Home Energy Cleansing- 5 Easy Ways of Shifting the Energy in your Place

Home Energy Cleansing- 5 Easy Ways of Shifting the Energy in your Place

Home energy Cleansing. Why you need it? You want to make a fresh start and declutter, you want your life to be filled with positive energy and happiness yet you don’t know when to start. Our Home is an extension of our own psyche and even if we do not spend much time in it, it has been imprinted with our own energy, vibrating all our emotions, thoughts, memories, hopes and fears. Time after time it will eventually be filled with unnecessary energies that does not let us go forward but instead we may feel stuck in a rut, caught in a maelstrom of energies from our past, future and present.

Home Energy Cleansing

The best way to make a breakthrough is by cleansing our space and shifting the energies. You have read from me before that what we do not need should go. This will create the fertile soil for new things to come. Therefore, for all new blessings to come, we must clear the channel to allow the energy flow freely like a bird in the blue sky.

Step by step guide for effective Home Energy Cleansing

In this article we will explore 5 easy ways on how you can make this change happen. Usually practitioners are put off by the complexity of magical practices or even worse they think since this is so easy it won”t work. This is absolutely incorrect, magic can be as easy or complicated you want it to be, the only thing that makes a difference is your intention and the time you dedicate to it.

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The more you practise the more you will understand what works or not for you. In addition, the more you bring magic and spirituality in general in your everyday life the greater the rewards would be. Two popular sayings that I found useful and I believe can help you grow are:

1)In simplicity there is power.

2)Practice makes best.

If one magical practice can make a big difference in an individual’s life is the art of Cleansing. Even most adept witches know that cleansing makes us lighter, able to perform with a complete new set of mind and at a higher awareness being able to focus on what we truly want. Enough with the theory- let’s have some fun cleansing our way to Success! These are 5 ways for effective Home Energy Cleansing.

1. Smudging / Burning plants that promote cleansing:

Smoke is a powerful cleansing way to remove all astral debris from a witch”s life. Being very close on how many people would describe seeing the aura or spiritual entities, smoke brings the qualities of Fire and Air in your environment, burning away and refreshing the energy of your house.

You can either purchase ready made smudging sticks, create your own or instead use a fireproof vessel, light a charcoal and burn cleansing plants. Simple and easy to find plants which can be used for smudging are the following:

Other important plants that can make a difference are palo santo, pine resin, cypress, mullein, camphor tree and angelica (angelica archangelica).

When you have selected your herbs and smoke is rising, pass each room of your house with the smoking incense. In the air, draw the sacred symbol of your preference (i.e. a pentacle, a cross, a solar symbol etc) while saying:

“With this sacred smoke, I remove all negativity from my home at once! Only positive energy will remain. So be it!”.

Repeat until you have passed from all the rooms of your house. Once done, you can extinguish the fire or let burn completely. Repeat every other day for maximum results. Two resources that can help you more about plants are the following:

Beginner’s Guide to Herbal Magic – click here: https://www.magicalrecipesonline.com/2015/11/which-11-herbs-spices-and-plants-should.html

Advanced Guide to Herbal Magic – Click here: https://www.magicalrecipesonline.com/2015/12/advanced-herbal-magic-part-1-13-magical.html

2. Create a magical floor-wash:

If you are more a water and earth person then a floorwash may just be your thing. It will boost your home energy cleansing. Combine in a bucket fresh water and add a full tablespoon of salt, while saying:

“Water and Earth hear my call. Remove all negativity from my house this is what I ask for. So be it”.

You can add an essential oil of your preference to the mix to make it more fragrant. Water and salt would work just fine. Clear all rooms of your house with a mop or cloth while repeating:

“Water and Earth hear my call. Remove all negativity from my house this is what I ask for. So be it!”

Do you want some more magical alternatives for a floorwash? You can create Four Thieves Vinegar or add black salt instead of normal white salt. Repeat when necessary or use another technique.

Four Thieves Vinegar recipe – click here! https://www.magicalrecipesonline.com/2012/08/hoodoo-recipe-four-thieves-vinegar.html

Black Salt recipe – click here: https://www.magicalrecipesonline.com/2012/04/ancient-formula-recipe-how-to-make.html

Home Energy Cleansing- 5 Easy Ways of Shifting the Energy in your Place
Home Energy Cleansing- 5 Easy Ways of Shifting the Energy in your Place

3. Create holy water:

Yet another magical formula that can assist greatly. There are many ways on how to create Holy Water, some people take it directly from church but to my experience the best way is to make it. Click here to watch for free our Video on How to Make Holy Water from WITCH-TV. Creating holy water can help you in home energy cleansing.

