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Are Mermaids Real ? (Quick Answer: YES!)

In all the Lore of Witchcraft, there are some creatures that have been enchanting our imagination and inspire us for many centuries. The sacred...

Corn Dollies

One activity for Lughnasadh that is thousands of years old is the making of the "Corn Dollies". This is a custom that originates with...

Honouring the Dead, Offerings and Hell Money

What is Hell Money or Ghost Money? How to make it? How to use them to honour your departed beloveds on a Halloween and other occasions? Find out here.

Unicorn Magic

Unicorn: The Spirit of Purity, Kindness and Compassion

Hypatia: The Pagan Philosopher, first witch victim of a Christian mob

For many centuries what is today the Egyptian city of Alexandria (al-ʾIskandariyya in Arabic) was a cosmopolitan and vibrant centre of the Greek-roman world....

Fairy Child – 11 Signs You Descend from Fairy Bloodline

Are you a fairy child? Does fairy blood runs in your veins? Here are some of the most common characteristics of the fairy souls in human bodies.

Sacred Animal of your Birthday

Welcome to another Lesson of our School of Witchcraft. Tonight, we will examine how each day of the Week was and still is associated...

The Dumb Supper, A Supper in Silence for Halloween

A Dumb Supper, or Silent Supper, is a tradition where a meal is held in honour of the dead. The meal is observed...

Anubis, the Gatekeeper of the Great Beyond

Anubis is one of the most important Gods of the Egyptian pantheon and the Primary God of the Underworld until Middle Kingdom. His name...