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Isis Zodiac Sign

Isis, the mother of Magic and Goddess of Healing The loving mother, the mistress of all Magic and Healings. Isis is the wife of Osiris...

Spiritual Advice for all the Zodiacs – July 30 to August...

General Spiritual Advice and tendencies of the week: This week the spiritual advice is to turn inwards and work there with ourselves in order to...

Gods Gifts to Zodiac Signs

How Gods and Goddesses blessed zodiac signs with a unique Divine Gift  Zeus, the King of all Gods and Goddesses was believed to bless each...

How to tell if someone flirts you ! Read Signs of...

How to tell if they are flirting with you based on Zodiac Signs.  Flirting is a social behaviour we usually use to interact with people...

Erogenous Zones of Zodiac Signs – Erotic Astrology

What turns you on According to your Zodiac Sign ? How to seduce the Zodiac Signs ? 

Secrets of Zodiac Signs & their Hidden Traits

What Astrologers do not say about the Zodiac Signs. Discover the Secret and True Nature of your Zodiac Sign.  

Zodiac Signs and Types of Witches

What kind of Witch are you according to Astrology?

Dark Times of the Zodiac Signs

How Zodiac Signs React in Times of Stress & Despair

Zodiac Signs & Natural Phenomena

How each Sign"s emotional charge is manifested in physical phenomena?