Predictions : New Moon in Libra – Part 2

Predictions for the New Moon in Libra - 19 October 2017

Predictions : New Moon in Libra - Part 2

General Predictions: As we see in the article of the general predictions, on October 19, at 19:12UT the Moon will conjunct the Sun in Libra, forming the New Moon. This is a very auspicious New Moon and a very auspicious Lunar Month. Also, during this month, Jupiter’s activity is very strong, so do refer to Jupiter’s article about this.

The day itself though, will be a little problematic. Both the Sun and the Moon oppose the retrograde Uranus in Aries, this will cloud and unsettle our minds and emotions to a degree. We will also have a 6 and a half hours long void of course Moon from 19:12 until 01:41 of the 20th of October. The times are in UT as always. But of course, the positive and auspicious aspects are more, more long lasting and more powerful. Even the day has two wonderful auspicious aspects. The conjunction of the Moon and the Sun in Libra and the hexagon between the Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius.

Saturn, as we’ve seen is in a good mood, with the exception of the stress it receives from the retrograde Chiron. In my opinion, now it’s a brilliant time to bribe Saturn, so that even the short term stresses on either Saturn or Chiron won’t affect us negatively anyhow.

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But let’s see what each zodiac sign should expect.

Predictions for Aries:

If there is a zodiac that will have extra potent magic and intuition during this lunar circle – and especially until Halloween – this will be you. There is a great focus on these aspects, and very auspicious and beneficial. Don’t miss the opportunity.

All important people of your life become more important this period. You bond better and deeper, and this happens mostly through pleasant experiences. Occasionally through problematic ones, too, but mostly through pleasant experiences.

Financial planning is important. This happens mostly to secure your well-being, or to achieve some goals that need extra money. Your financial situation doesn’t become problematic. If something, it gets better. Studies also receive very beneficial influences. Artistic ones even more. This is also a very good time to make your artistic work known to the public, or promote in anyway.

Love life receives very nice influences. Emotions get stronger. Sex becomes more fulfilling. Singles can be lucky. Relationships with significant age difference are favoured even more. So do the relationships of teacher-student kind. This, doesn’t necessarily requires an actual student and an actual teacher. It needs one to admire the knowledge of the other, or the one teaching the other. Places of studying, such as libraries, book stores, universities, are good places to meet interesting people, and potential new lovers.

Predictions for Taurus:

Love magic will be very strong for you, not until the 22nd of the month, but until Halloween. The same will be true for fame and business success. Spiritual, self and professional advertising will be very strong too.

Love will be lucky in mundane life as well. Both bettering an existing relationship and finding a new fulfilling relationship are favoured. Intellectual, witty and playful people are sexy. Younger people too. If you want to be this part of the relationship, nourish and promote these aspects of yours. Internet and similar means can become a source of a new lover. The social circle of your social circle can also become such a source. Try to use both means the most. Don’t just stay at home doing nothing! Sex life will be fulfilling for those already in a relationship, and for those who will find one during this period. There is a need of extra attention in your sexual health. Always play safe.

Work is also favoured. Partnerships too. Your relationship with your partners is getting better. If you are seeking new partners, you have good chances in finding some. Jobs related with health, beauty and sex can advance very much during this period. Internet based business too. Your financial situation will be pleasant. There may be a raise in your income, but even if there isn’t anything like that, you’ll feel much wealthier.

Predictions for Gemini:

Money, career, fame, as well as health and beauty are the most potent aspects of your magic capabilities. This practically covers all major aspects, especially if we add all the aspects which are extra strong for all zodiacs during the period.

Work will be very good and lucky during the whole period. Progress there can happen. In some cases a great one. Finding a new job, for those seeking one, is very possible. If so, it will be a good and fulfilling one, even in unexpected ways. Setting in motion your dream-career plans receives a good amount of support as well.

Health needs a little attention. There is a great focus there. Mostly good one. This means your health will be generally good, and if you already have some kind of problems, you’ll get better. But this also means that when there will be some transient stress in the area, you’ll feel it strongly. So, do take good care of your health.

Love life is good, mostly. Especially for those already in a relationship. Marriages, or other forms of formalising the relationship, or moving it one step further, are favoured. Wedding proposals are also possible. Singles are slightly lucky. This doesn’t mean your luck is reduced anyhow. Just that you have to work on it as much as you can.

Predictions for Cancer:

Love magic will be strong for you until Halloween. Both finding a new love, and bettering your existing relationship. Success in studies, and success and fame in literature is also a very strong point in magic for you.

