Full Moon in Aquarius – 03 August 2020

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

General Predictions for the Full Moon in Aquarius:

On August the 3rd, at 15:59 UT, the Moon, from Aquarius, accurately opposes the Sun, in Leo, forming the Full Moon.

This Full Moon strongly stresses Uranus, therefore, it might bring, or force challenging and, maybe, unexpected changes. This will affect the whole fortnight, but from the 12th onwards it will be calmer. Nonetheless, keeping a flexible mindset, and, if possible, a flexible schedule, is advisable throughout the waning Moon period.

Also, the Full Moon strongly affects, but beneficially so, the Retrograde Chiron. Karmic, significant and life changing (or, at least, year changing) experience may occur during this waning Moon. This will affect all zodiacs, but Leo, Aquarius, Aries and then Sagittarius, Taurus and Scorpio will experience this influence more strongly.

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A total of five planets are in retrograde motion during this Full Moon, four major ones and Chiron, and this will remain the case until the 15th of August, at 14:26 UT, when Uranus will be turning into retrograde motion, too. Furthermore, Mars, who has started slowing down, slightly, during the waxing Moon period, now slows down even more. It’s still fast enough, and it won’t be turning retrograde until the next waning Moon period, but it strengthens the overall slow-paced, strongly retrograde planetary influences. Risky and hasty decisions and actions are not advisable, for the whole 6 month period, but even less so under such circumstances.

Nonetheless, two planets change their zodiac sign. Mercury, on the 5th, enters Leo, and Venus, on the 7th, enters Cancer, so things do change. In actuality, this is the second greatest planetary energy shift we’ll experience, until Jupiter turns back into direct motion. It’s not a huge one, but it is a significant one.

Mars’ square with Jupiter:

As we’ve seen in the New Moon’s article, Mars has started forming some stressful 6-months long aspects.

Mars forms a square with the now Retrograde Jupiter. Accurately so, for the first time, on the 4th of August. This square will be active from the 19th of July, until the 2nd of September. Then, it will become active, once again, on the 20th of September and it will remain active until the 24th of February 2021. So, this is not an aspect we should take lightly. During this period, being too optimistic is not, in fact, positive thinking, but a way to hindrance our progress. Worrying too much is also easy to happen and it is just as ill-advisable as being too optimistic is. The same is true for being impatient.

Furthermore, financial risks should be avoided. Scams and fake opportunities promising to get you rich fast are possible to appear and should also be avoided. Any kind of investment should be considered extra carefully.

Mars’ square with Pluto:

Similarly, Mars will be forming a square with the now Retrograde Pluto. This square will become accurate for the first time on the 13th of August. The square, though, will be active from the 23rd of July and until the 16th of January 2021, without a break. This is a difficult to handle aspect and needs much care and attention. During this long period every kind of change we intend to do must be done slowly and after thinking of it thoroughly. Even then, disappointments might take place. Harrying things up and pressing situations can guarantee failure, unless Mars in your Natal Chart is very auspiciously active, or Mars makes very good aspects with your Natal planets. Even then, though, being too hasty, or too forceful can backfire.

This aspect can also produce intense negative feelings and mindset. Especially for a week before and after the dates when the aspect becomes accurate, or when Mars receives other stress, too. Mars, unfortunately receives much additional stress, and long-term one, too, the whole period. Pluto can cause emotional issues to act up even when it is overly active beneficially. Even worse so when it is stressfully active. During the whole 6 month long period, Pluto will always be super active, too. So, take good care of your emotional condition and your mood. If you are dealing with psychological issues, or you have such a history, be even more watchful.

Mars’ square with Saturn:

Finally, Mars forms a square with Saturn. This square will become accurate for the first time on the 24th of August. It will be active from the 31st of July and until the 2nd of November. Then, again from the 10th of December until the 7th of February 2021. During this period physical health needs great attention. If you are working out keep your routine as is. Make only minor changes and reluctantly so. Relaxing it permanently is okay, though. In the same time, if you don’t exercise, then adding some light – very light – form of exercise in your daily routine is advisable. Make sure it is light and easy for you, not whatever might be commonly considered as light and easy. Aerobic kind of exercise is more advisable than body building and the like.

Making significant changes in your diet is not advisable, but taking some extra calcium and vitamin C are good general advices. Of course, consult your doctor before taking any health care supplements, and don’t overdo it. As Saturn is Retrograde, and soon enough Mars will be, too, old health issues might act up. Repetitive issues might also re-occur. The musculoskeletal system, the digestive one and the circulatory system are the most sensitive. High blood pressure, feverish conditions and other fiery conditions also need some extra attention and better care. Accidents can also happen. When engaging with dangerous activities, be extra careful. The same is advisable for when engaging with fire, or metal. Drive extra carefully, too.

