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A child that died in the woods appears behind a boy...

So, you don’t believe in ghosts, right? Neither would Laura Watson describe herself as a believer of paranormal activity. Yet, probably she might have changed...

Greek Gods and Goddesses have a message for you!

Many people have heard of mighty Zeus and Hera, wise Athena, fierce Ares, bright Apollo and Artemis, crafty Hephaestus and all Greek Gods and...

Automatic Writing and how to Do it

All you need to know about this form of mediumship and how to practise it    

Archangel Gabriel: the Archangel of Love, the Moon & all Waters

The Archangels of the four Elements: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel 

Fairy Doctors – who are they – can you become one?

Fairy Doctors, a legend that transcends time and history. Numerous accounts of soldiers getting wounded but got miraculously fixed by a strange lady. Many...

Creatures of Light and Dark : Black Dogs (Hounds of...

  Creatures of Light and Dark the Black Dogs Are the Black Dogs Allies or Enemies, Good or Evil?  Magic and Lore behind these mysterious creatures Black Dogs, Hounds...

Lemures and Lemuria. Days of Evil Ghosts

What are Lemures? What is Lemuria? How to banish Lemures! May 9, 11 and 13, the Days of the Lemures.

How to Summon the Phoenix, the Bennu Bird

Summon Phoenix for Sun's & Fire's Blessings

9 Characteristics of Spirit Warriors – Are you the Chosen one?

Spirit Warriors are the ones who have been chosen to walk on this Earth in order to help the awakening. Not all are awakened...