Lantern Magic & Things to put in a Lantern

Lantern Magic & Things to put in a Lantern

The Lantern is one of the most ancient and frequently used in esoteric symbols. It literally can be found in almost all references of ancient magic and depictions of the world of Witchcraft. It is considered one of the easiest spells a witch can cast. Also, it’s pretty ‘stealth΄ as no one can actually suspect your magical intentions or even tell the difference between a religious lantern and a magical one. After all, both draw power from the invisible powers & spirits. Lantern Magic is efficient, easy and handy. Oh, I almost forgot easily and customisable!

Oil Lamps & Lantern Magic

During the annual feast of Isia, ancient Egyptians mourned for their beloved God Osiris and left lanterns of oil lamps outside of the house. Leaving the oil lamp was a symbolic act for the remembrance of Osiris, while joining forces with Goddess Isis and assisting her in her quest to resurrect her beloved one. From this time, all kinds of lanterns – even jack ‘o lantern – draws power from this sacred days. Lanterns and oil lamps symbolize the memory (or our past lives) and the quest to truth.

Oil Lamps and what to put inside of Lantern

You can create an oil lamp by using many … many ingredients. Here, we are going to keep it simple, practical and (as always) effective! Let’s start with carrier oils. Because these are not just the means that keep the flame lit. On the contrary, carrier oils possess magical attributes themselves. Witches carefully use the carrier oils. Learn more in School of Witchcraft. Subscribe now click HERE

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Carrier oils in Lanterns and Oil Lamps

here we selected our favourite and most powerful ones!

Almond oil

Almond trees are the first ones which bloom in the end of winter as harbingers of Spring! They are of Ruled by Mercury and the Element of Air and Fire.

  • God Hermes
  • Use Sweet Almond Oil for blends that deal with prosperity, money and wisdom.

Coconut oil

Most exotic, a pure white core protected by a strong earthly exterior. This speaks for itself right? So, coconut oil is Ruled by the Moon and the Element of Water.

  • Goddess Artemis
  • Goddess Selene
  • Use for all spells and wishes for purification, intense healing (shamanic) and protection.

Grapeseed oil

Grapes are sacred to god Dionysus, the god of fertility, divine ecstasy and wisdom. Hence, planetarily speaking, it’s Ruled by the Moon and the Element of Water.

  • God Dionysus
  • Grapeseed Oil makes a great option for all spells regaring prosperity and fast money, fertility strengthening psychic & mental abilities.

Hempseed oil

A transcending oil which breaks the barriers of this Realm. Hence, it’s NOT for the beginners. It’s Ruled by the Moon and Saturn, the planet of Witches along with the Element of Water.

  • God Kronos
  • Goddesss Selene
  • Goddess Artemis
  • Hemp Seed Oil makes a great choice for intense healing, love, astral journeys and meditation.

Olive oil

Olives are sacred to goddess Athena, the wisest Goddess, daughter of Zeus.

  • Goddess Athena
  • All Purpose Oil
  • Ruled by the Sun and the Element of Fire. Olive Oil makes a great carrier oil for blends that deal with healing, peace, fertility and protection.

Sunflower oil

The flower of the Sun as its name states clearly draws the power from our Star. Hence, it’s favoured by Apollo and used to summon him and all Solar deities and spirits.

  • God Apollo
  • God Helios
  • All Purpose oil
  • As it is Ruled by the Sun and the Element of Fire, Sunflower Oil brings protection, prosperity, virility, health and wisdom.

Things to Put in a Lantern

You can put more magical items in or around the lantern (next to the oil lamp) to enhance its power.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember of course fire safety measures as dried herbs for example can make your lantern burst into flames. Use a larger lantern or keep flammable ingredients in fire-proof  vessel.

Someone needs help?

The lantern symbolises the divine guidance and magical help. Does someone needs it? Well, write his/her name on a small piece of paper and fold it with a small quartz pebble. If there is an issue of healing anoint the piece of paper with rosemary oil. Money problems get fixed with basil oil.

Candles instead of oil lamps

Inside a lantern, you can either put an oil lamp of a candle. In case you pick a candle choose wisely from the colours here. Some examples

  • Choose a pink one and place near it a small pink quartz pebble to draw love and friends.
  • Choose a white one and anoint it with charged sunflower or olive oil to reveal the truth. Ask the question while you light the candle.

Charge the oils under Moon Light

On the night of the Full Moon, charge the carrier oil(s) under moonlight. Just like when you charge the Moon Water, remember to charge it with all-purposes or a single one! For maximum power draw the triquetra symbol on the vessel carrying the oil.

Rose petals

As we’ve seen in the big article on Rose, the hieroglyph of rose implies a gateway. Gateway to other realms.

  • Do you want to summon a spirit? Place rose petals (around an in the lantern) to open the gates. Write the name of the spirit on a rose petal and place it underneath the oil lamp or candle (fire safety is always essential – read above).
  • Or maybe you want to unlock your mind? Draw the symbol of Djed on one rose-petal and place it in it.
  • Also for love, of course. Place red rose petals for passion, or pink ones for love and marriage and friends.

Bay, Lavender and Basil

Place lavender in and around the lantern for peace and protection. Or maybe, place basil to attract prosperity and love around you and your home. If good luck is what you need, place bay leaves to change what needs to be changed.

Tarot Cards

As we’ve said it before, use charms of tarot cards (like the lovers here or the strength) or actual tarot cards which you seem fit, to draw the power of each card in your life!

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