Just like with Pluto’s square, disappointments are possible and forcing things to move on is not the right policy.

The rest inauspicious influences of the Full Moon:

Mercury’s and Mars’ square lives its last days and it will completely stop affecting us on the 8th of August. Although this square loses power by the day, it can still cause, or magnify problems in our communications, means of communications and our rational thinking. It also stresses travelling, transportations and vehicles. Driving extra carefully is highly advisable even after this square ceases its activity, since Mars’ and Saturn’s square will be strong and active.

The Sun’s square with Uranus which was accurate the eve of the Full Moon will continue acting until the 12th of the month. If you haven’t done your purchases and orders of high-tech equipment until the 30th of July, now it surely isn’t the time for that. It would be better to wait until the 21st of August, as from then on a much better period than this one will come to pass. Not as good as the July’s period, but a good one, nonetheless.

Similarly, Venus’ square with the Retrograde Neptune, too, is still active but loses power by the day, and it will stop acting on the 8th of the month. Until then, our mood and our emotional well being need some extra care. Also, romantic, friendly and family relationships receive some stress. Furthermore, emotions can blind, or cloud, our rational thinking.

Mercury’s opposition to the Retrograde Jupiter and the Retrograde Pluto are slightly affecting us and they’ll cease activity on the 5th and the 6th of the month respectively. Its opposition to the Retrograde Saturn, though, becomes accurate on the very day of this Full Moon and it will be active until the 8th of the month. During this period travelling, transportation and communications can have some extra difficulties. Trade, too, can be more challenging than usual. Also, achieving a good meditative state might be quite difficult. Mantras and repetition of positive suggestions can help you make better use of this period. Nonetheless, as both Mercury and Saturn become stronger, after the 8th of the month, meditation is highly advisable and can become very beneficial.

Mercury, from Leo, squares Uranus. Accurately so on the 10th of the month. This square will be active from the 6th of the month and until the 20th. Anything that has to do with technology and the internet receives a stress from this square. Hight-tech equipment and online business, even more so. Trade of all kinds and communications, as well as communication equipment, too, will be facing some challenges.

The auspicious influences of the Full Moon:

From the 31st of July and until the 17th of October Jupiter is in a triangle with Uranus. This triangle won’t become accurate and, throughout the period, at least one of the planets and, for half the time, both planets will be in retrograde motion. So, this is not a strong blessing, but it will help us advance despite the difficulties, if we are patient, open-minded and act wisely. During the coming waxing Moon, it will also play a more important role, despite it not being perfect.

Neptune’s year long hexagon with Jupiter is still quite strong, and now Neptune’s years-long hexagon with Saturn and Pluto are becoming even stronger. Amongst else, these three hexagons, along with the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, gives great power to magic and helps us heal our souls, and our relationships. Healing past traumas and traumas from past lives receives even more support as now all planets are in retrograde motion.

Mercury forms a triangle with Mars. Accurately on the 17th of August. This aspect will be active from the 11th until the 23rd. During this period, our mental clarity will be stronger, and so will be our determination. Also, it’s a good period to activate our social life and explore new territories, metaphorically speaking, in our lives.

Mercury is also in conjunction with the Sun. Accurately so on the 17th of August. This aspect will be active from the 9th of August and until the 29th of August, when both planets will have already entered Virgo. This is a very lucky aspect that can further help our socialisation and whatever needs social skills. Under the influence of this aspect our rational thinking will be quite clear and finding solutions and good ideas in order to achieve whatever we want to achieve will be easier. Furthermore, trade, which otherwise receives much stress, will have a significant support.

Venus forms a hexagon with Uranus. Accurately so the eve of the New Moon, the 18th of the month. This aspect will be active from the 9th of August, when Uranus will still be direct, until the 28th of the month. This aspect will help us adjust better to the changes that are happening, or we are making, and help us use them to heal ourselves and our lives and to better ourselves and our lives. Online dating receives support, too. Breakthroughs in health and the arts are possible, in personal and global level, too.

Finally, the Sun forms a triangle with Mars, while both planets are in their Houses. This triangle will be affecting us from the 30th of July and until the 30th, maybe the 31st, of August and it will become accurate on the 16th of August. This triangle will reduce the stress Mars’ squares produce. It will also provide us with enough energy to do what we need to do and enough good and beneficial optimism – not the irrational one the squares give us. It will also help us set new goals – or new ways to achieve our goals – and work on those.

