Yule and the Full Moon in Cancer – December 21-22

Yule and the Full Moon in Cancer – December 21-22

Yule and the Full Moon creating a most powerful magical period:

On December the 21st, at 22:23 UT the Sun enters Capricorn determining the Winter Solstice, or the Summer Solstice for the Southern Hemisphere. The same day Mercury from Sagittarius accurately conjuncts Jupiter there, and Venus from Scorpio accurately trines Neptune in Pisces. On top of that, less than 24 hours later, at 17:47 UT of the 22nd of December, the Full Moon in Cancer takes place.

Although this Full Moon is the beginning of the Ecliptic Period, the very auspicious energies of Yule will affect it, as it happens under its immense influence. How much, though, depends on you, too. Keeping a focused positive outlook during Yule’s day will awaken a positive energy that will support you until the next Solstice. Moreover, the magic of the Full Moon is active during Yule and Yule’s magic is active during the Full Moon. So, make the most of this most powerful three-days period.

Of course, all spell casting is strong from 22:23 UT of the 20th until 17:47 of the 23rd of December. Success, love, money and beauty magic, even more so.

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The short-term aspects of the Moon during both the 21st and the 22nd will be mostly stressful. Therefore, we may need to consciously – and maybe forcefully – keep our positive mindset, but it’s worth the effort.

The Full Moon in Cancer:

Regardless the stressful short-term aspects of the day of the Full Moon, this isn’t an inauspicious Full Moon, at all. It is, though, a very important and karmic one. So, there is even more reason for us to use the Solstice’s powers to create a beneficial fate.

On December the 23rd, the direct Chiron triangles the North Node. This aspect is already active during the Solstice and the Full Moon and will be active until early April. It seems like a big period, but keep in mind that this aspect, after the 23rd will be losing power day by day. So, make sure you’ll make a good use of it as soon as possible. Building a better future is possible, both in short-term and in long-term. Also, Mars being in conjunction with Chiron and in a triangle with the North Node will be giving even stronger energies to the Chiron-North Node triangle.

Moreover, on the 1st of January, Mars enters its own home, Aries. This is a very beneficial development for Aries and the rest of the zodiacs of fire, but it will help the rest ones, too, just not as much.

Jupiter’s conjunction with Mercury will be active until the end of the year, helping even more in creating a bright future. It also gives a strong auspicious energy over whatever energies the daily lunar aspects will be giving.

Also, Venus’ triangle with Neptune will be active until the 2nd of January. This is a good period for matters of the heart, and for attracting your soulmate. Beautifications and the arts will also be very strong during this period. Venus also forms a hexagon with Pluto, further empowering love, sex, beauty, the arts, but also health, too, as well as magic.

Also, on the 2nd of January, the Sun accurately conjuncts Saturn in Capricorn. This conjunction is practically active from the Solstice onwards and will remain so until the 13th of January, long after the coming New Moon. This will further help the manifestation of our wishes, despite the energies of the Ecliptic Period. Well, it would be even better and even easier if those energies weren’t there, of course.

Mercury is practically the only one that gives us an inauspicious long-term influence, by squaring Neptune on the 23rd. This will cloud our rational thinking and mind. Thankfully, though, this aspect loses its strength soon, and then Mercury forms a hexagon with Uranus, helping us to become more flexible, when we’ll be needing it the most: During the first face of the Ecliptic Period.

So, overall, this is a very powerful, very important and mostly auspicious Full Moon and waning Moon period.

Full Moon Predictions for Aries:

This Full Moon and the waning Moon period are encouraging you to find your balance and harmony, both inside you and in your environment. This task becomes even more important as the Ecliptic Period will challenge you. Therefore, having a strong and healthy foundation will help you a lot. You need to learn to be more flexible and diplomatic, while keeping your eyes set on whatever you want to achieve. Mars entering your zodiac on the New Year’s will give you the strength you need to overcome any difficulty, as long as you won’t abuse its energies.