This will be a very lucky and happy period for you. Love life does bring much joy, both for those in a relationship and for those seeking one. But love life is just a part of the joy coming your way. Start your day by standing with your arms open, and affirming “I am now receiving all joy that comes to me.” This will enlarge the amount of joy this period has to offer you.

Family, and your relationship with it, also gets better. Problems are less, quarrels are less, love is stronger, support is also stronger. In addition, bettering your home and your place of work, are possible and favoured.

There is no great focus in work, so things there are mostly what you would call normal and expected. But, on the backstage there is much progress. This means that probably you won’t feel this progress in your wallet. You may actually not realise this progress until some time has passed. But it is a beneficial progress, so do your best. Even if you are seeking a new job, keep sending CVs wherever you can, or otherwise keep searching for a job.

Predictions for Leo:

This is a peculiar month for you, both magically and mundanely. It is a beneficial one, but more quite than you usually prefer. Both prosperity and sex magic are favoured, but even more so, building you foundations and long-term goals is favoured.

In everyday life, also this is a period to build strong foundations. Take care of your home, your family and your important people. Better the situations there. Cover your debts. Heal and better your relationships with the important people of your life. Things like those. Moving to a new home is also auspicious. Even if you don’t try to do these things, you’ll be forced to take care of these to a degree. Do it willingly and the benefits will be more, and more long lasting.

Love life and social life receive some beneficial influences too. Existing relationships become better and happier. Both the romantic and the friendly ones. Meeting new people can also happen, but not in great numbers. So, for singles this won’t be that an auspicious month. Don’t misunderstand me. In no means this is an inauspicious period for the matter. It is auspicious. Just not strongly so.

Predictions for Virgo:

Magic that invites new people in your life is favoured. This means, new lovers, new friends, new clients, new partners, new whatever. Of course, focus on the qualities you want, not the particular people, for black magic always destroys the caster.

Even without magic, new people will enter your life during this period. Will they be of the kind you want and desire, or not, this is an other issue. This is why, employing magic can be helpful. But most of the people who will enter your life, will be beneficial for you. Your important friends and siblings, or sibling figures will play a major and positive role in your life during this period as well.

Buying new phones, laptops, tablets, and such kind of gadgets is also favoured. Avoid overdoing it and overspending, but other than that, your purchases will be, most probably, wise ones. Such gadgets that can ease or promote your work are the ones receiving the strongest favour.

Spending money on home is something that will also happen. This carries a pleasant feeling. Most of the money you spend there is for bettering and beautifying your place of living. You may need to spend some money on obligations you have neglected, but most of the money is spent happily.

So, there are many expenses, but no stress regarding your financials. This means, your income will be more than enough to easily cover these expenses. Maybe nothing much more than that, but this will be enough. Short trips for either professional or personal reasons are also a trend of the period, and they will bring joy, success, or both.

Predictions for Libra:

Magic about money and work is stronger than all the rest for you. Health, both in the form of healing and in the form of securing your good health is extra strong too. Of course, use magic to help your treatment, not to substitute it.

This is probably a very good month for you. Your self-confidence is strong, and you are optimistic most of the time. Your charms are more brilliant than usually, and so are the positive aspects of your character. People like being with you and sharing time with you. This goes for friends, acquaintances, clients, co-workers, etc. Bettering your existing relationships, romantic and of every other kind, is more favoured than creating new ones, but if some new people enter your life, expect them to remain.

Financials are probably the main focus. Positively most of the times. Expenses happen, but pleasantly. Your income raises, or in other ways your financial situation gets better. You have a general good luck in money issues, and this can manifest as gains from games of luck, as well. Play wisely. As I always say, the stars raise your possibilities to win in games of luck. They don’t guarantee your victory.

Predictions for Scorpio:

Bettering and healing yourself, empowering your self-confidence, manifesting your dreams and goals, and creating any happiness you want are the kinds of magic which are the strongest during this period for you. Love magic is also extra strong, and so is wish fulfilling magic.

This is a very good and lucky period, especially for those of you who work on their own business. Luck follows you and knocks your door persistently. Make the effort to open the door!

Although love magic is powerful, finding a new love interest is not that possible. This comes mostly from a sexual self-restriction. Embrace and support your sexual energy. It won’t only help your romantic and sexual life, but every aspect of your life as well.

Your intuition is strong, especially on whatever has to do with your job and financials. If your job needs imagination, then you’ll have a very creative period. Arts, perfumery, pharmacology, alchemy, psychology and parapsychology as professions receive the greatest blessings. Arts that make use of the body, such as acting, dancing, etc, more than arts that employ the mind.

