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Do's and Don'ts for retrograde mercury
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Do’s and Don’t While Mercury Dances in Retrograde

Here are some quick fire Do’s and Don’ts for the upcoming Mercury in Retrograde. Here you can also look for my top 7 tips for Retrograde Mercury and the Opportunities that only Mercury can offer. The Mercury in Retrograde DO’s  Make sure you check and re-read all emails, letters and correspondences BEFORE you send them…. Think… Keep Reading

crystals for retrograde mercury
Posted on in Witchcraft

Crystals & Retrograde Mercury

Mercury has into Retrograde for the next 21|(ish) days. The next few weeks are going to be tough on those who are sensitive to the energies, but there are ways to cope with this trying time. When we think about my favourite topics, Crystals, what can we use to help us through Mercury’s Retrograde phase?… Keep Reading

retrograde mercury
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Mercury in Retrograde: My Top 7 Tips

It’s here folks, Mercury has entered Retrograde and I have put together a few top tips on how to get through the upcoming weeks. It can be tough, it can be perplexing and it can be really bloody annoying, however, if you are open, it can be an eye-opening time too… Here are my Top… Keep Reading

Magic of Lunar and Solar Eclipses
Posted on in Spellbook/Witchcraft

Magic of Lunar and Solar Eclipses

Through our Times as a magical magazine we’ve put much effort on shedding light on Eclipse Magic. This is one of the most Magical Times of the year. Eclipse Magic is not for the faint hearted. Let’s see now, with the help of Nixie Vale, what magic lies in Eclipses. From the Earth we experience… Keep Reading

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Retrograde Uranus: Astrology and Magic

Retrograde Uranus? On the 2nd August 2017 Uranus will enter Retrograde and this will last until 1st January 2018, and this means it’s effects are going to play a part in our lives the latter half of the year. When Retrograde Uranus, expect great awakenings. This giant of an ice planet is the ruler of… Keep Reading

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Peridot: An August Birthstone

Peridot is the birthstone for August and features in many of the Birthstone Lists for the month of August. Peridot is a powerful Heart Chakra crystal, and can be used to both stimulate and balance the Heart Chakra at the same time. It is a stone that is closely associated with compassion, and bring a… Keep Reading

August's Energy Calendar
Posted on in Astrology/Entertainment

August’s Energy Calendar and Day of Power

There is a lot happening this month at an energy and vibrational level. We have two planets entering their retrograde phase, and one leaving retrograde. We have a Partial Lunar Eclipse and a Total Solar Eclipse. I hope you all have a wonderful August. Here is the August’s Energy Calendar. August’s Energy Calendar 1st August: 🌾… Keep Reading

corn dollies
Posted on in Spellbook/Spirit World/Witchcraft

Corn Dollies

One activity for Lughnasadh that is thousands of years old is the making of the “Corn Dollies”. This is a custom that originates with the people that once grew corn before the invention of farming machinery. They believed that the grain crops were home to a spirit. When they harvested the crop, it would made… Keep Reading

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What’s my Birthstone? Anything You Might Want To Know

Birthstone – Anything You Might Want To Know! We’ve all heard of birthstones and come across them at some point, and with this article I am going to look at birthstones in general but also look where the concept came from and what kind of magic van be woven using birthstones. What is a birthstone?… Keep Reading

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Demystifying Centring

Centring is the process of focusing on the energy that is at the center of your being. Traditionally centring and grounding are used together to prepare for spells, rituals and other variations of magical work. When you are centring yourself, you are finding a place that is within you and it’s from this place you… Keep Reading

grounding your energy
Posted on in Witchcraft

Benefits of Grounding & How To Do It…

Grounding is the process in which we maintain an appropriate amount of energy by releasing any excess energy and sending it back to the earth – a good analogy would be like your house dismissing excess electricity. Grounding is a necessary release of energy that accumulates from a variety of sources that you come in… Keep Reading

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How to Bring a Little Zen to Your Life

The last article I wrote focused on was about how you can raise your own personal vibrations, and today I want to look at another concept to distance yourself from negative energies that can result in being ungrounded or having a low vibration. Welcome to my article on bringing a little Zen into your life.… Keep Reading

How to Raise Your Vibration
Posted on in Witchcraft

How to Raise Your Vibration

In my last few articles I have been concentrating on energy and the process of grounding excess energy. This article is going to venture into another kind of energy work and look at raising your own personal vibrational frequency. So this is how you can raise your Vibration! What does “Raise your Vibration” mean? Everything… Keep Reading

Signs & Symptoms of Being Ungrounded
Posted on in Witchcraft

Signs & Symptoms of Being Ungrounded

Through my Facebook posts I have written about the importance of being grounded, ways of grounding, yourself. I don’t think I ever really did anything really looking at what the symptoms and indicators of being ungrounded are, and for me this is good enough, so I am now going to tackle the mammoth-like undertaking and… Keep Reading

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Witch’s Esbats – all you want to know

For my fourth instalment of the Frequently Asked Questions series I am going to look at the questions I have been asked about Esbats.  Here you will find more information about Moon Phases and What magic is favoured in each!  Q: What is an Esbat?   A: An Esbat is a feast that has no fixed date, or day to celebrate; they move… Keep Reading

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Magical Altar – Do it Yourself

Magical Altar and how to do it! As the second instalment of my Frequently Asked Questions series, Altars is another very common source of questions, and it also has a certain about of confusion about what they should be, where they should be, and so on. Click here to read more about Altars! From all my years… Keep Reading

Phoenix Animal Guide
Posted on in Spirit World

The Magic of the Phoenix Animal Guide

For as long as I can remember I have had a Phoenix with me, she isn’t always visible but I can always feel that she is there. It’s comforting knowing that she is always there and she even shared her name with me. It’s Varia. Varia is a little different from what most people imagine… Keep Reading

Crystal Magic
Posted on in Witchcraft

Crystal Magic Initiation – Part Deux

This is the Second part of the Crystal Magic Initiation in order to become a powerful and wise Crystal Witch. The First part can be found here. Moreover you can get valuable information for all crystals in our Ultimate List here. You can even find a detailed article of Nixie Vale on Andara Crystals.  Q:… Keep Reading

crystal magic, how to heal with crystals
Posted on in Witchcraft

Crystal Magic – Initiation

Crystal Magic’s Frequently Asked Questions.Since I became a qualified crystal healer here in the UK I have been inundated with questions about crystals and crystal healing. Make sure you check here for the ultimate list of Crystals and their powers. (You can find here part two) **Disclaimer** Crystal healing is a complimentary healing method, and… Keep Reading

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