How to Protect Your Room from Dark Arts

How to Protect your Room from Dark Arts

We’ve certainly described in detail the art of protection in several articles. You see, we believe that your magical safety should come first, especially if you engage in the Practice of Witchcraft. Therefore, we need to work with common sense and of course simple techniques to enjoy every part of Witchcraft. This is why we need to make it clear how to protect your room from dark arts. 

Why Protect Your Room from Dark Arts

Well, we spend one third of our lives in bed. The room our bed is placed, is literally our temple. Where we replenish our energy, we ask for divine help or even do private magic only we know about. This is why we need to know about things that can really empower us and provide safety against the Dark Arts. 

There will be times we will be more vulnerable to these energies. Probably because of our every day life, our anxiety or things we miss, our natural defences decrease. Fear can also add in this procedure. If you are wondering if you are already a victim please check the article on Dark Arts. 

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How to Protect your Room from Dark Arts

A. The Four Corners 

Place one clear quartz pebble in each corner of your room. No matter how small – or cheap – the pebble is, quartz create a magical force field around. There’s a reason why we call it here in Magical Recipes Online, ‘the Master Crystal’.  It has also the ability to connect with other similar forcefields intensifying its result. 

TIP. Remember to clean them regularly! 


B. Dream Pillow 

There are many ways to create a dream pillow. The basic form is the following.

Get two matching pieces of red natural fabric, like cotton. Now sew them up together on three sides, leaving one open. Fill the bag with cinquefoil also known as ‘the five-finger grass’. But please, don’t exaggerate. Make sure the pillow is not overstuffed.

Now sew the last end and place it in your pillow. It should feel comfortable. Your sleep comes first. Dream pillows are created to enhance and heal sleep, not disturb it. This dream pillow is supposed to ward off dark spirits and energies. 

Alternatively you can use Rosemary

C. Guardian Angel 

Every time, before you fall asleep, light up a white candle (alternatively you can use a silver one). Stand up and pray to your Guardian Angel for some minutes. Tell him who bothers you. You may want to enhance your practice by creating a special prayer to him. You will find more information here. 

Talk to the flame as if he’s here. Now thank your Guardian Angel and then extinguish the flame. Never leave a candle unattended. 

D. Charcoal to neutralise negativity

We’ve been through it before. But I think it’s essential to repeat it. As we’ve seen in “7 Simple Ways for Magical Protection” you just need three pieces of charcoal. Place them on a white plate under your bed while sleeping. When you wake up, wash the charcoal pieces under cold running water.

E. Pentagram Shield

Right before you go to bed, ‘seal’ the door by inscribing the ‘pentagram‘ in the air with your powerful hand. Do the ‘Prana Mudra’ and create an invisible Pentagram shield three times. While you do that you can say out loud or whisper…

” I seal this gate. Only Good May enter. “

Repeat for every door or window in the room. Remember that you need to repeat it every night in order to work! 


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