Predictions: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer – July 13

Predictions: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer – July 13

Predictions: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer – July 13

General Predictions of the Solar Eclipse:

On July 13 at 02:48 UT the Moon meets the Sun in Cancer forming the New Moon. This new Moon is also a Solar Eclipse, and the first one of the three Eclipses of this period.

The dark face of the Solar Eclipse:

The Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn is strongly affected by this Solar Eclipse in a stressful way. That’s because the Sun and the Moon accurately oppose Pluto today, and almost accurately at the moment of the Eclipse.

Predictions: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer – July Friday 13th
Predictions: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer – July Friday 13th

Our mood and emotional health needs attention and care. The Solar Eclipse will awake – and most probably has already started doing so – our fears, guilts and other negative feelings and thoughts. It does that so that we can realise them, face them and heal them. Nonetheless, the procedure won’t be a pleasant one. It probably wouldn’t be very pleasant even if the aspects encouraging it were auspicious. Even less so under the circumstances. The best think we can do in such cases is take the initiate. Meditation, especially, can be very helpful. Not only because it’s a calming method, but also because Saturn is in great power. Potions and aromatherapy, which are under Pluto’s influences, can also help a great deal.

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The presence of death will be strong, too. Thoughts of death, near death experiences, accidents, or thoughts about the meaning of our own lives – them, most probably, with a depressing hue – can happen. In most cases, though, this will be all, once again thanks to Saturn’s protection. Also, the spiritual world will be very interactive with the material one

Also on the negative side, the Eclipse is happening under a strong retrograde activity. Thankfully Jupiter in Scorpio has turned in direct motion, so only 4 of the major planets are in retrograde motion, right now. Five, including Chiron. “Only 4”, though, is the 40% of the planets, so it’s still a strong retrograde activity. This activity brings delays, calls for slow pace and demands to think and plan carefully our movements. On the other hand, the Eclipse demands agility and speed. This is not a harmonious combination, and that produces stress which will manifest in many forms.

The bright face of the Solar Eclipse – The Grand Triangle of Earth:

But there are some very good news, too. A Grand Triangle is active on the Earth signs. The Uranus from Taurus, Venus from Virgo and Saturn from its own house, Capricorn, are in a harmonious triangle which is almost perfect during the Eclipse, and will be active until the 21st. But even after then, Saturn and Uranus will still be in triangle. And an even stronger, to boot.

This triangle encourages us to change. It gives us, also, the power and the energy to do it. Saturn’s influence gives us the wisdom, too. During the Eclipse a very week hexagon between Saturn and Jupiter is active, too, and this empowers somewhat the wish manifestation, both with magical ways and mundane ones. This hexagon won’t get any stronger, but it will be active until the next Eclipse.

Predictions for Aries:

Family can become a source of stress for you during this Ecliptic period, and especially until the 22nd when the Sun will enter Leo. Family members can face their own issues and challenges and, therefore, may be a little temperamental and aggressive, even without an obvious to you reason. In such cases try to be patient and to keep your calm. If the cause is obvious to you, then do the best you can to support your beloved ones. Both parent (and parent figures) and children (or children figures) can face personal challenges and they may need your moral support, or understanding.

Thoughts of death, dreams of death, contact with the spiritual world and endings of all kinds can happen during the ecliptic period. This is a general truth for all, but even more so for you. In most cases this doesn’t mean you are in any actual danger. Nonetheless, playing safe – or as safe as possible – is a wise choice. Especially so as your governor is in retrograde motion. More spiritual advice for you today here along a your lucky number.

Predictions for Taurus:

This Eclipse affects you strongly and stressfully. Your home, family and bases can become sources of stress and tension. Family members may face problems that put pressure on you, although they aren’t your own, too. Existing love relationships will be under test, too. Good ones will survive and become stronger, but those without strong foundations and bonds can come to an end. Exes can play a role in your life, too, positive or negative, but most probably not without stress. This can happen literally by their presence and actions, symbolically by people that remind you of them, or mentally through your thoughts and memories. Singles, though, may be lucky, as a changes in your love situations happen, and this may mean a new love.

