What Kind of Witch are you?

What kind of Witch are you? Let your subconscious answer for you. What is the first thing you see in this photo? Shaman, Fire or Astral Mage?

What Kind of Witch are you?

There many paths in Witchcraft. Each is different yet all are right providing you walk with Love respect to everyone’s freedom. We can choose many paths until we are ready to find what is best for us. A Witch should be ready to try and see what works best for him/her.

What Kind of Witch are you?

Although we’ve seen what type of Magic is best for you according to your Zodiac sign, this quiz will give us more results as it employs the power of Subconscious. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU SEE IN THE PHOTO? 

photo quiz

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Answering this simple question can give you a very interesting result of who you are meant to be! We’d love to see your results. Comment here or everywhere you like!


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What Kind of Witch are you?
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You are a Time – Karma Witch!

You are a witch with great potential to use time. You enjoy past life regression, exploring the past and great in divination, getting images of the future. Time is under the dominion of Planet Saturn, also known as the Planet of Witches. This is considered the most difficult and advanced type of magic which requires patience and depths of wisdom to flourish.

The ability for witches to ‘manipulate’ time or more literally to be able to see beyond it was a great gift that was passed from generation to generation. One of the greatest potential in you is to be able to travel in time and space. Have you thought learning more about astral projection and its application?

2. Bag with parchments

You are a Nature Witch!

You are a witch which enjoys the great outdoors and likes adventure. Like an archaeologist you will travel to lost ruins and temples in order to look for symbols and decode their meaning and look for the messages that our ancestors sent to us. Nature is our mother, the one who constantly gives us energy and strength. You are born with the talent to align your magic with the Great source of Nature!

The forces of nature can empower you. Learn how to ground yourself and begin your spiritual endeavour with the help of Nature spirits. You like to learn from the past and you have a great ability to use lost arts in your everyday life.

3. the Big Book at the Center

You are a a Hereditary Witch!

The Book of Shadows of the Witches.

You are a witch by ‘heritage’ and enjoy the teachings of Great Witches and the knowledge they bring. You learnt much from reading and you cherish the fact that you have accumulated sacred knowledge and the fact that you and others have thought about sharing it and being part of a greater cause. Witches love to pass their wisdom to the younger generations so that knowledge is not forgotten.

You walk your talks and you have lived your own Witchy path, full of wisdom you will make an excellent advisor when other most need it (even though you will never admit it). You are blessed by your ancestors. 

4. the vials/jugs at the back

You are an Alchemist!

The Alchemist. You enjoy working with liquids and your imagination helps you to create concoctions that benefit the body, the mind and the soul. Nothing is the same and all can change. You are able to turn darkness into light. You are a force of creation.

You have a great affinity to understand the principles governing alchemy and you will be able to turn stone to gold. Probably a good cook as well you have the potential to see how single ingredients can become something greater that can bring magic into reality. You will be great in potioncraft. 

5. the Herbs

You are a Herbal Witch!

The Herbal Witch. You enjoy working with natural things and you are very familiar with the qualities of herbs, where they belong, which spirits live around them and how you can grow and use them to enhance your magic. Herbs are the tools of witches to tap into the spirits and the powers of nature. They hold the essence of life.

Being able to attune to all living things, you can feel and see in your mind’s eye how they communicate with you and the messages they bring. In addition, you enjoy the ‘term’ kitchen witch’ and you know how you can use herbs to achieve your goals, the mundane and the magical.

6. The feathers in the ink box

You are a Shaman!

You have an affinity for the element of air and its magical qualities. You are able to communicate with spirits and totem animal guides, use automatic writing, send messages to others who are not next to you and listen to the ‘voice in the wind’. Shamans are the spiritual leader and you are born with this capability. You can show others around you how to live in a more spiritual way. Shamans are extremely wise and powerful.

You enjoy the freedom and the sudden insights that the element of air brings. Furthermore, choosing this object makes you really good with spells as you have a natural incline to writing and communicating your intent.

7. the Candles

You are a Fire Witch! 

The Fire Witch. You enjoy the passion and the magic a single flame can bring in your life. You ignite everything when you are around and you definitely don’t go unnoticed when you enter a room.

Fire is not an element to play with. It requires respect. In order to give the best of you, you demand respect and the proper attention. Fire is the element which can create and destroy. You are born with both abilities. Learn how to balance these forces and use them only for Good purposes. Do not abuse your power! Power means responsibility.

Try to divine with flames or use ceroscopy to see the future, it will surprise you what fire can bring to you.

8. the Purple Book with the Blue Stone

You are a Rainbow Witch (Eclectic Witch)

You are an eclectic witch with great affinity to crystal and in general earth magic. You are able to use crystals in multiple ways from seeing the future, healing the aura and the body, in concoctions and as an additions to your spells and rituals to empower them. Here in MRO we call it, Rainbow Witch thanks to Nixie Vale.

To many you appear unconventional, but when you look in the mirror you see a unique person, steady as a rock who is able to conjure great power in your time of need. Let’s hope we will not be around to witness your fury and if we are to prevent you from reaching to such an extreme 🙂

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