Weekly Predictions: February 20 – February 27

Weekly Predictions: February 20 - February 27

General Weekly Predictions: We are officially ending the retrograde season as only the Shadows of both Retrogrades Mercury and Venus thin hence things are getting easier day-by-day. Of course there will be many surprises. No ordinary Mercury Retrograde‘s shadow ends on February 23, Wednesday. Hence, the middle of the Week begins a retrograde-free period which will help us manifest our dreams and goals! Also, by the end of the month Venus retrograde shadow will also end.

Also, Mars and Venus align in Capricorn. Power games reach their peak. We may have international advances on Wednesday! Let’s all pray for these.

So, this week is a very powerful and interesting one.

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Weekly Predictions for Aries:

The week begins with illusions and daydreaming. Hence, you should also be very careful not to fall into mind-traps other may set for you. Thankfully, from Wednesday, you get empowered and things start to speed up in many many ways! News regarding your career will also be very helpful during this week although this might get you really really tired.

Weekly Predictions for Taurus:

A very helpful omen in the skies is here to give you a push forward. Venus and Mars align in your 9th house and your destiny may soon unfold. The week will start with advances regarding your social circles from which you may receive interesting news. As the week proceeds your focus will change inwards. Try to note down your dreams and possible visions. Especially on Wednesday.

Weekly Predictions for Gemini:

The stars try to help you achieve a core transformation during the next days to come. Something inside you changes. Now that the Tides of Destiny have shifted you will have the time to resume your goals. Especially from Wednesday retrograde Mercury’s shadow will vanish. So heads up. Things are about to change in your life!

Weekly Predictions for Cancer:

As Venus and Mars align in Capricorn you focus a lot in your relationships and all kinds of collaborations. This is your chance to manifest any change you might want in this part of your life. New people come to your life and you’re excited with the new relationship dynamics.

Weekly Predictions for Leo:

There are many advances regarding your relationships and your collaborations. Hence, especially from Wednesday forth, you might be surprised from what you are going to hear or see. Finances receive your focus in the beginning of the week. Be more careful what you sign on Monday and Tuesday. Thankfully, things will get better from Wednesday.

Weekly Predictions for Virgo:

The Week begins with intense focus regarding your relationships and your collaborations. Thankfully Venus and Mars align in your fifth solar house which can bring joy and satisfaction in your life. Wednesday is probably going to be a very interesting day for you as it’s the last day for Retrograde Mercury’s shadow.

Weekly Predictions for Libra:

The week begins with advances and unexpected changes regarding your every day life, your transportation and your job. However, there is much interest in your family and your home for things that will happen there may surprise you. Thankfully, from Wednesday a powerful feedback from your relationships will give you a push forward to reach for your dreams.

Weekly Predictions for Scorpio:

The New week is going to be very interesting regarding your friends and your closest relatives. Although it may begin even more interestingly with flirting a joyful occasions from Wednesday you are probably going to focus more on your job, your daily routine and your health.

Weekly Predictions for Sagittarius:

The Week begins with many news regarding your finances. A powerful feedback in this part of your life will probably help you realize what your might be doing wrong or what you should do to invite prosperity. From Wednesday things will become even more interesting regarding your personal life. Joy and satisfaction is coming in the middle of the week.

Weekly Predictions for Capricorn:

You might already feel this tremendous power that is gathering inside of you. Anxiety may kick in but good things start coming your way. More work but also more rewards. The Week begins with your focus turned towards your best friends and your closest relatives. However, in the middle of the week something changes and your home becomes the center of your attention.

Weekly Predictions for Aquarius:

The Week begins with unprecedented power from your soul. Your dreams become extremely interesting and synchronicities are showing you a new path, one that will change your destiny. Are you ready to receive these messages?

Weekly Predictions for Pisces:

The power of the Week is focused on your Social Circles that are actually bringing you many news and many opportunities. Moreover, the week becomes with you in the centre of all focus. Hence, anxiety might kick in along with power! However, as the week proceed, things will get even more interesting regarding your finances.

Astrology and Magic:

Fire Magic, as well as all meditative techniques can have better results, today. As always, do take all fire safety precautions when you are working with fire.


That’s all. Have fun, and enjoy your day!

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