Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Sagittarius – 14 December 2020

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

General Predictions for the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius:

On December the 14th, at 16:17 UT the Moon meets the Sun, in Sagittarius, forming the New Moon. This New Moon is also a Total Solar Eclipse. Although 2020 gave us four unimpressive at sight Lunar Eclipses, both the Solar Eclipses it gives us are impressive. The first was an Annular and this one is a Total.

This Solar Eclipse affects strongly enough, and stressfully, Neptune, and even more strongly, but more pleasantly, Mercury and Mars. Therefore, it will be harsher than the previous Lunar Eclipse and it will have more long-term effects in our lives. Additionally, during the day of the Eclipse, Venus and Jupiter form an accurate hexagon while in a inaccurate, but close to accurate, semisextile with both the Sun and the Moon. We don’t usually analyse semisextiles as they are not strong enough aspects, but this is a blessing that’s worth mentioning.

Furthermore, during this waxing Moon period, as we’ve foretold in the Lunar Eclipse’s article, the planetary scenery goes through a huge transformation. For one, Chiron turns Direct, on the 15th of December, leaving only Uranus in retrograde motion. Uranus will remain Retrograde until middle January.

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On the very same day, Venus enters Sagittarius. Two days later, on the 17th, Saturn leaves Capricorn, after three years, and enters its second house, Aquarius. Once again, two days later, on the 19th, Jupiter will also enter Aquarius. Then, on the 20th, Mercury will enter Capricorn in strong conjunction with the Sun. Last but not least, on the 21st, the Sun enters Capricorn, forming the Solstice.

Usually the Eclipses’ short-term effect last from two weeks before the Eclipse until two weeks after it. This time, though, as the whole planetary scenery will have changed dramatically until the solstice, few of its short-term effects will be affecting us after then.

The most powerful Solstice we’ve ever experienced:

Furthermore, this Solstice, whether it’s the Summer (for the Southern Hemisphere), or the Winter one (for the Northern Hemisphere) is one of the most powerful magical days we’ll see in our lifetime. For one, Jupiter and Saturn are in true conjunction during that day. These two planets form an astrological conjunction every 20 years, which is a rare and significant event on its own. This time, though, they form an astronomical conjunction, too, as the two planets will be 0.1o apart in the sky. Informatively, the previous time the two planets were this close was in 1863, while the next time this impressive event will happen will be in 2080.

Incidently, the two planets will come even closer, astronomically speaking, in 7541, which makes it highly unlikely for anyone of us to observe that conjunction. Therefore, make sure you admire the phenomenon this time around, if the weather allows it.

On top of that, the Sun and Mercury will be in almost perfect conjunction during the Solstice. Both the Sun and Mercury will be in almost accurate semisextiles with both Saturn and Jupiter, each. Also, Venus will be in a still strong enough hexagon with both Jupiter and Saturn. Finally, during the day of the Solstice, the Moon, too, will form hexagons with both Jupiter and Saturn.

All those auspicious aspects give even more power to one of the most magically powerful days of the year. Do make the best use of it!

Mars’ square with Jupiter:

As we’ve seen before, and will keep on seeing until early 2021, Mars forms some stressful 6-months long aspects.

Mars’ square with Jupiter was accurate on the 19th of October. As, now, Mars has regained most of its speed, this square is becoming significantly stronger day by day. The square will remain active until the 24th of February 2021, when Mars will be in Taurus and Jupiter in Aquarius, and it will become accurate for the last time on the 23rd of January.

During this period, being too optimistic is not, in fact, positive thinking, but a way to hindrance our progress. Worrying too much is also easy to happen and it is just as ill-advisable as being too optimistic is. The same is true for being impatient.

Furthermore, financial risks should be avoided. Scams and fake opportunities promising to get you rich fast are possible to appear and should also be avoided. Any kind of investment should be considered extra carefully.

