Grey hair is an honor. Embrace it!

Grey hair is an honor. Embrace it!

For many women grey hair is a sign of ageing that they have to combat. Sites offer several tips to avoid the uninvited grey shades upon their scalp, while supplements, such as the  Seven Seas Perfect7 may help to reverse what it seems as an inevitable change on the appearance. Needless to say of course how many women spend their rest of their lives applying hair dyes or, preferably, natural hair coloring, such as Hennas. Certain books, like this one, promise a natural way to combat grey hair.

There is nothing bad with taking care of yourself and trying to remove the signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and grey hair or any other manifestations. Besides, ageing is connected with our way of life: nutrition and training can slow down the process of getting older or, better expressed, allow us to age without suffering from the time passing through us. And many people, as the oldest yogi we presented on this article, have made it.

The Dorian Gray syndrome

Yet beware! Working on ageing is one thing, getting possessed and intimidated by the idea of getting older is another one.

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In cases in which the resistance to the idea of ageing becomes an obsession, the psychologists refer to the “Dorian Gray syndrome”, a condition that can turn pathological in cases in which the resistance to the fact that one gets older has a negative impact on the behavior of a person. The name of the syndrome stems from the he famous novel The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Wilde narrates the story of a man who longs for eternal youth. Eventually, Dorian arranges for his portrait to go through the aging process in his place.

Eternal Youth! This is what we would consider as ideal. And it is occurring every single minute and it is part of being alive. We could not cede it, neither could we entirely erase its signs.

Embrace your silver hair!

Therefore, against the denial of the very existence of grey hair, many women, among them many famous stars, speak against the compulsion of having to hide their natural color. The video below was also created as an empowerment for all women who want to have the right to remain natural without being scolded for what is not only natural but also charming, as it is the case by men:  


And what is more, it is worth consulting the following books that encourage women to present themselves in their natural hair color:

Silver Hair: Say Goodbye to the Dye and Let Your Natural Light Shine: A Handbook written by Lorraine Massey and Michele Bender


 The Grace in Aging: Awaken as You Grow Older by Kathleen Dowling Singh

Getting older is a price

Yes, indeed, grey hair is a sign of getting older. But grey hair itself will not change your levels of vitality or your health. And, as we said, there is a certain charm that grey hair reflects.

But there is something more to say, and it has to do with our whole stance towards life. Fighting the inevitable is futile and unwise. Besides, ageing means that we have the opportunity to do so, because we are alive. And this is a gift.

Ageing make us more mature and it brings wisdom. It completes our life. In Ancient Greek the word for ‘senility’ (gêras) is associated with the word for ‘gift of honor’ or ‘price’ (geras). This is much suggestive about the attitude of the Old Ways towards ageing.


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