Types of People who Steal Your Energy

Τypes of People who Steal Your Energy

Like world’s nations fighting for natural resources, human beings regularly fight with each other for energy. Unless a person is balanced and creative enough to produce their own flow of energy, people are in a constant competition for it.

It will be impossible not to encounter certain types of people who will make efforts to suck the valuable energy out of you.

Recognizing the sort of Energy Stealer is crucial in order to defend yourself against their attacks. This is literally a matter of life or death because if your energy is constantly drained you will have a hard time dealing with even the simplest task in your life and your soul will feel extremely tired.

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And, if we want to be sincere, we should also see if we are the ones who steal energy from the others. We may do so unconsciously, but we may be a threat for other people around us, even for the ones we are supposed to love. It goes without saying that such a behavior is on the one hand immoral and on the other hand does not provide us with the good energy we really need. It is much better to produce our own energy by ourselves and through spiritual practices.

Which are the types of Energy Stealers?

The Terrorist

This is every kind of person that uses her or his power to steal energy from other people. They exploit their big or small authority in order to impose themselves on others. The energy terrorists can be found everywhere. They can be our teachers at the school or the professors at the College, the policemen on the streets, the bureaucrats at the city hall, our boss, our neighbors. They can even be our parents or other relatives. These people will make use of the slightest power they can exert on us to control us and gain energy. They will start yelling or giving strict deadlines and commands. They will emotionally blackmail you, if you cannot satisfy their wishes and whims.

How to stop them: It is very difficult to completely avoid persons who are in socially superior positions. Although we should not become submissive we should also be diplomatic. Remember always that these people have an authority on you in certain domains of your life, not on your whole existence. And their authority on you stops if you will stop interacting with them. Show them they should respect you because otherwise you will totally ignore them, or they will lose you.

The “Arrogants”

Arrogant people drain your energy in a very sneaky manner. They will not fight or argue with you, but they will also show they do not really care to listen to your opinion. In a working or erotic relationship, you may have to discuss issues with them, but they will pretend to be busy and they have “more important things to do” as their mantra always goes. When they are among people, they try to guide the discussion. Otherwise, they are detached. In general, if they are not the center of interest, they behave cold and aloof. They drain our energy by keeping us hanging on and building a wall which we cannot penetrate. This is of course extremely tiring if you have to work with them or you are in an erotic affair.

How to stop them: Arrogant people are difficult to change and basically, they should be avoided or left alone. When you will ignore them, they will try to get your attention back. When you will be open to them again, they will pretend to be too busy or uninterested to what you have to say. If a person in your family shows that you will not fight for their attention. You can care for them without giving them a pretext to do like they do not need you. Yet, in order not to drive them in the solitude of self-importance, try to be nurturing to them, without expecting something back or showing that you need something from them.

The Interrogator

This is a category of people who live through gossiping and criticizing whatever other people do. Usually, they do so in a disrespectful or hypocritical manner. These people drain energy by bombing you with questions and finding your weak sides and flaws which they will somehow underscore in the discussion. Ironically, they are quite secretive when it comes to their own life and they are afraid of getting open or expose themselves. Sometimes it is difficult for an honest person or an empath to block this “Inquisition”. Besides, in a friendly discussion there is no reason to be insincere or secretive.

How to stop them: Communication is about exchanging experiences, ideas and disclosing your emotions, otherwise communication is not complete. However, in front of an Interrogator, the best defense is not to feed the energy drain. The Interrogator will go only deeper and deeper with his/her questions in order to make you vulnerable. You don’t have to lie but you should be aware of the information you share about yourself. Keep the control of the discussion and do not speak about things you do not want to. If the Interrogator insists on asking about personal matters, ask them back in the similar way. This will show them in which awkward condition they bring you.

The Victims

“Poor me!” This kind of energy stealers always present themselves as eternally unlucky or unappreciated. Although they may seem sympathetic at the beginning, one can observe afterwards, that these people bear the grudge against everyone else. In fact, their attitude of playing the victim is a way to show that everyone else is a victimizer. So, everyone else should take care of them because they are responsible for their situation.

How to stop them: Some people are unprivileged, and they deserve our help. Still, some others live like emotional or social parasites. It is of course a pity for them to have such an attitude, but it is absurd to feel responsible for them. Ask them if they could help you in a particular way. Otherwise do not let your empathetic feelings victimize you. People who like to be the seen as victims should learn to face the difficulties of life and not hang on others. Being a bit critical on them will assist them, and it will also block the energy drain.

The Psychic Vampires

While the previous categories refer to energy stealers that basically act unconsciously, Psychic Vampires are usually personalities with malevolent intentions who act more systematically. Like every vampirism, the person acting like that is a victim of negative energy and also needs help. Nevertheless, it will be futile to fight alone a vampirism phenomenon, since you will need a tremendous amount of energy you do not possess. Hence, we suggest that you focus on your own protection. By stopping your own energy drain, you stop feeding the psychic vampire and you help release the victim of vampirism.

How to stop them:If you are being attacked by Psychic Vampires, you have to gather your spiritual powers for protecting yourself. A complete guide against psychic vampirism will be published soon, but here you have certain steps to block the energy drain:

  1. Shield your aura. See here how.

II. Fetch yourself a Quartz Crystal that blocks negative energy.

III. Create a Corridor of Power: This is a method to enhance your energy flows through Imagery. While in quiet place close your eyes and think of a beautiful scenery out in the nature. Afterwards see yourself going through a wide corridor. Imagine this a trip in which at every step your powers get stronger and more positive. At the end of a Corridor, you open a door. When you enter, you are released from negative energy and full of spiritual powers.



If you are an empath or spiritually sensitive, consult the following work of Christiane Northrup, M.D. Dodging Energy Vampires: An Empath’s Guide to Evading Relationships That Drain You and Restoring Your Health and Power.

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