain so until the 8th of July. This square can makes us impatient, while, during this period more than usual, we shouldn’t be so.

The Retrograde Mercury, from Cancer, square Mars, in Aries. Accurately so on the 8th of July. This square, thought, will be active from the 1st of July and until the 5th of August, while it will become accurate again on the 27th of July, when Mercury will be Direct. This square hindrance our rational thinking. It can also cause more problems in our communications and means of communication. Furthermore, driving needs extra attention, and travelling need some more thorough preparation.

On the bright side, these two are the only long-term stressful aspects affecting us during the waxing Moon period.

The auspicious aspects of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse:

Mercury is in an extra-long-lasting hexagon with Uranus. This hexagon is active since the 28th of May and it will remain so until the 31st of July. This hexagon will become accurate for the second time during this waxing Moon, on the 30th of June. It will become accurate again on the 22nd of July, two days after the next New Moon.

Although now Mercury is in retrograde motion, this is one of the most valuable blessings of the period. It helps us adjust easier to the changes that are happening. It also helps communications, which suffer enough from the influences of the Eclipses. Furthermore, online businesses receive a continuous support. Changes might be necessary, but they’ll give good results, both short-term and long-term ones. Also, trade and online trade receive even more support.

Mars’ conjunction with Neptune, is still active and it will remain so until the 29th of June. Although now the conjunction isn’t as strong, the Lunar Eclipse’s stress on it has ceased, so it might actually help us more than it did until now. This is an aspect that can help us clarify misunderstandings and solve problems they caused. It can also raise our impatience, but, right now, this side effect won’t be strong.

Also Mars is still in a hexagon with the Retrograde Pluto. This hexagon was accurate on the 18th of June and it will remain active until the 4th of July, affecting the whole waxing Moon period. Amongst else, this hexagon raises the magical power of this period. Healing and methods of healing, too, receive a boosting. This includes the pharmaceutical ones. As Mars will be in the more outgoing Aries, now, instead of the introvert Pisces, developments there can become known to the general public.

Furthermore, Mars is in a hexagon with the Retrograde Jupiter. Accurately so on the 20th of June. This hexagon will also be active until the 4th of July. Because of this aspect, and the following one, wish manifestation via fire magic receives great support. On top of that, this hexagon brings in some good luck and, more clearly, a stronger determination to our goals.

Mars also forms a hexagon with the Retrograde Saturn. This hexagon will be accurate on the 28th of June, just after Mars will have entered Aries. This hexagon, too, strengthens wish manifestation. Also, it can help us strengthen our physical condition. Nonetheless, make sure you don’t overdo it, as Mars can encourage some recklessness, too.

Jupiter’s and Pluto’s year-long conjunction becomes accurate for the second time of the year during this waxing Moon period, on the 30th of June. Therefore, during the whole waxing Moon period it’s extra strong. This conjunction, further empowers magic. It can also make contact with other planes more possible. By chance, too. This effect will be even stronger during the period of influence of the coming Lunar Eclipse, since Pluto and Jupiter will be affected directly by it. This period of influence spams from the 22nd of June until the 20th of July, and majorly from the 28th of June until the 12th of July.

Accurately on the 1st of July, the Sun conjuncts the Retrograde Mercury. This aspect will be active from the 25th of June and until the 8th of July. This aspect brings some good luck in trade, as well as in job seeking and job interviews. Especially so for those in job-hunting for some time now. Of course, Mercury is in retrograde motion, so some restraint is advisable.

Finally, the Sun forms a hexagon with Uranus. This hexagon will be accurate on the 1st of July and active from the day of this Solar Eclipse and until the 12th of July. This is a beneficial aspect which, amongst else, it promises us that we can turn all changes that happen to good ones. Even the really undesirable ones.


So, overall, this New Moon and Solar Eclipse has many more beneficial aspects than stressful ones. Therefore, things might get tensed and chaotic, but, if we act and react calmly and wisely, we can make our lives and ourselves better and happier. On top of that, magic – and wish fulfilling magic, too – is quite strong during this period and, therefore, we can employ it to help us overcome the difficulties, and to create a better present and future.

As this Eclipse happens in the 0th (or 1st, depending on your school) degree of a sign of the Cardinal Cross, it can bring great changes on the world. Thankfully, this is a mostly benevolent Solar Eclipse, so, these changes might cause us stress, while they are happening, but they’ll be good ones in the long run.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Aries:

Although this Solar Eclipse doesn’t affect (strongly enough) the ruler of your zodiac, and is somewhat calmer, in general, than the Lunar Eclipse of the 5th of July, it won’t be a really calm one, for you. Those born on the first days of Aries might not even notice this, or they might even feel this one more intensively than the Lunar one. In any case, home and family can stress you. Home might need repairs. Problems in family might become more obvious to see, in an unpleasant way. Love life isn’t directly affected, but current relationships and marriages can face some troubles, too.