Spiritual powers will be strong and your interaction with the Sacred Spirits will be so, too. Nonetheless, be alert as, at least until the Third Quarter misunderstanding their messages and omens is also possible.

Full Moon Predictions for Taurus:

The coming months, until the end of March, but even more strongly this Full Moon and the waning Moon period, can help you expanding your social circle. They will also help you make it better, even if this means you should release yourself from no-good friends and acquaintances. It can teach you how to be more flexible, when being so doesn’t wound your self-respect. This lesson is something you should try to learn as soon as possible, as on the 6th of March Uranus re-enters your zodiac and won’t be leaving for many years.

The good news is your sexual energy and, because of this, your seductiveness and self-confidence are strong this waning Moon period. People like being with you, they trust you and they are seeking your company. Also, trade, jobs that require contact with people and jobs about beauty, health, computers and the like receive very supportive influences.

Full Moon Predictions for Gemini:

This is a very beneficial Full Moon and waning Moon period for love life. The stars will challenge problematic relationships, but only to strengthen those with strong foundations and release you from the unhealthy ones. In the same time, though, good relationships are getting better and singles are having more opportunities to find their special someone. You may find this special someone amongst people from your place of working, or of a similar job and career. Those in a problematic relationship, though, with such people will experience the testing even more than the rest.

Nonetheless, money, work and career matters are not inauspicious, at all. They can become stressful from time to time, especially because of superiors and partners, but they are proceeding nicely. If, though, you are seeking a new partner, better decide after the Third Quarter.

Full Moon Predictions for Cancer:

This is a good period to redefine your life goals. Although this is a procedure that will end by the 2nd of April, you shouldn’t be wasting this golden opportunity, as right now, achieving some important steps towards your goals is very much possible. And if you do so, it will generate a positive and supportive cosmic energy that will help you even when more difficult times will come to pass.

Work and health can be your main focus, down to a more mundane level. Work can become quite productive. Occasionally stressful and busy, but productive and successful, nonetheless. After New Years’ this influence calms down and things are becoming more peaceful. Health receives mostly beneficial influences. If you are having any problem, expect good developments. But, overworking, overeating and excessively doing whatever unhealthy habit you may have, is also possible. Control this, for otherwise, their negative effects on your body will also be greater.

Full Moon Predictions for Leo:

This is a most joyful and pleasant Full Moon and waning Moon period for you. Love life and sex life will also be affected positively, but, watch out for misunderstandings and mistakes, including cheating, as you are prone to those, too. Of course, relationships with strong foundations won’t be affected much by this stressful influence and will experience the joyful ones more strongly. Friendships are also getting stronger, or at least, more pleasant. Work, too, receives beneficial influences. Maybe nothing too huge, but it’s a help, nonetheless.

Finally, your magical and spiritual powers are quite strong. Meditation, self understanding and realising what makes you feel whole and what you need to cut off of your life are the aspects of it that receive the most support. So does acting upon those.

Full Moon Predictions for Virgo:

Building strong foundations of joy is what this Full Moon and the waning Moon period call for. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be an all-happy period. Whatever deprives you from joy can become even more “visible” for you to understand. This is a way the Universe urge you to act. Problems in your immediate environment and your most important relationships will be the ones that will be the most demanding. Don’t take me wrong, though. For the most of it, this period is pleasant. Harmony, wherever exists will be stronger and safer, and wherever it doesn’t exist you’ll start creating it.

Money and business partnerships receive quite supportive influences. Finding new such partners, compatible to you, is very possible. Also, this is a good period to expand your social circle. If these meet your goals, do your best as soon as possible.

Full Moon Predictions for Libra:

Trade needs some attention during this period, and especially from the Full Moon, until the third quarter. Mistakes there and misunderstandings are possible. This will affect other jobs, and even your personal life, but not as strongly. Also, there may be some stress about health, but, in most cases, it’s nothing more than some stress. Of course, do take good care of your health, anyway!