Communications, transportations and their equipment can be affected by the eclipse. Service and changes of this equipment can become mandatory. Back up your important files and contacts. More spiritual advice for you today here along a your lucky number.

Predictions for Gemini:

The Eclipse brings your focus on to money. In many a case this happens through unpleasant expenses which make you see clearer the problems in your financial situation and management. Instead of overstressing about it and blaming yourself for your past mistakes, take the opportunity to see what you should change and how, to avoid similar future situations. The changes will take some time to take place – most probably they will continue until the next ecliptic period – and they won’t be very pleasant, but the more you achieve, the better you’ll be and the safer from future such challenges.

Health is affected by the Eclipse but mostly in a ‘thought to be more serious than it is’ way. Of course, do take proper care of your health. Asking for a second opinion, or changing your doctor or therapist may be a good idea. In fact, such changes are encouraged by this eclipse. Work also receives some influences. Changes happen there, but they are good ones, and in most cases they happen in a relatively painless way. More spiritual advice for you today here along a your lucky number.

Predictions for Cancer:

The Eclipse influences your finances, but in most cases not in a really bad way. Overall this month is beneficial for your finances, and it is getting stronger and luckier. Usually, in periods like this, it’s easy to overlook mistakes, problems and issues there, as our good luck covers up for our negligence. But the Eclipse won’t let you do that. So, this can be not that pleasant, but it’s a good thing, for sure. Mistakes and problems can become very clear. Sometimes, annoyingly so. Don’t get too bothered. Instead, look at them with a clear mind and find what needs changing. Then act upon it.

Also, as it happens with every one because of the Grand Triangle changing is happening for you, too. In your case this can be an even more intense experience. Most likely, an inner one and, also, a much more complete one. Redefining yourself is coming to you, willingly or not, at least to a degree. Make good use of this influence and it will make your life much happier. More spiritual advice for you today here along a your lucky number.

Predictions for Leo:

As the Eclipse happens in your House of Spirituality it will affect all your spiritual practices and abilities. It can also affect spiritual schools, teachers and the like, as well as organizations you are involved with. Changes there may happen, whether you want it, or not. In most cases, unpleasant as they may be, they will be good in the long run, though. Your abilities will become stronger, but sometimes they won’t be under your control. So, be extra careful in your practices.

The most important thing, though, is that this Solar Eclipse forces you through a personal metamorphosis. You (re)learn yourself, your wishes and your dreams, and you change yourself and habits, the way you are thinking,living and acting and even your looks. This Eclipse is only the beginning on that matter. The next one will keep forcing you on that way, but the effect will be present for about half a year. More spiritual advice for you today here along a your lucky number.

Predictions for Virgo:

You are one of the lucky signs of the Eclipse as it affects you mostly indirectly. Your friends and friendships will be challenged by the Eclipse. This can produce some stress on you too, of course. But, despite this being an unpleasant experience, most probably, it will be a beneficial one, at the end. Good friendships will become healthier and stronger. Only the unhealthy ones are in real danger. Parents and parent figures may also put some stress upon you, most probably of a financial nature.

Cars, phones and the like can be affected stressfully by the Eclipse. Services and changes of those may become necessary. Avoid unnecessary driving, and when you drive, be a little extra careful. Also, your spiritual life can change somehow. In most cases, though, this isn’t a dramatic change but a rather small one. More spiritual advice for you today here along a your lucky number.

Predictions for Libra:

Job and career are affected by the Solar Eclipse in many ways. Your finances are part of it. Changes there can happen, pleasant or unpleasant ones, but – in most cases – beneficial ones at the end. Changes of jobs, changes in your selection of career, and also breakthroughs there and shakeups can all occur. Your personal relationships, and that means friends and lovers, are put under test and the can bring some stress in your life. This isn’t necessarily a pleasant experience but it’s a healing one, nonetheless. Whatever ends it’s for your best to end.