Mars’ square with Pluto:

Similarly, Mars is forming a square with Pluto. This square became accurate for the second time on the 9th of October. It will become accurate again, for the third and last time, during this waxing Moon period, on the 23rd of December. So, during this whole waxing moon period and for the first days of the coming waning Moon period it will be affecting us very strongly.

This square started acting on the 23rd of July and it will remain active until the 16th of January 2021, without a break. This is a difficult to handle aspect and needs much care and attention. During this long period every kind of change we intend to do must be done slowly and after thinking of it thoroughly. Even then, disappointments might take place. Hurrying things up and pressing situations can guarantee failure, unless Mars in your Natal Chart is very auspiciously active, or Mars makes very good aspects with your Natal planets. Even then, though, being too hasty, or too forceful can backfire.

This aspect can also produce intense negative feelings and mindset. Especially for a week before and after the dates when the aspect becomes accurate, or when Mars receives additional stress. Mars, unfortunately receives much of it, and long-term one, too, throughout the whole period. Furthermore, Pluto can cause emotional issues to act up even when it is overly active beneficially. Even worse so when it is stressfully active. During the whole 6 month long period, Pluto will always be super active, too. So, take good care of your emotional condition and your mood. If you are dealing with psychological issues, or you have such a history, be even more watchful.

Mars’ square with Saturn:

Finally, Mars forms a square with Saturn. This square has been active since the 31st of July and until the 7th of February 2021. It reassumed activity on the 10th of December, after a small break, and it will become accurate for the third time on the 13th of January.

During the whole period of this square’s activity, physical health needs great attention. If you are working out keep your routine as is. Make only minor changes and reluctantly so. Relaxing it permanently is okay, though. In the same time, if you don’t exercise, then adding some light – very light – form of exercise in your daily routine is advisable. Make sure it is light and easy for you, not whatever might be commonly considered as light and easy. Aerobic kind of exercise is more advisable than body building and the like.

Making significant changes in your diet is not advisable, but taking some extra calcium and vitamin C are good general advices. Of course, consult your doctor before taking any health care supplements, and don’t overdo it. Although this square affects every aspect of health, the musculoskeletal system, the digestive one and the circulatory system are the most sensitive. High blood pressure, feverish conditions and other fiery conditions also need some extra attention and better care. Accidents can also happen. When engaging with dangerous activities, be extra careful. The same is advisable for when engaging with fire, or metal. Drive extra carefully, too.

Similarly to Pluto’s square, disappointments are possible and forcing things to move on is not the right policy.

The rest inauspicious aspects of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse:

The Sun’s square with Neptune, which started affecting us on the day of the Lunar Eclipse, was accurate on the 9th of December and, now, it loses power day by day, until the 19th of December, when it will stop affecting us.

Similarly, Mercury, too, squares Neptune, since the 7th of December and until the 19th. This square will became accurate on the 13th. Therefore, this square is stronger right now, but it loses power more rapidly.

These two squares stress even more our emotional condition. They can also produce some misunderstandings, unwise choices and decisions, some extra problems regarding travelling, some difficulties and delays for trade and, especially, the international one.

Also, Venus squares Neptune. Accurately so on the day of the Full Moon, the 30th of December. This square will be active from the 23rd (maybe the 22nd) and until the 8th of January, 2021. During this period, all matters of the heart receive some stress, and need a calmer handling. As until the Full Moon will be under the influences of the Eclipse, we’ll probably feel this stress more intensively. After the first of January, on the other hand, things will be getting better quickly.

The auspicious aspects of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse:

Although Neptune’s hexagons with Jupiter and Saturn has ceased their activity, Neptune’s years-long hexagon with Pluto is still quite strong and it will remain so until the end of the year. Although this hexagon will be becoming stronger and weaker many times, without ever losing most of its strength, it won’t become accurate again until the 24th of July 2026. By then, though, both planets will have changed their zodiacs.