Members of the family and close relatives can face some difficult situations and this might affect you, too. In fact, your inner balance is not on its best condition. Do prioritise on taking care of it. It might feel a selfish thing to do, but you won’t be able to do much for those you care about if you are not well, yourself.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Taurus:

This Solar Eclipse is much calmer than the previous and coming Lunar Eclipses, for all, and even more so for you. Siblings and other relatives – mostly of the same generation – as well as friends can be facing personal, or financial problems which can stress you and give you some reasons to worry about. Also, studies, as well as your self-discipline and your productivity can also face some challenges.

Furthermore, communications need some extra attention to avoid problems. Phones and other means of communication can malfunction and might need repairs, or replacement. Vehicles, too, receive similar influences, and, also, you should be driving more carefully. Health itself doesn’t seem sensitive – other than some possible accidents – but relaxing more and resting better is advisable, too.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Gemini:

Finances receive much stress from this Solar Eclipse. Your income, too, can be affected, although this would be a temporal stress. Take extra caution in any financial obligation and dealing you need to do. If possible, actually, wait until after the Ecliptic Period to do such things. Of course, avoid irrational expenses. Getting too stingy is not advisable, of course, but don’t be wasteful. People of your environment can also face some financial challenges.

Studies also receive some stress. Your siblings’ and children’s studies, too. The same is true with spiritual studies and activities. Changing of schools, teachers and course might happen, or might become necessary. If so, proceed cautiously. Dream life, too, can become unpleasantly vivid and the same is true for the dream life of those around you. Don’t make haste to perceive these dreams as omens. They, most probably, aren’t.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Cancer:

This won’t be an easy Eclipse for you,but it won’t be a harsh one, either. Those born in the first degrees of the zodiac, though, might experience it as such. Finances receive some stress from this Solar Eclipse and you might need to correct your policies regarding them. In most cases, though, nothing really negative happens. You are mostly experience the results of of previous actions, decisions and events. On the bright side, though, this Eclipse promises you that, if you act wisely now, you can create long-term better financial situation for yourself.

Inner changes, too, are happening. Things that you don’t like in yourself become more vivid and your motivation to change them becomes stronger. That’s a good thing, unpleasant as it might be. Furthermore, these changes might, in turn, create some changes in your appearance and your behaviour towards others. This might bring a temporal upheaval, but, in the long run, it will make you happier, and that’s the important thing.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Leo:

Although external events don’t become worse – in most cases they become slightly calmer, instead – your inner world is awakening in an unbalanced way, by this Solar Eclipse. Fears and insecurities can become more vivid and more active. Nightmares can also occur. Vivid ones, too. They won’t be prophetic dreams, or a sigh of psychic attack, though, but because of your stress expressing itself. Resting, relaxing and meditating regularly is advisable. As your spirituality is also awakening – although not harmoniously – this can help you achieve a good progress in the field, too.

A need to change your appearance and your outwardly behaviour might also appear, or become more intense. This is actually a good thing. You are changing and you want your look to express this. The only precaution I’d suggest is, don’t spend much money, right now, to this end, but do write down your ideas, and follow them in a relatively slow and safe pace.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Virgo:

The Lunar Eclipse of the 5th of June started upsetting your professional life and this Solar Eclipse keeps stirring things, there. In most cases, things are somewhat calmer, but you are already tired enough, so you might not experience them this way. Rest properly, relax as much as possible and focus more on what you can do, right now, instead of on whatever is out of your hand, and you’ll make things better. Consciously producing small moments of joy in your daily life can also be of more help than you’d think.

Friendships get tested by this New Moon and Solar Eclipse. Good ones, of course, are not in danger. Instead, this is an opportunity to make them better. Your friends themselves can also have some problems and this might stress you, too. Teacher figures, spiritual teachers and spiritual organisations you are involved with might also give you some reasons to worry about.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Libra:

Career has been disturbed by the Lunar Eclipse of the 5th of June, and this Solar Eclipse keeps disturbing it and stressing it. In most cases, though, this is a slightly calmer period between two more chaotic ones, on the matter. If you need to make decisions, act wisely and think things thoroughly. Health also receives some stress from this Eclipse and this trend won’t lose power as the days pass. In fact, from the 1st of June (and as we are closing in on the next Eclipse) things might become more difficult. Therefore, reduce your schedule as much as possible, rest a lot, relax as much as you can, eat properly and take all possible precautions . It doesn’t feel like one, but this is a period you must recharge your batteries.

