Cat Whiskers & Witchcraft

Cat Whiskers & Witchcraft

We are fond of all animals and this is why you will find many articles regarding our animal friends. However, it’s no secret that some of us here in Magical Recipes Online love cats. There are many reasons for this. Although we admit that’s a cliché, we can’t help it. Having them around is actually really fun and can also aid us in magical practice. So Cat Whiskers. Yes. A very powerful ingredient for witches.

Cat Whiskers should fall naturally

Let me be clear before we proceed. Cat Whiskers should fall naturally. Any violent act poisons the ingredient and nothing from this list will work. Likewise, do not buy cat-whiskers because you don’t really know how they got them. Use only the ones you found from your cat or a friend who has cats. Love is the key that empowers the ingredient through the help of the Totem animal of Cats and all deities related, like Bast. You don’t want to mess with Bast… believe me!

Tip! Before cleaning your room vacuuming light a bright flashlight (you can use your smartphone too)to discover them in their favourite places! For my cat is the couch but feel free to search elsewhere too!

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Such a cliché…

But why do you think is it such a cliché? I mean witches loving cats. Well, many ancient traditions consider cats really powerful animals. For example, in Ancient Egypt cats were adored because Bast, was the one drove the primal evil – Apophis – away from this Realm, imprisoning him in an OtherWorld. She was so powerful that Ra himself sent her to save our World and Humans. Isis, the Goddess of Witchcraft, Love and Healing also loved cats and this is why it was considered a sacred animal. 

However, in the Dark Ages, cats were believed to be minions of the devil, probably because witches – who descended from the Pagan times, still adored and venerated them. Witches still love to hang around cats, because they are considered great familiar animals, providing constant power and protection. So yes, Cat Whiskers are indeed powerful ingredients in magic. 

Magical Uses of Cat Whiskers

Let’s discover more about the magical uses of their whiskers. 

Powerful Catalysts

Cat Whiskers are considered Catalysts for all spells. Since they are loved by Isis, goddess of Magic, they are considered mediums of her magical powers. If you need some extra power in whatever you’re doing, consider adding them. 


According to the old witches, if you want something to happen really soon there is a simple spell! You should whisper you wish to a cat whisker and then burn it in the flames of a Golden Candle

Create a herbal mix with equal parts of Jasmine and Mugwort, adding Cat Whiskers in it and burn them to increase your magical powers

Good Luck Spells

Although you’ve probably heard a lot about cats and luck, Cat Whiskers are believed to bestow the owner with Good Luck. Carry them in a mojo bag to increase your luck. 

Protection & Astral Journeys

Cats use their whiskers to feel the space and perceive what’s going on around them. Also, Witches believe that Cats can walk between the Worlds. This is why these whiskers are believed to protect us from maleficent energies. Many witches use them when they engage in potentially risky magical activities, to have some extra protection and also conjure the blessings of Bast. Moreover, if you frequently engage in astral travels have some around your bed for a safer and more magical journey! 

Psychic & Magical Powers

Witches have been using Cat Whiskers to increase their magical abilities. Everyone knows that cats can sense the energies better than us. I personally have been waken up from my cat, seeing a dark entity about to attack me. So, having cat whiskers with you increases your magical potential and your spiritual awareness. Furthermore, you can create a herbal mix with equal parts of Jasmine and Mugwort, adding Cat Whiskers in it and burn them to increase your magical powers and aid in prophetic dreams. Remember, Isis is the Goddess of Magic.

Road Opening Spells 

Cats have the ability to overcome their problems and obstacles. Likewise, carrying cat whiskers with you is believed to be a cheat-sheet for your life’s issues. Therefore, they can be used in Road Opening spells, to move pass the obstacles you face. 

Invisibility Spell

To hide yourself from enemies – or whenever you feel you are under psychic attack, hide a black whisker near you bed. 


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