Keep in mind that the after-effects of this triangle will support us for three years. This means that, even if we achieve a small progress now, completing our goals in the future will be easier, as long as we do our best while the aspect is active.

Overviewing the Full Moon in Aquarius:

So, this Full Moon and this waning Moon period might not be too easy, but they’ll be easier and more beneficial than the previous waxing Moon period. The balance of the auspicious and inauspicious influences shifts towards the auspicious ones, which are getting stronger as the days pass. Still the inauspicious aspects are more than the auspicious ones, but during the waxing Moon they were overwhelming, and this isn’t the case any longer. So, despite the difficulties, significant progress can be achieved.

Full Moon Predictions for Aries:

Finances receive some stressful energies from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Social obligations, too, can stress them. From the 9th of the month, and even more so from the 13th, things get better. Despite the possible stress on your wallet, social life seems mostly pleasant. Love life, too, receives some support and, possibly, some good luck. Meeting new people is possible to happen, and easier for you to achieve. It does receive auspicious influences, but being careful and not hasty is advisable.

Work, career and business matters need much attention. Long term planning and getting ready for future moves receive mostly supportive energies, but what happens right now receives mostly stressful ones. Therefore, this is a good period to take a leave. If not, make sure you do your best to avoid mistakes and any risky moves.

Full Moon Predictions for Taurus:

Your mood and your emotional condition receive some stressful energies from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Keeping a positive outlook can help you deal with all challenges better and it will support all your efforts. Home, family and your environment, in general, too, can cause you some stress. Travelling and driving need some extra attention for everyone, but even more so, for you. Furthermore, social life can be somewhat unpleasant and unfulfilling.

From the 9th of the month, onwards, though, things in your social life change and become much better. It can also become more active, while meeting new people is possible and achievable. Productivity and creativity are quite strong and this is a period you should be focusing on your goals and projects. Self healing is also strong and so are all your psychic abilities.

Full Moon Predictions for Gemini:

Work, career and business matters, as well as finances receive many of the influences of this New Moon and this waning Moon period, for good and ill. In most cases, things are stressful and challenging in work. Maybe some extra effort becomes necessary, too, and not always for a good reason. Successes can become more difficult to achieve, but you are achieving them, but they can be less profitable, or otherwise less rewarding. Other financial matters, too, receive some stressful energies and need a more careful and wise handling. After the 9th of the month, though, things are getting somewhat better.

Your mood and your emotional condition, too, seem sensitive and need your care and support. Your friends and your social life can also stress you. From the 12th onwards, though, things look much more pleasant. Regardless the problems and the stress, though, throughout the period, your productivity is strong.

Full Moon Predictions for Cancer:

Colleagues and business partners can cause you some stress, under the influences of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Some extra challenges might also appear, in work, and it might become less profitable. This will be more true for online businesses and trade of all kinds. Other than those, though, work and business matters receive mostly supportive energies. Finances, too, receive some stress. Some extra expenses might appear unexpectedly. Contracts and deals need some extra thinking, too. Your income, if anything, receives support. From the 12th of the month, finances get better.

Social and love life, too, receive a little stress, and need some more care and attention, but the supportive influences, there are stronger, so things are looking good. After the 8th of the month, even more so.

Full Moon Predictions for Leo:

Work, career and business matters receive the main focus of the energies of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period, for you. The support on those matters is strong, but so is the stress. So, things are difficult, but everything is achievable. From the 9th of the month and then, things will become somewhat better. Artistic careers, health related ones, and online business will experience this more clearly, despite Uranus turning in to retrograde motion. Starting a new business, though, should better be done from the 13th of the month and afterwards.

Despite the stress, as we’ve said, everything is possible. In fact, successes are feasible if you overcome your lack of self-confidence and determination. Finances and your income, too, receive more support than stress. Also, health is sensitive for everyone, including you, but for you, not as strongly. Healing, on the other hand, seems very strong.

Full Moon Predictions for Virgo:

Your mood and your emotional health and condition seem sensitive during this period and need some care and attention. Social and love life, too, can cause you some stress. They are not bad, but they can be less satisfactory than you’d expect, or they might not follow your plans. React calm to such challenges so you won’t make things worse.

In fact, both love and social life receive mostly good energies. Singles might find it difficult to fins a new suitable partner, but even this is not impossible. After the 8th of the month meeting new people can be easier, for romance and for other reasons. Places of study, spiritual groups and groups of intellectual, or artistic interests similar to yours can be a good source. Make sure, though, you won’t try to force things evolve faster than they do.

