New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions – 06 January 2019

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions – 06 January 2019

On January 6 at 01:28 UT the Moon meets the Sun in Capricorn. This is the first New Moon of the Year and, also, a Solar Eclipse.

During the Eclipse Uranus is stationary and turns into direct motion later in the day. This is an omen of coming changes. Some of them will be unexpected, some of them will be unpleasant, but some will be just what we were trying to achieve. In the long-term planetary plan, even the ones that we’d rather not experience are trying to teach us how to get closer to our goals. Keeping that in mind, difficult as it may become, it will be helpful.

Both Neptune and Pluto are strongly effected by the Eclipse. The former more so than the latter. Thankfully, both in an auspicious way. This will initiate a six month period of spiritual and magical growth. Until the next Ecliptic period, to be more accurate. If you want to polish your abilities, advance in them, or learn new skills and methods, this is a great opportunity.

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In the same time, our deepest fears, regrets, and whatever negative emotion we are hiding, even from ourselves, can come to light. These negatives emotions can, as well, be against our own selves. In any case, though, they are surfacing for as to heal them. The fact that both planets are affected auspiciously means that, despite appearances, our path, if we chose to indeed heal these emotions, won’t be that thorny.

Also, the presence of death and the dead will be quite active in our lives. This can take quite a few forms. Messages, or dreams of our beloved dead, is one of those. Thoughts about death, or making a will or a life insurance, is another. Also, accidents can happen, so be extra careful whatever you are doing. Especially if you are doing anything dangerous.

Nonetheless, addictions can also become stronger. If you are facing any such problem, be extra careful and seek proper help.

Predictions for Aries:

Work, career and business are greatly affected by this New Moon and the Solar Eclipse. Stress in the field can appear. Challenges, too. But, also, opportunities to advance there and to create better conditions. On deciding what to do and how to move forward, an open and flexible mind will be your best friend. Some things you already have decided may not be your best options and, maybe, you’ll be better abandoning these plans. On the other hand, new plans can come in your mind that can serve you better. Psychologists, artists and those whose job depends greatly on the opinion of the public will experience these influences more intensively.

Your parents, your kids and your family and your love affairs can stress you, too, one way or another. Also, some repairs may be necessary at your home. If you’ve been neglecting such issues, now they may become even more pressing.

Predictions for Taurus:

This is a very spiritual New Moon and Solar Eclipse. The stars are asking you to look inside yourself and find out what is important to you and what is not. Which ideas and feelings are serving you and motivate you, and which you’ll be better without. Your connection with the divine plane and beings may also come under a test. In the same time, though, spiritual breakthroughs are possible.

In a more mundane level, studies, schools, seminars, places of religion you are involved with, as well as philanthropic organizations, can become rather stressful, or even unstable. Schedules, teachers, or courses can be changed, willingly or not. Also, computers, phones and high-tech gadgets can malfunction. Backing up your most important files would be a very wise decision. Finally, your friends and family can stress you and some repairs or maintenance may be necessary at your home.

Predictions for Gemini:

Money can become rather stressful under the influence of this New Moon and this Solar Eclipse. Your income, your financial condition and how you are spending your money, all are now important. Finding ways to enjoy your life with whatever means you are having at hand is something you should be doing now. In the same time, repaying debts and cutting off unnecessary expenses are also wise policies. Work can also be affected. Although this effect will be a positive one in the long-term, it can be a challenging one while it’s happening. A change of job, a promotion, a resignment and anything alike are all possible.

Friends, siblings and your relationship with them are also becoming important. Stressful, too, in many cases. Nonetheless, this is a golden opportunity to heal all these relationships, even if it presents itself as a negative situation.

Predictions for Cancer:

All your important relationships are going through a test under the influence of this New Moon and this Solar Eclipse. Love is not an exception, of course, and the same goes for business partners. All problems in those relationships can become more vivid and loud. Just keep in mind that this is a healing procedure. Relationships with strong and healthy foundations have the chance to become even stronger and healthier. Of course, those relationships which are unhealthy to begin with will, most probably, end.

This is a very spiritual New Moon and Solar Eclipse for everyone, but even more so for you. Your intuition, empathy and your other spiritual abilities become rather strong and active. This is good, of course, and it can help you develop them even more. In the same time, though, it makes you more sensitive in the negative feelings and thoughts of those around you. So, do make sure to support and protect yourself.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Predictions – 06 January 2019

Predictions for Leo:

Work becomes quite important to you under this New Moon and this Solar Eclipse. It can also become quite stressful. Too many obligations and maybe a disorganised environment in your place of working can be the cause of it. Also, changes, some of them you may expect and some, maybe, not, can happen. A change in your job is also possible, whether you were planning for it, or not.

Health and daily life are also under some stress, and so is your psych. Therefore, resting properly and dedicating some time a day to yourself will help you a lot. Keep in mind that psychological health is just as important – and sensitive – as the physical one. Sexual health, in particular, is more sensitive. Overall, the Solar Eclipse is teaching you how to enjoy your life and your relationships more. These lessons may occasionally come in an ugly face, but they are valuable and good lessons.