Computers, high-tech equipment in general and the internet might cause you some stress, too. If you need them for work reasons, even more so. Repairs and purchases of new such equipment might become mandatory. If not, avoid such actions during this period. Finally, friendships receive some stress. In most cases, though, this is not because of problems in your friendships, but because of problems in your friends’ lives.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Scorpio:

This Solar Eclipse, for you, might feel like a repetition of the Lunar Eclipse of the 5th of June, but somewhat calmer. Work and career matters receive stress. Once again, in most cases, less so than by the Lunar Eclipse. Finances still need prudence, and this should go on until the end of the Ecliptic Period. The coming Lunar Eclipse will be the harsher one on the matter. Also, studies receive some stress. Changes of schools, teachers, or courses might occur, or become necessary. Don’t make hasty decisions, but don’t avoid them, either, once you are certain about them.

On the bright side, love life and friendships don’t receive as much stress, form this Eclipse and this is a good period to mend things there. Travelling, on the other hand, receives a fair amount of it. It’s never advisable to travel during an Ecliptic period, but under the influences of this Eclipse and the coming Lunar one’s even more so. Nonetheless, if you need to do it, be extra cautious and arrange the actual travelling, whenever possible, at least two days apart from the dates of the Eclipses.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Sagittarius:

This Solar Eclipse will be much calmer, for you, than the Lunar Eclipse of the 5th of June, but don’t get over confident. Things won’t be too easy and, even more importantly, the coming Lunar Eclipse will affect you more strongly as the ruler of your horoscope will be affected by it. So, make sure you rest well and you recharge your batteries. Your magic becomes extra strong by this eclipse, but also, your vulnerability to malevolent magic becomes greater, too. Therefore, casual purification and cleansing is advisable. Religious and magical schools and organisations can also cause you some stress.

Finances, too, receive some stress, but not much of it. Some correction in your investments and your financial planning might be necessary, though. Your spouse, or current love, might have more financial problems and this might cause some extra financial stress, for you, too. Also, confrontation with death and the dead, as well as with other plains, too, can become more intense and regular. This trend will become even more intense by the coming Lunar Eclipse, too. Health, too, can cause you some scare. In most cases, the stress is stronger than the actual cause, but, of course, take proper care of your health. If surgery is recommended, take a second opinion, preferably as far away of either Eclipse’s date as possible.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Capricorn:

For most, this Solar Eclipse is calmer than the previous Lunar Eclipse, but this might not be the case for you. The coming Lunar Eclipse will be even more stressful. Therefore, make sure you relax your schedule as much as possible. Resting well, relaxing a lot and taking things as easy as possible is highly advisable. Love life gets more stress from this Eclipse. If you haven’t deal with problems in your relationship, now they’ll become more demanding. With one more Eclipse affecting your love life coming, you should act now, regardless the difficulties. Problems in your loved one’s life can also play a role to this.

Health needs much attention and this won’t become easier by the time. In fact, after the 28th things on the matter might become even more stressful. Once again, proper resting and relaxation are necessary. Meditation, too, can help a lot. Of course, if you encounter any problem ask the advise of a specialised health care practitioner.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Aquarius:

Work and finances receive some stress from this Solar Eclipse, but, just like with the previous Lunar Eclipse, in most cases, nothing really bad happens. Changes occurring might not be pleasant at the moment, but they are not bad ones, either. Acting calmly and wisely can help you overcome these challenges. In fact, it can also help you build a better future, regarding this field of your life.

Love, too, receives some stress. Those in a relationship will experience this influence more clearly, as love doesn’t become unlucky, in fact. Problems, in your other half’s life might be the cause of this disturbance. Financial, professional and spiritual kind of problems are the most probable causes. Family, relatives, friends and health can also cause you some stress. Be calm and cautions, and there, too, things will be easier than they look at first glance.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions for Pisces:

This Solar Eclipse is much calmer for most, than the previous Lunar Eclipse was and you’ll see that all too clearly. This being said, it’s not an easy period. But a much easier. The Eclipse might bring to your attention all things that make you unhappy. This is a very good thing, actually, as, in fact, you have the power to change these things and to make your life happier, both on the short-term and on the long-term. The planetary scenery promotes your joy. The Eclipse forces you to see how you can achieve this.

Work, career and finances, too, receive some stress from this Solar Eclipse, and changes, minor or major ones, might happen in your work. Nonetheless, these changes, too, unpleasant and stressful as they might be while happening, are good ones. The coming Lunar Eclipse will stress the matters more, so act as fast as you can, now, but always wisely and carefully. Finally, health needs a little more attention.

Astrology and Magic:

All magic is extra strong during this period. The Solstice, too, makes things more powerful. Talismans, potions, philtres, potions, magical oils and perfumes, as well as every kind of wish fulfilling spells are even stronger.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. And, also, have a very blessed Solstice!

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