Overall, though, work is good. Even for trade. Achieving new deals, finding a new job and things like those are all possible. If you are running your own business, with or without partners, this can become a very productive period. Also, this is a good period to spend with friends and making new ones. You feel more extrovert than usual and people like your company, too.

Full Moon Predictions for Scorpio:

This Full Moon and the waning Moon period concentrate on your money and belongings, quite a lot. For the most of it, in a beneficial way, too. You can expect your income to rise, some kind of bonus, or some other pleasant developments in your financial condition. In the same time, though, wrong decisions in the matter are also possible, so be extra careful. If possible, avoid any big expenses and important such decisions until after the Third Quarter.

Other than that, there is much joy in the air. Love life can be part of it, as your special someone understands you better and connects with you in a deeper level. For the singles, finding one such other half is possible. But, even more importantly, learning what really makes you happy and joyful and how you can create this joy in your life is something you can and should do. You may actually be forced to do it. This can mean, though, that something unpleasant will drive you there. So, do take the initiative.

Full Moon Predictions for Sagittarius:

This is a very important Full Moon and waning Moon period for you. You can achieve everything. From time to time you may feel discouraged. Family and those close to you can become the cause of this feeling, or they simply make it more vivid. Nonetheless, don’t let anyone and anything discourage you. Just be wise and, if you are making a significant change in your life, think twice about it. This means, though, you should be cautious. Not that you shouldn’t be doing it.

Reforming your bonds with the people you consider important is also happening. This will continue happening until early April, but now is an auspicious period to work on the matter. Also, this is a good period to support your financial condition. Luck is coming to you, when you work for it, but creating stronger foundations will lead you to a more secure future, financially speaking.

Full Moon Predictions for Capricorn:

All your important relationships, including business and life partners, friends and co-workers, but not just those, are becoming more important. Learning to rely on others, as well as finding new such people is what this Full Moon and the waning Moon period encourage you to do. As you are quite sensitive on their opinion, make sure you don’t misinterpret what they say, or do.

Also, this is a good period to build a stronger and healthier relationship with your own self. You are feeling quite confident, and this is good. Nonetheless, strengthening and healing your relationship with yourself will be a big help both for this fortnight, and for the years to come. So, do it now, when it’s easier.

Full Moon Predictions for Aquarius:

Work and money matters receive the support of this Full Moon and Waning Moon period. This happens for everyone, but those providing some sort of service, those selling high-tech gadgets and also, teachers, writers, priests and gurus will experience this influence even more vividly. Even more importantly, it’s a good period for you to decide if you are happy with your financial condition and your work, and if not, what to do to better those.

Expanding your social circle is also possible, especially so until the 1st of January. Party like events and seemingly meaningless socialising can help you both to find new friends and acquaintances and to advance in your goals. Of course, do enjoy it, as well. Finally, your intuition and spiritual abilities are quite strong, and strengthening them even more is possible.

Full Moon Predictions for Pisces:

This Full Moon and the waning Moon period help all career matters. Careers where the public opinion is important receive this beneficial influence more than the rest. Nonetheless, everyone will be benefited. You may choose to change your career, too. Sometimes forcefully so. Receive this challenge as an opportunity to advance and to become happier. Small scale changes in your work are more possible, though. Again, these changes can come under an unpleasant form, but they are good ones.

Love life receives beneficial influences. Especially for the singles. Those in a relationship can connect better and deeper with their special someone. In the same time, this is a good period to realise your goals, your dreams and what makes you happy and to act accordingly. And do act. Even if you think you can postpone your action, the Ecliptic Period is starting and the more you delay, the more difficult will be to achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Astrology and Magic of the Full Moon:

Yule and the Full Moon are creating a very magically strong period, so, all forms of magic and meditation are strong. Nonetheless, as we’ve seen, success, love, money and beauty magic are even more promising.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy the Solstice, the Full Moon, the Waning Moon Period and a blessed magical year!

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