Computers and other such equipment can have some issues. Repairs and changes of those may become mandatory. Do your best to keep them in good condition and back up your important files. Especially so if your job and income depend on them. More spiritual advice for you today here along a your lucky number.

Predictions for Scorpio:

This Eclipse has a good face for you, especially because Jupiter in your zodiac is now in direct motion and – during the eclipse – in a weak, but still active, triangle with the Sun. Career opportunities can come your way. If you are the one that will take the first step in that direction, it can bring good luck in the long run. Of course, difficulties and stress may accompany this procedure, but it is a beneficial one, nonetheless. If you are reluctant on taking the first step, you may get forced to do it in a less pleasant way.

Studies and spiritual studies receive some stress form the Eclipse. Changes there can happen. Sometimes quite dramatic ones, but in any case good ones. Health is sensitive, mostly because of some unbalance in your energies and an inner metamorphosis taking place. Try to find some time to relax and to balance yourself. More spiritual advice for you today here along a your lucky number.

Predictions for Sagittarius:

It would be wise to be extra careful during this Eclipse period. Avoid as much as possible any dangerous activities and habits and be extra careful with those whenever you can’t avoid them. Spending some quite time in home can be a good idea, both to avoid any accidents and because your other half may need your support as they may go through some personal or financial crisis. In most cases, though, this brings stress home, but doesn’t cause problems in your relationship with them.

Finances may get a little stressful. Especially if you have neglected some obligations, like taxes, loans, etc. Dreams and other other spiritual and mental activities can become very active. In some times uncontrollably so and unpleasantly so. Dreams and thoughts of death can come to you, as well as spirits. This is a general aspect of the Eclipse, but it’s even stronger for you. More spiritual advice for you today here along a your lucky number.

Predictions for Capricorn:

This Eclipse brings your focus in your love life, one way or the other. If you are in a relationship, try to make sure you’ll have some time to spend with your special someone. Problems and issues in your relationship can come to light. This, in most cases, is an unpleasant procedure. Nonetheless, it’s a healing one. Strong relationships will face the problems and get stronger and healthier. Those not as strong, though, will perish. If you aren’t in a relationship, this on it’s own may be the issue that will come to light. Facing it with a clear mind may help you understand why it’s happening and what you can do to achieve what you want. Friendships can also follow a similar procedure.

Computers and other high-tech equipment can face some issues, too. Taking the best possible care of them and backing up your important files is a wise policy. Nonetheless, service and replacements of them may become necessarily. More spiritual advice for you today here along a your lucky number.

Predictions for Aquarius:

This eclipse affects you strongly, but not as strongly as the next one, so it would be wise to relax your schedule, as much as possible, and make it flexible. You need to preserve your energies, and be able to deal with whatever comes your way. Work conditions and health conditions and habits can change under the influence of the Eclipse. This will happen because of unpleasant events, in most cases. If you are aware of what you need to change, take the first step. This will help you reduce the stress of the procedure and produce better results, easier and more painlessly.

Children and love partners can be also affected by this Solar Eclipse. In most cases they face some challenges and issues of their own and this brings stress on you. In most cases it’s not your relationship with them that is directly affected. So, be patient with them, offer them some time and your support and things will eventually find their balance again. More spiritual advice for you today here along a your lucky number.

Predictions for Pisces:

We usually suggest against travelling during the Eclipses, but for you this advice is even more important. If it’s not necessary, avoid it altogether. If it is necessary, then either schedule it as far away as possible from the eclipses (both this one and the next). Also, be prepared for delays and other unexpected events.

Health and work both receive the energies of the Solar Eclipse, and mostly the demand of change. This can manifest via some choices of yours to change your job, or health habits to better ones. Of course, it can be forced upon you. Whatever the case, try to deal with it with a clear mind. As many people around you – including spouse, colleagues, children, relatives, etc – stress you one way or the other, keeping a clear mind can be a challenge on its own. More spiritual advice for you today here along a your lucky number.

Astrology and Magic:

Changing of self, luck, fate, Karma and destiny is very strong under this eclipse.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this New Moon and the waxing Moon!

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