Test: Choose a Shield, see what protects you!

Test: Choose a Shield, see what protects you!

There are forces out there which are always able to help us. However, there are also some forces hostile to us. Some times, we may not be certain of what spirits actually want from us. This is why a witch should regularly practice protection. Aura is important. Energy is the true currency of this world, not money. Thankfully, we are all born with protective skills, which are different amongst us. Let this test unveil the secrets of your subconscious. So, Choose a Shield, see what protects you!

Protection is essential!

Protection is a fundamental practice for every witch, beginner or not. Only by mastering protection a Witch can develop his/her skills. Why? Because, if protection is not used, one way or another, their journey might get hijacked by evil forces. Hence, we need to master protection. Of course, there are many ways to do that. We certainly suggest to study the Witchcraft Course in our Alexandrian School of Witchcraft. JOIN HERE! 

Choose a Shield, see what protects you!

Shields are archetypes of protection. These figures are linked with basic protective skills we all possess. Just pick one. Do not overthink it. See what’s your protection skill!

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1. Shield of self-mastery

This is the ancient sigil of Kronos, old god of time. What you see there is a sea-goat a mythical creature which actually represents Capricorn, a sign governed by Kronos (Saturn) born to rule and conquer. Your protective skill comes from a great source of power within you that’s called self-mastery. From a very young age you’ve learned the value of self-control and what your own power can literally do and/or manifest! Cast your free chart here and discover the place of Saturn when you were born!

2. Shield of Secrets

You’ve picked the fleur-de-lis, one of the most popular and cryptic emblems of the middle ages. Although its true meaning is the flower of lily, it might not be a lily at all, rather than the flower of iris – according to most scholars. This is a sacred flower – associated with many secret societies, with French monarchy and, of course, with Goddess Iris, the female messenger of Gods. If you picked this, there are secret powers which keep you safe. But where do these powers come from? A Past life?

3. Shield of Gratitude

Elephants were linked with wisdom and gratitude, as they are associated with the most benevolent and powerful ancient gods like the Hindu God Ganesh. Hence, remember that gratitude is the key to manifestation – including protection. Consciously practice the art of giving thanks to what protected, helped, healed, or saved you throughout your life’s journey. Give thanks to gods, goddesses, elves, fairies, people, or animals. Open your heart to all blessings! Practice the art of Gratitude – click here!

  • What you should avoid! Sometimes when life gets hard, you may forget what greatness you’ve achieved. Hence, this multiplies negative signals to Cosmos. Remember – like attracts like! All you have to do is change the frequency! Attune with Gratitude – keep a journal!
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Energy is the true currency of this world, not money.

4. Shield of Phoenix

It may not be obvious, but this heron-like bird, is the ancient Egyptian description of the Phoenix, the Bennu bird. He is the one who renews himself from fire. As the Soul of Ra, the Sun God, he is a source of inspiration and enthusiasm, and this is what protects you. Remember that keeping your levels of enthusiasm high and getting inspired, creates a powerful sun-like aura shield around you, that deflects all evil arrows targeted against you! Learn how to summon the Sacred Phoenix!

  • What you should avoid! Enthusiasm and inspiration is true fire. However, sometimes, we might get sad and believe that the flame is extinguished. This may drag you further deeper in depression. All you have to do is open up to the Sun and remember how much you’ve achieved. Flame will lit again!
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5. Shield of Earth

Dragons are the strongest spirits of every planet. Earth Dragon, is the wisest and oldest spirit of this realm. Hence, you’ve chosen the shield of Earth and the ancient secrets that lie beneath the land we walk upon. Dragon’s truest power comes from emotions. Therefore, this is the true power that protects you. Somehow, when threat is presented your emotions rise a wall of protection, like a powerful dragon ready to defend you! Also you may have been a witch or a priest/priestess in your past lives and these ancient spirits are still protecting you!

6. Shield of Perception

Owls have always been associated with magic, the night, secrets and of course Wisdom. As Owls were the sacred bird of Athena, goddess of Wisdom, they have been associated with right choices and warnings. Owls are always alert and can turn their head 180degrees. Thus, they can see everything, anyone, and any spirit around. You are blessed with the skill of high perception, and this is what you use to stay protected. Hence, you are consciously, or subconsciously aware of energies around you, and that triggers your protective skills!

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