Amongst else, this hexagon empowers to magic and help us heal our souls, and our relationships. Physical healing, and especially via traditional methods, also receives some help. Now, Jupiter is out of this aspect, but, progress in medicine and pharmacology, in a global level can still happen. Maybe not with so many breakthroughs as we have had until now, but still as significant one.

Venus is forming some hexagons with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. With Pluto since the 2nd of December and until the 18th. This one was accurate on the 10th. With Jupiter since the 5th and until the 23rd. This hexagon, as we’ve said above, becomes accurate on the very day of this Solar Eclipse. Finally, with Saturn, since the 6th of December and until the 24th. This one will become accurate on the 15th of December.

These hexagons will also support our relationships, romantic ones and of any other kind. They will also support health and healing. Nonetheless, some extra care and attention there, is needed. Especially so because of the energies of the Eclipses. Arts and careers related to them, cosmetics and all careers related to beauty, as well as pharmaceutics receive some extra support. Long distance romantic relationships, relationships with foreigners and relationships with a significant age difference receive more support than the rest, too.

Furthermore, the Sun forms a triangle with Mars. As now Mars’ squares are active and strong enough, this is an important blessing, as it relives some of the stress those squares produce. It also promises us some good developments , if we overcome the squares’ challenges. The triangle was accurate on the 11th of December and it will remain active until the 24th of December.

Also, the Sun conjuncts Mercury. Accurately so on the 20th of December. This aspect has been active since the 3rd of December and it will remain so until the 5th of January, 2021. Overall, though, this aspect brings some help in finances. It also helps all jobs that depend on communications and transportations. Trade, too, of course. Nonetheless, Mercury is receives the chaotic energies of the Solar Eclipse quite intensively. Therefore, not everything will be easy, but successes and progress are feasible. After the Solstice, though, things are likely to become easier.

Just like the Sun, Mercury, too, forms a triangle with Mars. Accurately so on the 15th of December. This triangle is active since the 9th of December and it will remain so until the 23rd. This triangle can help us keep our mind more clear, despite the influences of Mars’ squares, and make better decisions. It can also help us expand our social circle. Furthermore, it supports trade.

Mercury will be forming a triangle with the Retrograde Uranus. Accurately so on the 25th of December. This triangle will be active from the 20th of December and until the 31st. Although Uranus is still retrograde, and we are under the influences of the Eclipse, if you need to buy computers, smartphones and the like, this is a relatively good period to do that. Preferably after the Solstice, as, then, the influences of the Eclipse will be less strong, while the triangle will be reaching its peak. Around the 25th, even better.

Furthermore, whatever has to do with the internet receives support. Promoting your social media and web pages, expanding your online social circles, as well as reviving accounts and web pages you have abandoned, or neglected, are some of the things that will enjoy this triangle’s blessings more strongly. New sites, new social media accounts and, also, new accounts on dating sites, too receive help. Maybe not as strongly, but almost equally, as the Sun is in the game, too. Indeed, the Sun, not only is in conjunction with Mercury, but also forms a triangle with Uranus, as well. This triangle will become accurate on the 28th, but it will be active from the 19th and until the 6th of January.

Finally, with Jupiter and Saturn, now, quite far from Pluto, the triple conjunction has lost most of its power. It will keep on blessing us, though, until the 10th of January, 2021. Nonetheless, Jupiter’s and Saturn’s conjunction now is extremely strong. It will become accurate, as we’ve said, on the Solstice, and it will remain active until the 16th of March. As Jupiter is in a super-speed mode, even when it will turn Retrograde, during 2021, this conjunction won’t get reactivated, so make sure to make the best use of it. The next time the two planes will be in conjunction will be in 2040, while the next time they’ll make an auspicious aspect (and it will be “just” a hexagon) it will be in 2023.

