Shapeshifting. How Witches Change(d) into another Form

Shapeshifting. How Witches Change(d) into another Form

Don’t tell me you’ve never felt jealous of those powerful witches TV or books, who could shape-shift into another form of existence. Traditionally, Shapeshifting doesn’t come with the ‘witchy package’ of magical powers bestowed to every witch upon initiation. This is something only some witches claim to have succeeded. However, Witches who’s path is aligned with nature, (Fairy Path, Green Magic etc) are believed to be able to shape-shift into another form. 

Shapeshifting & Witches

Usually, Shapeshifters are witches or shamans who are close to a certain animal (being that their Totem Animal or Familiar Spirit). Thus, they can transform into this creature due to their close relationship they’ve nurtured, as a contract or a binding pact. It’s like a “I help you, you help me” kind of situation.

The image of every living creature is considered sacred. Pharaohs considered their physical image sacred. Thus their images were used to perform any kind of spells and to be recognised by their own Ba (Spirit) after their death. Exactly the same is believed by modern witches, this is why we use ‘the image’ or a photograph of something or a person to perform a spell.  So, to give the right to ‘use your image’ is something that all witches consider a great gift give from their Familiar Spirits. 

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Ancient & Modern Witches

Many of the old witches were believed to be able to go back and forth, changing forms. Moreover, they could bless or curse others into transforming them to something else. For example, Circe, one of the most powerful witches ever recorded, transformed Odysseus friends into pigs. Since then, many witches were believed to be able to have completed such spells. Hence, our beloved ‘Fairy-tales’ are full of witches in disguise. There are other witches who blessed or cursed people turning back and forth into their forms. Remember Swan Lake where princess Odette was cursed to become a beautiful swan again and again. 

Circe, one of the most powerful witches ever recorded, transformed Odysseus friends into pigs. 
Circe, one of the most powerful witches ever recorded, transformed Odysseus friends into pigs. 

Traditional Witchcraft & Shapeshifting

Due to the demonisation of Witchcraft, most ‘documented shapeshifters’ are in fact ‘devil worshippers’ who confessed (???) during witch trials. Therefore, what one can find in grimoires are black magic spells who use dark forces to succeed in. This happens because most of the witches tried to keep their real secrets hidden from the naive and dangerous minds. 

The curious case of Benandanti

Also known as the ‘Good Walkers‘, the Benandanti was a team of rural witches. Benandanti claimed to perform several magical wonders like to travel out of their bodies. During their ‘Astral Projection’ as modern witches identify the Spirit flight, they documented struggles against the Malandanti, who were evil witches cursing the Land. Of course, during Witch Craze, somewhen between 1575 and 1675, a number of the ‘Good Walkers’ were accused of being heretics or devil worshippers. 

Interestingly they could ‘shape-shift’ into other creatures or ‘move their essence’ into other creatures. 

How Witches achieve Shapeshifting 

First we need to clarify something. It’s one thing to magically disguise in some other form (other human or other creature) and another to actually become something else. The first path, the illusion, is called ‘Glamour‘ and we’ve actually analysed it in a complete article.  Thus, the other path is called shapeshifting.

  • There are many ways proposed in several ancient and modern books to turn into another form of existence.
  • Many modern authors argue that there was never an actual shape-shifting. Although it may felt real, it probably wasn’t. So what was it? Well, some witches project in the astral realm, and make their astral bodies so thick that others can ‘see and interact’ with them in their chosen form. In other words, Witches performed astral projection and selected a different appearance, for example an owl. This is very easy to perform in astral plane. While still on astral body, they interacted with others, giving the impression of shapeshifting. 
  • Others believe that shapeshifting can be done through a strong bond with our totem animal. Whichever it may be, we can turn into this animal and then back, if our totem allows it. This happens after a long, loving and caring relationship with this Spirit. Like the Benandanti, the same person can actually ‘move his/her consciousness’ to the animals governed by this Totem. 
Shapeshifting. How Witches Change(d) into another Form
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A Spell for Shapeshifting

As already said, there are many spells for shapeshifting. It goes without saying, that this kind of Magic requires much practice and a natural talent. However, due to the repeating request of our fans, we decided to present you a safe one to practice on. 

The spell is a magical heirloom of the old traditions when people were closer to the Earth and animals were considered our brothers and sisters. You need: 

  • Yucca leaves or Joshua tree leaves. These trees are believed to aid witches and shamans achieve shapeshifting. If there is no such tree around, you can always visualise it. However, it’s better if you are surrounded by this plant. You can always get a live one for you garden. 
  • Now, call upon the chosen animal. Do as you would call a friend. Give something like a dish of honey and/or milk as an offering. 
  • Visualise the Spirit animal coming to you. Welcome the spirit. 
  • Explain more about why you want to shape-shift into this animal.
  • Once agreed, visualise yourself becoming this animal. Play with this new form of yours as if you are a child again, experiencing your new body.  How does everything feel around now you are this animal?
  • Practice makes best. Focus on one animal at a time and when you are satisfied learn another form. 
  • Common sense should always be takes seriously. Don’t try to fly jumping off the window for example. Practice Witchcraft responsibly.
  • Note your progress. Most importantly, let your playful side have fun with this. Enjoy the journey!
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