Predictions for Sagittarius:

Magic that employs the help of angels, deities and other supernatural beings is very strong for you. Whatever has to do with the astral plane and parallel planes is also very strong. Reawakening the memories of your previous lives, as well as the talents and powers you had then, is very potent too. Finally, empowering your magical, spiritual and mental abilities is very strong.

The spiritual world, and your imagination are more important to you than the so-called real life. At least this is how you feel during this period. If your job is based on your imagination and creativity, then this can be a very productive period for you. If not, then try to ground yourself a little. As intuition and contact with the spirits is strong, fortune-tellers and mediums will have a very promising period as well. The good thing is the strong, beneficial, influence of Saturn from your own zodiac, that keeps your feet on the ground. At least, tries to do so.

Paradoxically, in the same time the scientific interest raises. You tend to search and study such subjects. In some cases, instead of the subjects themselves, literature based on such subjects. Authors of scientific fiction will have a productive period. Publication can be achieved, or a form of success in an other form. Promoting yourself through internet and social media is very helpful this time.

Internet based careers of all kinds, are also favoured. Services more than trade. This means, trade receives some blessings, but services receive many more. Just to make things clear.

Predictions for Capricorn:

Expanding your social circle, your circle of clients and your business in general via magical and non magical ways is favoured during this period. Your magic in these aspects will be very strong. Also magic for success in studies, especially scientific kind of studies, is strong. Success in business, and especially whatever has to do with high technology, is also strong. Promoting your business, or your person is also strong.

Progress and success in business is something you should expect in real life as well. And this includes artistic business just as much as of any other kind. Business that refer to a wide range of people, such as those based on the internet, will be even luckier. Things you were planning and preparing for some time now, are coming to fruition. The feeling of being successful is even stronger than the actual progress. But not illusionary stronger. It just means that what happens is very fulfilling for you, even if others don’t see it this way.

Love live doesn’t receive much focus. Existing relationships won’t face new problems and challenges. Therefore, if you are in a good relationship, things will progress normally well. On the other hand, if your relationship is problematic, this will continue being the case. New relationships may come, as your social circle expands, but, most likely, they will proceed slowly.

Predictions for Aquarius:

Money magic, success in business magic, and magic to bring fame are all very strong for you, from the New Moon until Halloween. Also, magic for acquiring things you wanted for some time now.

Career becomes very important during this period and very lucky too. You can make much progress with not nearly as much effort. But this isn’t a time to relax. It time to do your best. The more you try, the greatest the progress and success, and more permanent too. Similar influences receive the students of all levels.

Writing, literary, scientific, or journalistic, is favoured. If this is a hobby of yours, you should make time to enjoy it. It will be very satisfactory. It can become something more than just a hobby, too. If this is your work, then expect to have a beneficial period in your job, even more than all the rest.

Travelling is also lucky this period. If you can arrange your travelling for personal or professional reasons during this period, this will be very auspicious. It can also enter your schedule anyway, especially if it is about business. Expect both success and a nice time, if this happens.

Predictions for Pisces:

Meditative and hypnotic techniques can work miracles for you, during this period. Spells that include such techniques, and even more if they are focusing in these techniques, can also give great results. Magic for self love, and especially for offering love in past selves and parallel selves, is very strong too. Saying “past selves” I don’t mean so much your previous lives, but your inner child, and “personalities” like those.

Your sexual energy is strong, but it expresses itself mostly in “unrelated” subjects rather than to actual sex. It brings forth an optimism, and good self-confidence, mostly in your job, or job hunting. You feel passionate, happy and proud about your life and, most probably, your career, present or past. All these happen in a good way mostly, so I won’t advice against them. Enjoy these feelings.

Occasionally, when Moon stresses the situations, though, you may feel the exact opposite. Pessimism and a lack of confidence may occur then.

For those in a relationship, sex plays a great role. Make sure you’ll practice a lot. It can make a relationship better and deeper. It’s your way t express, share and receive love. For the single ones, think twice before engaging in “meaningless” sex. You may find yourself feeling more attached to your sexual partners than you should. On the good side, a sexual partner can become a lover.

Astrology and Magic:

All magic is very strong from the day of the New Moon until Halloween. Whatever has to do with sex, dreams and the astral plane will be even stronger until Halloween. Love Magic was already strong, and will keep receiving extra focus until the 22nd of the month. Beautification and age-reversing kind of magic will be strong from the 26th onwards, until the Full Moon.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day.

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