Wish manifestation, both my magical means and by doing what we can do about those be mundane means, receive support and good luck. Charms, talismans, magical oils and perfumes, as well s meditative techniques are much more promising than usual, too. Keep in mind than when Jupiter and Saturn cooperate harmoniously, both the realisation of our wishes and the removal of problems are easier. Once again, by magical means and everyday ones, alike.


Overall, the Solar Eclipse, and the following fortnight, will be more intense and stressful than the Lunar Eclipse, but it also holds many more and much greater opportunities for successes, breakthroughs, and good developments. Our mood and emotional condition need much support, that’s true. Nonetheless, our efforts will be supported by some good luck. A strong Eclipse can bring unpredictable event. The majority of the unpredictable events this one will bring will be beneficial. Not all of them, but most of them.

Solar Eclipse Predictions for Aries:

Mars’ squares from your zodiac sing stress travelling, already, and this Solar Eclipse is stressing them even more. Especially, travelling abroad, or over the sea. If you can’t postpone the trips for after the Ecliptic period, try to plan them as farther from the the 14th as possible. Spirituality, too, receives much stress from this Eclipse, and this is a very long lasting effect. Next year’s Eclipses will also stress this subject, too, but this one probably more strongly since Neptune is stressed, as well. Your believes, your worldview, your spiritual teachers, and whatever has to do with your spirituality get tested. Changes come there. Other ones by choice, but other ones by force. In both cases, the procedure might be unpleasant, but keep in mind this is a good thing.

Children and children figures in your life can face some stress and this might upset your life, too, one way or another. Legal issues, too, can proceed unexpectedly fast, for better or worse. On the other hand, work, career and businesses matters, as well as your finances receive mostly supportive energies.

Solar Eclipse Predictions for Taurus:

Health becomes more sensitive under the influences of this Solar Eclipse and needs more attention. Emotional health and your mood even more so. Thoughts of bad health, or even death might occur. Other times, because of events, other times, on their own. Family members can face some health issues, which in turn will promote this tendency of yours. Love life receives a bit of stress, but your other half can be facing some challenges – most probably financial ones – and the stress this causes them might inflict your relationship.

Friendships can follow a similar pattern. Some reformation on your social circle might take place, too. This is a long term effect of the Eclipse and it will last until the next one. This procedure might not be pleasant, but it’s a beneficial one. Furthermore, computers, smartphones and the like can malfunction, or otherwise inconvenience you. Regardless the stress, though, inspiration and productivity remain strong most of the days.

Solar Eclipse Predictions for Gemini:

Just like during the Lunar one, during this Solar Eclipse, resting, relaxing, keeping a healthy diet and, in general, taking good care of your self is advisable. Love life, too, receives much stress. Especially for those in a relationship, or a marriage. Strong relationships will get better, of course, but problematic ones, are not safe. Sex-based relationships will be forced to either advance to something more, or to break up. Such events won’t be pleasant when they are happening, but they are necessary steps for a more fulfilling love life. Paradoxically, despite the stress, those seeking a new relationship will enjoy mostly beneficial energies. The Eclipse might even “push” them in one.

Studies receive some stress, too. In some cases, a change in your schools, teachers, or courses might take place. Vehicles can get damaged, or otherwise stress you. Driving extra carefully is strongly advised, too. Business parters and colleagues and your relationship with them might cause some upheavals, but other than that, work, career and businesses matters receive mostly supportive energies and progress there can happen. Faster, or greater than you’d expect, too.

Solar Eclipse Predictions for Cancer:

Health needs some extra attention, under the influences of this Solar Eclipse, and this waxing Moon period. There is more of an emphasis, there, rather than actual stress, though, so, if you play safe, and care enough for your health, things will be okay. Keep in mind that the planetary scenery is intensifying this, situation, so don’t get too relaxed, before the end of the Ecliptic period. Furthermore, some of your health related habits, including working out and diet, might need to change, to a degree. Changes can occur in work, too. These changes, though, in most cases, might be somewhat inconvenient, but they are good ones. Maybe even desired ones.