Full Moon Predictions for Libra:

Work and business matters receive some stress from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Especially until the 12th of the month, there will be times you feel like you spend too much time and energy to achieve too little results. From then on, though the energy shifts – it will have started shifting since the 9th – and things are getting better and much more rewarding. Successes will be coming easier and you might find out your previous efforts were not in vain.

Love life receives some stress, too. Especially for those in a long-standing relationship, or a marriage. Acting carefully, calmly and wisely is highly advisable. Since this is a long-lasting influence, try to heal as many of the problems you can, instead of turning the blind eye on them. This period, actually helps you find solutions, in cooperation with your other half.

Full Moon Predictions for Scorpio:

Work receives much stress, from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. It can become quite demanding and tiresome, too. There will be some better days, but overall, your productivity is not strong, either. From the 12th onwards, though, things are getting significantly better. Still challenging, but much better. Health, both physical and emotional, too, seems sensitive and needs some extra care. Driving extra carefully is advisable for all zodiacs, but even more so for you. If possible, until the 8th, avoid any unnecessary driving and travelling. Afterwards travelling and transportations are somewhat better. The goal of your trip will be more easily achievable, too, whether it’s fun, love, or work.

Love and social life, on the other hand, receive mostly beneficial energies. After the 8th things are getting even better, there, too. Meeting new people and expanding your social circle is possible. Also, artistic creativity seems good.

Full Moon Predictions for Sagittarius:

Finances receive much stress from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Investments and expenses should be done after a thorough thinking. Luxury expenses should be avoided as much as possible. Obligations can also put a stress on your finances. Income, too, doesn’t seem as strong as usual. From the 9th of the month, though, it looks much stronger. Your finances, in general, will still need some wiser handling, but look better and easier, too. Also, work receives some stress, but it proceeds nicely. After the 9th it can be quite successful, too.

Love and social life receive mostly pleasant energies. Health, too, seems stronger than for most zodiacs. Some attention is advisable, though. Your emotional health and your mood are sensitive. Not as much as for others, but they are so. Also, healing seems strong, throughout the period.

Full Moon Predictions for Capricorn:

Love life, social life and family (or like-family) relationships receive the main focus of the energies of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period, for good and ill. Things can be quite tensed, there, and somewhat stressful. Try to remain calm and avoid being hasty, and things will be much better and easier. In most cases, things won’t become unpredictable bad, although problems you think you have solved, and you haven’t really, might re-occur. After the 9th of the month, though, things are becoming much better. Especially for your love life. Nevertheless, throughout the period, if you act wisely enough, things can be mostly good. Expanding your social circle is also possible.

Health receives some stress, but healing is quite strong. Also, work doesn’t receive much long-term stress, while your productivity is quite good, so progress there can happen. In most cases, though, a slow-paced one.

Full Moon Predictions for Aquarius:

Work receives some stress from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. In most cases, though, not a strong one. After the 9th of the month, things become even better. Work can still feel demanding, in some cases, but you’ll be able to deal with whatever demands it presents you with, relatively easily. Health, too, seems sensitive until the 9th. From then on, though it’s getting stronger, and healing is also getting stronger. Family’s health can have good developments, too, if there are problems there.

Finances receive mostly beneficial energies, regardless the stress on work. Also, love and social life seem more pleasant than stressful. After the 12th of the month, they’ll be even more pleasant. Meeting new people might happen, but if you are trying to expand your social circle, or find a new love, be more patient and don’t be hasty until, when and after you meet any people.

Full Moon Predictions for Pisces:

Finances receive much stress during this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. In fact, this is a long-term influence, so prioritising wisely your needs and desires is advisable. After the 12th of the month, though, things look much better. Still not too good, but much better, indeed. Income, then will be receiving much support, as well. Finding a new job is also possible. Work, though, can be stressful. Progress is happening and things move on, towards desirable ends, but not easily. Health, too, seems sensitive, so be extra careful with it.

Love and social life, on the other hand, seem quite pleasant. There is some stress falling on those parts of your life until the 8th, but not a strong one. After then, only the Moon will occasionally stress them. Not living-providing projects, receive supportive influences, throughout the period. Projects you intend to turn to living-providing ones, in the future, too, receive support. Nonetheless, they need a more careful and thorough approach.

Astrology and Magic:

Magic is extra strong throughout the period. After the 8th of the month, meditation and visualisation can produce very good results, too.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this Full Moon and this waning Moon period!

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