Predictions for Virgo:

Love life is certainly the main focus of this New Moon and this Solar Eclipse. Existing relationships will be tested. Good relationships can have the opportunity to become stronger, while unhealthy ones will show their true colours and they will, most probably, end. Hence, regardless how stressful and unpleasant this procedure is, it is a beneficial one. Therefore, looking at the big picture, there is no reason to worry about it. For the singles, it is possible to find a relationship, in fact. Nonetheless, what the Eclipse is mostly trying to do is to help you see the reasons you don’t have the relationship of your dreams. Your mistakes and and your unhelpful ways of thinking and acting. Learn them, and change them.

Business partnerships and other important relationships can go through a similar procedure, but not an as severe one. Also, whatever has to do with computers, high-tech equipment and the internet needs some extra attention. Updating your antivirus and firewall and backing up your important files can be a great help.

Predictions for Libra:

This New Moon and Solar Eclipse affect your physical health and, even more, your emotional health and well being. Make sure you rest properly and you are taking a good care of yourself. If you are dealing with any such issues developments can happen in a rapid way. Changes of doctors or treatment protocols can be one such way. In most cases, though, the developments will be good ones. They can become stressful, though, nonetheless.

Home and family are also affected. Health issues in the family can become stressful and demanding, but, once again, the developments are most likely to be good ones. Home may need some repairs, or something similar. This isn’t the best time to move to a new home, if you can postpone it. Work can also become stressful and, maybe, unlucky. Most likely, though, not very much so. Career changes, or thoughts of a similar concept can also take place.

Predictions for Scorpio:

This New Moon and Solar Eclipse affect you quite a lot, but mostly in a good way. Yes, stress can be all over the place, as well as a chaos, at least seemingly. Nonetheless, progress can happen on whatever goal you may have. In some cases, in a very rapid or unexpected way, too. Career and studies receive this influences quite strongly, but these aren’t the only aspects of your life that they effect.

Friendships and romantic relationships will be tested. For either kind of a relationship, the good ones, the ones with strong foundations, will become stronger and better, if you heal the problems that will become so clearly obvious, under this Solar Eclipse. The unhealthy ones, though, can end. If so, let them end. This is, too, a way of healing your life and your social circle.

Predictions for Sagittarius:

The New Moon and the Solar Eclipse put under pressure your finances. Try to minimize your expenses as much as possible. Unexpected ones may appear. Also, realising your wealth, especially if you are not feeling wealthy, is a good way to better not only your mood, but also your financial fate, in the long run. Paying back debts is favoured by the stars. Also, it’s a good period to ask people who own you money for them to pay you back.

Family can cause you some stress and even add to your financial stress. They can, though, support you financially, as well. You may need to spend some money on your place of living, or working, too. Finally, churches, religion organisations, philanthropic ones and your neighbourhood may face some upheavals and unsettle you.

Predictions for Capricorn:

The New Moon and the Solar Eclipse are happening in your own zodiac. Therefore, it comes to no surprise they affect you strongly. They will challenge you in many ways and a personal transformation will happen, to some degree. This procedure may take some time until it’s complete. Most likely until the next Ecliptic period. Also, you may try to change your actual image. If you feel that’s what you need, then, by all means, go for it. It’s not the Eclipse’s job to stop you, but to encourage you, instead. What it teaches you is what displeases you on you and your image. Therefore, changing those is what you should be doing.

Your social circle can also be transformed to a degree. What is wrong in your friendships will become obvious and will demand a healing. In the same way, if something is missing there, you’ll understand it and you should start searching for it. In many cases, the situations will actually bring it to you.

Predictions for Aquarius:

This is a very spiritual New Moon and Solar Eclipse and you’ll be experiencing this fact stronger than the most. Most likely, though, not in a balanced way. Your spiritual abilities are becoming quite active and strong and developing them further is easier, now. That’s the good news. The bad news is that you are more sensitive to other people’s feelings and thoughts. This can cause your mood to change easily and uncontrollably. Surrounding yourself with positive people can help you a lot.

Artistic jobs and those where a good understanding of others is a key factor, will have a peculiar period. There may be some stress, or more than some, but progress will happen, too. It’s more possible you’ll have too much work to do, rather than not enough. Nonetheless, money can become stressful and your financial insecurities can grow. If so, face them and work with them.

Predictions for Pisces:

Whatever has to do with computers, the internet, smartphones and technological equipment is under the immediate influence of this New Moon and this Solar Eclipse. Updating your antivirus and firewall, backing up your files, and all similar precautions are a good start to avoid many problems. Buying computers, smartphones and the like isn’t advisable, during this period. If possible postpone it. In the same time, this kind of devises you already have can malfunction a little, or a lot.

Work, and especially your income and the security you feel about it can become a little unstable. Try to be as careful as you can as mistakes are possible. Also, those working in advertisement, PR and the like can have a rather stressful period. Nonetheless, it can become quite a productive one, too.

Astrology and Magic:

This is a very magical New Moon and Solar Eclipse, so all magic is strong. Procedures that can help us empower our spirituality and magic, even more so.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day!

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