Finances receive more stress than work does. Some extra expenses might occur, too. Obligations and legal matters can also play a role to this. In fact, all kind of legal matters can move on, for good or ill. Spirituality, gets tested, too, and some reformation of your believes might be initiated. This is a long-term effect that will be completed in the coming months. Finally, productivity and creativity, regardless all challenges seem quite strong, throughout the fortnight.

Solar Eclipse Predictions for Leo:

Health needs some better care and attention, under the influences of this Solar Eclipse and this waxing Moon period. You children’s, or children figures’ health, too, can face some issues. Surgeries and other things you might experience as life-threatening might take place, too. The fact you are experiencing them as such doesn’t necessarily mean they are, though, so be calm. A redefinition of your self can also happen. There are things about you you don’t feel they suit you any more and you want to change them. By all means, do that, but do it in a comfortable pace.

Finances, too, receive some stress. In some cases, this might affect your other half’s finances more so and so, indirectly, yours. Computers, smartphones and the like, can cause you some expenses, though. In any case, cutting down unnecessary expense can be of great help, short-term and long-term, alike. Cutting off whatever “deprives” you from the joy of life, too, is highly advisable. The Eclipse may force you to decide to do this. Despite the stresses of the Eclipse, most of the planetary scenery is beneficial, so be wise, be careful, and things will proceed nicely.

Solar Eclipse Predictions for Virgo:

Home and family can become your main focus under the influences of this Solar Eclipse and this waxing Moon period. Repairs might be needed, in home and family can cause you more stress than usual. In most cases, though, nothing serious happens, so be patient, and things will calm down shortly. Those working from home can be affected more so than the rest, but, also, the planetary scenery supports these kinds of jobs, so despite the difficulties things will proceed towards the desirable direction.

Dreams can become quite vivid and ominous looking. In most cases, though, they aren’t. Your spirituality gets stronger and so, your dreams are helping you to see what burdens you keep inside you, rather than foretelling you of a bad future to come. Use the information to heal yourself. Similarly meditative and similar techniques to heal yourself can have very good results. Love and social life is slightly affected by the Solar Eclipse and problems there mostly come because of the stress each party faces, and not because of problems in your friendships, or romantic relationships. In fact, both love and social life, receive more blessings than stress.

Solar Eclipse Predictions for Libra:

Finances receive some stress from this Solar Eclipse, but mostly close to the day of the Eclipse. As the days pass, this stress turns to focus, and, in fact, your finances might get quite better, than they are now. Computers, phones, and other means of communication, as well as means of transportation are stressed by the Eclipse. Some might need repairs, some might need replacement, and this might be the greatest threat to your finances. Your health is not really bad, but it’s not really strong, and the Eclipse stresses it, quite a bit, so take it easy, relax a lot, rest a lot and don’t overestimate your energy.

Friendships and love affairs can also have their issues. In most cases, nothing to be afraid of, unless the relationship is already problematic enough. Those seeking a new relationship might have some opportunities. Whether these opportunities will lead to a long-lasting relationship, though, is another matter. Finally, work is not unchallenged, and it might get too demanding, but, in most cases, it proceeds well and, most probably, successfully.

Solar Eclipse Predictions for Scorpio:

This Solar Eclipse stress your finances, quite a bit. Much attention is needed so you won’t get out of balance. Some changes in your financial practices and policies might also become necessary. As the energies of the Eclipse calm down and the planetary scenery changes, from the Solstice onwards it might become more difficult to restrain yourself from spending more, but don’t give in to temptation. Income, though, doesn’t receive as much stress. Therefore, if you act wisely, things will be okay.

Regardless, work is not harmonious. Changes of jobs, a change of career, or smaller changes in your work environment might take place. Even if not, some tension there is probably unavoidable. Those working from home, and those in a family business are more likely to have it easier. In fact, things might get easier than before the Eclipse, for them. In either case, your productivity and creativity seem strong, so you are more likely to overcome any challenge. Love and social life, too, seem mostly pleasant.