All you need is a vessel to hold water. Here are some simply yet effective variations:

1. For three days leave the body of water to the Sun and ask for his negativity removing power to go into the water blessing it with its solar powers.

2. If you are more a Moon person you can create Lunar Water. 

3. If you want a more fiery approach you can create Water of Mars.

4. Create a blessing elixir using an amethyst.

5. Call upon your Guardian Angel to bless the water with negativity removing qualities as s/he knows best. Simple put a body of water in a place of your home and recite a simple yet effective request to your angel.

6. Go to the Sea and collect some Sea Water in a vessel asking the Ocean’s blessing to remove all negativity from your property. If you want to put more effort you can create the Forty Waves recipe. Watch here the Video on WITCH-TV on how to make Forty Waves Water.

7. Collect rain water while asking the Heaven”s blessings to cleanse all negativity from your place.

8. Create holy water by using the Rose of Jericho. Watch here the Video on WITCH-TV on how to make Water of Resurrection with the Rose of Jericho.

9. Find a river or a spring in the Forest and before you collect the water ask for your Nature”s allies to bless the water you collect for cleansing purposes. As you can see there are a tons of different approaches of making holy water and surely none holds a trademark. Instead you have to go with your intuition and find what works best for you. Once the water is ready, sprinkle water in each of your rooms while saying:

“Blessing of the Water I do call! Negativity is removed once and for all!”

Like soothing rain that falls from heaven your house will be cleansed of all negative energies and spiritual debris.

4. Using the power of stones and crystals to remove negativity

Do you need another way for effective home energy cleansing? The power of the Earth is a steady yet persistent way to remove negativity from your home. You may see a big difference from day one but remember Earth works with patience and greatly rewards those who wait.

All you need to do is collect stones or crystals to absorb negativity from your place. Excellent crystals for this purpose are usually black crystals such as onyx and obsidian work best for this purpose. If you prefer to collect stones, stones from the sea or your favourite place can work just fine.

Take the stones/crystals of your preference and cleanse them before use. I will come back with an extensive article on how to clean your crystals. For the moment I provide the following combination of techniques:Place them in salt as we need to remove any previous negativity they have absorbed and light a candle. Ask from the Divine/Universe for all negativity to be removed from them.

Next day let them bathe in pure sunlight then take them out. With a piece of paper remove any salt crystals from them and flush the remaining salt in the toilet or throw it in a body of water. Place one stone in each of your rooms. Before you place it down, ask the stone to absorb all negativity from your place.

After a week remove the stones, cleanse them again as described above and re-use them. An easy way to find out if a crystal has absorbed negativity, is to hold it with one hand and close your eyes. The crystal should feel heavier than usual and feel a gravitational pull to the ground or you may get a glimpse of a negative idea etc. That means that the crystal has reached its capacity and needs cleansing before it can be used again.

Click here to find more on Crystal Magic.

5. Ask help from your Spirit Allies:

One last method for effective home energy cleansing is the following. Every person has at least one Guide/Spirit/Angel that looks after them. Guides are having the highest interest of the person in their heart and they are ready to help whenever the person asks for help and meets their standards of having their highest interest at heart i.e. they won”t do anything that is unethical. All you need to do is reach to them either through prayer, a spell or a petition.

A simple yet effective way can be to write a letter to them – click here to explore an easy way to contact your Guardian Angel – asking for their help on removing all negativity from your house. A simple yet effective way is to light a candle when you invoke your Guide. Tell them the following:

“My blessed guardian and protector hear me. I ask for your help to remove all negativity from my house. As this candle melts, so all negativity is melt down and away from here. As this candle shines, so should my home and my life shine with positivity.”

Let the candle burn and throw away the remains- tealights are perfect for that. Repeat as needed.

Remember to express your gratitude to your spirit allies as this helps deepen the bond. Use all opportunities to ask for their assistance, their mission is to help you achieve happiness! Cleansing can sometimes feel as a boring magical task, but I assure you one more time. The more you remove the unnecessary, the clearer the channel of new happy things to come to your life.

See here how to contact your totem animal. 

With Infinite love, The Easy Witch

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