5 Signs my Neighbour is a Witch

5 Signs my Neighbour is a Witch
5 Signs my Neighbour is a Witch

Have you always been living together with old witches? Have you ever wondered what if you are not the only witch in town? Is my neighbour a Witch? Well you probably are not the only one there. Trust me! Witchcraft is most frequently inherited by our ancestors and passed through bloodlines of ages.

If not in its exact form, Wisdom of witchcraft is passed through stories, recipes of homemade remedies and teachings. Do you remember your Grandmother’s fairytales? It can be full of Magical Teachings! Witchcraft is banned in some countries. Whilst in some other areas is blameworthy.

So this is not a list of What Witchy homes look like. Witches are not easy to be recognised. It could be anyone. This is a List of traditional characteristics of Old Witches which we can copy, to make our living more magical. After all, not all witches are good… so you better not mess with them. If you spot one, be nice with him/her and smile.

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Do you live in a neighbourhood full of witches?

You’ve done the spell to attract witches and still no Witch is found? Maybe they were there all along.

Witches have endured Witch trials, bans, death sentences, prosecutions, public humiliations and exile. Of course it would be reckless to go around and say out-loud “I’m a witch… I’m a witch!”. So far, we’ve learned that Witches are wise. Remember the old saying of Witches “to dare, to do and to keep silent”. This comes from the Dark Ages of Medieval times.

Although most Witches practice their Craft in secrecy some want to spread this wisdom in public. Well, a home with a large pentacle on its door, it’s not exactly a slight hint, is it? However, there are some subtle characteristics which are often common in Witches. Let’s see them…

5 Signs my Neighbour is a Witch

1.Legend has it: Purple Door, means “a Witch lives here” 

What we’ve already learned so in our Lesson of Colour Magic far is the Purple “…is a deeply spiritual colour and throughout history it has been associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, mystery and magic. While purple is a mixture of red and blue, however the violet ray is the highest vibration of the visible spectrum. It can assist in exploration of the “meaning of life stuff”. Both purple and violet can aid in dream recall, and psychic gifts and awareness”.

This means that everything which is coloured as purple attracts these energies. Your Witchy Neighbour knows that. Now think that the Main Entrance of our Door is symbolically our Gateway through the Realms. It’s actually the threshold between the worlds. Remember that superstition, “do not stay for long in doorstep”? Witches always enchanted their Main Entrance in order to stimulate Old Magic and Attract Fairies and benevolent spirits to guard and bless their residence.

a purple door means a witch lives here
a purple door means a witch lives here

A Purple door radiates and attracts Magical powers. Moreover it offers protection from evil entities especially if it is enchanted properly. This is why Purple is chosen by (some) witches to be the colour of their main entrance. Why don’t you paint it purple?

2.No Mirrors or too many mirrors 

Mirrors and magic is two very closely associated subjects. Witches since antiquity used mirrors in their spells and Craft in general. Mirrors can also be seen as thresholds between the worlds.

real magic mirrors

Maybe as windows, from which one can observe and see the future or other realms. Magic mirrors though, are not always these glossy polished items. See here what is often called a magic mirror here. 

That been said, common mirrors are also a fetish to Witches. Legend has it that the Ancient Greek Witches of Thessaly, used human blood to write their spells and incantations on mirrors. Not only ancient Greeks used mirrors in Magic. Mirrors were associated with Tezcatlipoca, the Mexican god of rulers, warriors and sorcerers, whose name can be translated as ‘Smoking Mirror’. Mexican priests used mirrrors for divination and conjuring up visions. Most usually their magic mirrors were made by obsidian stone. See here more about obsidian and magic mirrors. 

The Elizabethan mathematician, astrologer and magician John Dee (1527-1608/9) used a magic mirror as a ‘shew-stone’, one of many polished translucent or reflective objects which he used as tools for his occult research. The mirror, also made of  obsidian was one of many Mexica cult objects and treasures brought to Europe after the conquest of Mexico by Cortés between 1527 and 1530.

Furthermore, Nazis, during the World War 2, used mirrors, as gateways. Highly ranked Nazis conducted many black magic rituals, desperately hoping to invite demons, to help them conquer the world.

For this and so many other reasons your Witchy neighbour loves or hates mirrors. This is why in a Witch’s house you can find too many, or no mirrors.

3.An Old Tree is an Old Friend

It is no secret that Witches love and protect nature. In fact, Witches are considered to be the Priests and Priestesses of the nature based Old Religion. Witches are empowered by Nature. This is why, even in an urban environment, your witchy neighbour will choose a house which is closest to the Woods of an Old tree, or a special tree. They most usually pick trees which very significant magical abilities like the trees of the Druids – see here the Druid Tree Magic. 

Witches love to hang out in the woods or be friendly with the trees of their neighbourhood. Trees act like bridges between the physical realm and the realm of Fairies. Witches spend much time around trees for many Magical Activities.

Why Witches Love trees?

  1. Grounding. Witches connect with the Earth – via trees – to ground excessive energy
  2. Divination. Witches tap into tree power to ground themselves and/or to gain more wisdom.
  3. Protection. Witches call upon Tree spirits for protection
  4. Charms. Witches enchant trees creating a magical matrix around them.
  5. Shrines. Witches bless the trees to honour Deities and Nature’s forces

Have you spotted this tree? Good! Take a hard look at this tree. Do you see any ribbons on it? Any little bells? Any Small offerings like cakes left behind it? If yes, a Witch lives there… be sure of it.

4. Witches cover their tracks 

Everything we use, everything we dispose has our energy imprint. From this glass of wine we drunk last night or of course our used clothes etc. This means that everything that comes out of our house, bears a link with us and our residence.

Your witchy neighbour will cover his/her tracks. Why? Because s/he is very cautions with everything s/he disposes as trash. For example a used pair of shoes can be enchanted to harm the witch as it has his/her aura in it. This a cause for peculiar mannerisms which may seems weird but they do serve a purpose.

  • Your Witchy neighbour usually has weird habits towards garbage. For example:
  • Witches love to donate their old clothes to poor people – not only because they are humanitarians and love to help – but also to blend energies. This makes it very difficult for an evil witch to enchant them. Moreover, it helps their Karma.
  • Furthermore, your Witchy neighbour may dump his/her garbage not in the closest dumpster but somewhere else. Making impossible to track their biological fluids – which have a strong aura imprint. Those who are experience in seeing auras know what we are talking about.
  • Witches fanatically recycle as they love to give back to nature what they’ve already used. This is a “thank you” to nature. It keeps their relationship with nature’s forces alive.

5.Music makes the Witches come together

You get back from some drinks you had and you notice a weird humming coming from your neighbour’s apartment with few candles on. Maybe some drums are playing an ecstatic repeating rhythm. Then again, it may be Loreena McKennitt or something else but if you listen more carefully it also sounds like someone is also chanting something else.

Witches love music and usually employ the magic of sounds to their everyday practice. How? Well first of all they use rhythm of drums or other instruments to get in ecstatic states like Shamans do. They use the rhythm to meditate. Moreover, they usually put some magical music on to “cover” their incantations – when practice magic in secrecy.

Furthermore, music – and especially some certain songs – make us feel witchy. This Raises our Vibrations and prepare us for our magical work. So next time, before doing some magic, why don’t you listen to this particular song which makes you feel Witchy?

witchy songs

Now that we mention it. Which song Makes you feel Witchy? Comment here!

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