Solar Eclipse Predictions for Sagittarius:

An Eclipse happening in your zodiac cannot be an easy period. Nonetheless, the planetary scenery supports you more than most of the zodiacs, so things can become quite good, if you are careful enough. Rest a lot, relax a lot and avoid any dangerous activities, as much as possible. Avoid travelling, too. You might also have to face some gossiping, or other ill intended criticism. Reacting calmly and objectively evaluating the situation, or whatever is applicable in your case, is advisable.

Home and family can also cause you some stress, under the influences of this Solar Eclipse and this waxing Moon period. In most cases it’s just some excessive tension, which will calm down as the influences of the Eclipse are fading. Some repairs, though, might become necessary. Work and finances are slightly affected by the Eclipse. Therefore, be wise, be careful and, as the days proceed, it’s more possible they’ll get better, than they are now. Maybe even much better.

Solar Eclipse Predictions for Capricorn:

Spirituality is the main focus of this Solar Eclipse and of this waxing Moon period. Religious and spiritual teachers, organisations, groups and the like, as well as your believes get out of balance and some reformations might become necessary. In the same time, though, your spirituality gets very strong and, therefore breakthroughs are possible. Friends and friendships can get re-evaluated, too. This is a long term influence of the Eclipse and the procedure will continue for a few months. In most cases, though, it’s not as unpleasant as it sounds, and it surely is a good thing.

Health doesn’t receive much stress from the Eclipse but Death makes his presence a bit more vivid. In most cases, this means thoughts of deaths, situations that make you realise you are a mortal and things like those, and not actual death. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to avoid any dangerous activity as much as possible, and, of course, to take the best care of your health. As Saturn moves out of your zodiac a boosting of your self-confidence and productivity can occur. The Eclipse is more likely to make this effect even greater.

Solar Eclipse Predictions for Aquarius:

Finances are strongly stressed by this Solar Eclipse and by the planetary scenery of this waxing Moon period, so be on alert. Reduce your expenses to the necessary ones and try to spot mistakes in your financial policies and the way you handle money, in general. Some such mistakes will become painfully obvious if you don’t do it on your own. Luckily, this period help you to make good decisions about such subjects, so you can correct those mistakes, successfully. Keep in mind that this is a long term effect, so this trend will continue until the next Ecliptic period.

Friendships and existing relationships also receive some stress. Problematic ones can end, but strong ones will simply become healthier and stronger. In the same time, this is a good period for meeting new people. Internet is more helpful towards that end, too. Also, your spirituality seems very strong, but your focus on spirituality is more likely to start decline after the Solstice.

Solar Eclipse Predictions for Pisces:

This Solar Eclipse stresses the ruler of your zodiac, which is in your zodiac, too, so it needs much attention. Keep a relaxed and flexible schedule, rest well, relax a lot, and consciously support your mood, even if you think you don’t need to. A redefinition of yourself and your image might also start happening. This is a long term influence of the Eclipse and it will last for a few months. Health, in general, needs some extra care and attention and avoiding any dangerous activity is advisable. From the solstice onwards, though, health gets much stronger.

Work and career also receive some stress from the Eclipse and changes there can occur. Nonetheless, the planetary scenery is more supportive than stressful, regarding career matters, so it’s quite possible the Eclipse bring to you career opportunities. Finally, love and social life seem important for you, during this period and they are mostly receiving beneficial influences. Therefore, good developments and happy moments can take place. Online dating and social activity receive even better energies.

Astrology and Magic:

Magic and spirituality are undeniable strong during this fortnight. The Solstice makes them even stronger. Wish fulfilling spells, as well as road opening ones receive even greater support.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this Total Solar Eclipse, this New Moon and this waxing Moon period.

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