Friday, 21 July 2017

Friday, 21 July 2017

Astrology - Daily Predictions
Astrology - Daily Predictions

Astrology Today: Today the Moon will enter the sign of Cancer calling us back home and back to ourselves. That doesn’t mean we should stop socialising, of course. It means we now feel the need to slow down our pace and take better care of our home and our inner self. Self discovering is very favoured for all the zodiacs.

Mars, that has just entered Leo, though, stress things a little, but also provides us with the energy needed to deal with the situations that may appear. A very important month starts for Leos, Sagittariuses and Arieses. Maybe even karmic. Make the most of it now that you feel more rejuvenated and powerful for close to the end of it, things will be more difficult.

A very promising day for Cancer and Leo, but also for the signs of Water and Fire. Capricorn and Aquarius need some caution.

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After your social period now you need some time to rest and take care of your domestic affairs and yourself. Your love life also becomes more important and probably luckier. Beauty and attraction spells are favoured, as do all beautifying treatments.


A calm day in most aspects. There is an inner fight between your urge to socialise and your desire to be alone in your home. Whatever of these you choose, you can do it. If you don’t live alone, though, try to avoid domestic quarrels.


You still feel social, but you feel somehow stressed about that. You may have too many interactions or less than you wished for. But most people love being with you. If your work involves interactions with public, expect good things to happen there.


A very good day for you to start materialising your dreams and wishes. You can express yourself better and “louder” and people around you seem to respect you more. Some progress – even rapid or unexpected – happens in your financials or job area. Games of luck also are favoured.


You are burning hot and bright and all attention is on you. Both yours and the one of people around you. Whatever your dreams and wishes, start acting upon their manifestation.


You may feel some need to socialise, or maybe this is forced on you. Either way, it’s a way to escape your inner thoughts. Today they seem to be more focused on the problems or sad memories. Overcome this, and things will be good enough.


You can keep socialising a little more. You feel a little tired of this, but you still like it and you are still lucky on this subject. But career and establishing an order in your life becomes your priority now.


You feel inspired on work and career matters. New plans, new ideas and an optimistic enthusiasm awake in your mind. This is good. Make the best out of it.


You need to think and re-evaluate your self, your life and the world around you. Don’t try to suppress this tendency. It’s a useful thing, and, unpleasant as it may be occasionally it will help you in the long term.


Love, marriage and sex are still the main focus. You may need to fix a few problems there. Business partners and partnerships demand your attention too, now.


If you have problems with your spouse, now is the time to face them. It may be unpleasant to do that, but it is easier to find the best solution now. Take good care of your health today, and rest properly.


Love life becomes more important to you. You feel a need to fall in love, if you haven’t, or express your love if you are in a relationship. Start living together with a lover is favoured now.

Astrology and Magic:

Beauty spells, attraction spells and wish fulfilling spells are favoured. Here are some of the many spells you can use:

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day.

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