Predictions for Hunter Full Moon – Part 2

Predictions for Hunter Full Moon in Aries - Detailed analysis for all the zodiac signs for the Full Moon in Aries.

Predictions for Hunter Full Moon - Part 2

Predictions for Aries:

Health, physical and psychological, receives more focus now, while love life a little less. At least until the 14th of the month, when the focus on love life will become strong again. Pay proper attention and care to your health and diet, but don’t get easily scared by minor problems. Sexual health also needs some attention. On the other hand, if you want to better your sexual health and ability, this is a good time to do so. Sex life can be much luckier and active now. But do play safe. After the 10th of the month, this can become even an obsession, so be a little careful about it.

Deepening and strengthening your bonds with your current lover, or searching for meaningful relationships is also something that will come to pass. Sex can be a double edged sword in this case, so make wise use of it.

There is also a great focus on work and career matters. Careers that intend to make you famous are the ones receiving most blessings, but also the ones where your judgement is more clouded. If you are in such a career, ask for advice from professionals of the subject. At least from people you trust, and preferably are not of the same zodiac. Studies receive more stress than blessings. This can happen because they advance rapidly, and you don’t feel able to follow the pace, but also because problems of any kind can appear regarding your studies. Do your best and trust yourself. The odds of success are in your favour.

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Spirituality and magic can also advance during this time. Mostly perfecting the methods you are familiar with than testing new methods, but opportunities for the latter will also appear. You’ll feel more willing to try something new after the 30th of the month though, with exception of the days the Moon enhance your adventurous side.

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Predictions for Taurus:

There is even more focus in your love life now. There is also luck there. Your ruler, Venus, is in strong conjunction with Mars in a friendly zodiac and in the fifth house of joy. It will soon enter your sixth house, though. But, even from there it will continue interacting with your love planet, which is now in direct motion, and also Venus will be in its Libra, which also rules. Jupiter will enter your house of love, too.

The strong Plutonian activity – Pluto is your love planet – also gives a great focus on your love life. Many opportunities can appear to those seeking a new love interest. Many efforts – successful or not – for bettering your love life can happen during this period. Magical and non magical ones. Lucky and unlucky events can happen regarding love, as well. Don’t get disappointed. The more you try, the better results you’ll have, even if after all those influences cease to exist. Chiron and Saturn – the latter in the house of sex – keep teaching you lessons. Learn them, “pass the exams” and the results will come. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have any luck during these influences. It just means that the luck you are building during this period may manifest itself after it has passed.

Depression and other mental conditions can become more intense, so take good care of them. Work also becomes important after the 10th of the month, and even more so after the 14th of the month. And lucky, most of the times. Beautifying yourself and enhancing your health is also a trade now, and one you should pay attention to. Your health, occasionally may be more delicate, but all these are ways your body talks to you in order to fortify your health in a more permanent way. Keep in mind, though, that sometimes, you tend to magnify small health issues to an extreme point. Avoid this trap.

Predictions for Gemini:

Other than the situations with your friends and siblings that now become less troubled and less troublesome, all the other aspects mentioned in the New Moon, are empowered even more. Work, and your efforts to better the conditions there, is becoming more and more a huge part of your daily focus and routine. Are you trying to get a promotion, start a new business or expand your current one? This is a good period to do all these. At least do the best to open the path for these. If you have business partners the problems will be more than if you are running your business alone.

After the 14th of the month love life starts becoming happier and luckier, but even until then, there will be a good amount of focus in the field. Many opportunities looking good, but not necessarily being good, can appear until the 14th. Try to evaluate them correctly. After then, the scenery is clearer and things will be easier. Still, if you are feeling confident for the quality of an opportunity that appears before the 14th, do follow it. Some relationships, new or existing, will advance rapidly. This can be pleasant or stressful. Try to focus on the good parts.

Predictions for Cancer:

Friendships, your relationship with your siblings and those you consider as such, are still challenged. Maybe even more, but there is something good happening in this area. Some relationships become deeper and healthier. New ones can also appear. I’m talking about friendly relationships, but love will start to become luckier as the month proceeds, especially for the singles. Family also will become more important. And probably mostly pleasantly so.

Work gets better, but you may don’t feel this in your everyday life. Many stressful situations may take place, but you deal with them successfully and you achieve progress in the area. Health, though, may be more stressful and challenged. Take good care of it, and try to find time to rest and relax. Skeletal health is one of the aspects that is affected the most. If you already have problems there, take extra care. The extra stress students have had is calming down now. Still there is some stress there, but the hardest part has passed.

Predictions for Leo:

Money is still the main focus of the period, and the way you feel about it remains more important that how your financial situation is and progress. There is much energy and activity in the area, and much progress, but as the month proceeds things stabilise. In a good way, most probably. Career can be a little unpredictable, and this adds to your financial insecurities, but this also calms down. If your earnings are coming from foreign countries, there will be even more luck there. If you intend to expand your business in such a manner, proceed courageously.

There is much focus in love life as well, but mostly because of problems. Distance can be one of them, but also there may be emotional distance. Even old problems an resurface by the smallest causes. Sometimes without an actual cause. Things you haven’t settled with exes can also stress you both internally and externally. Singles won’t be very lucky in finding a new relationship during this time, and even if they do find one, I wouldn’t hold my hopes high as about the quality and the longevity of the relationship. Be patient. This will change after the New Moon. Searching inside you to find what can make your heart full, and not in a bad way, is what you should be doing now.

Predictions for Virgo:

Love is still a main focus. Second in order though, now. Most of the challenges Chiron and the New Moon gave you, are now reducing their intensity and frequency. If you have learned your lessons and accepted that self expression can and should exist in a relationship, both from your part and your partners, then love life can actually be lucky now. Not heavily lucky, but lucky.

Financials and business is the number one focus. Despite the stress, this will come with a bettering of the situations in the area. Even when Jupiter leaves your money house this won’t change. Social media, blogs and other such means of earning are very much supported and not much stressed. Sales also receive good blessings. If your job is related with promoting people or goods, then it can be very busy, and in this manner stressful, but it will also provide you good earnings. This will continue even after the New Moon, but the stress declines. On the negatives, family can be very stressful and restricting.

Predictions for Libra:

Health is good now, but some fears about it are still in your mind. Trust your body and your soul. Love them, too, and support them. See the beauty on them. It is very possible that you want to change your body’s image. If so, do it in a supportive way and not in a punishing way. You may also feel that things are getting better, even while you don’t actually see anything proving this. It is true. Be a little patient, and things indeed are getting better in every aspect of your life. Even more so after the next New Moon. For now, do dream and decide what you want to achieve.

Financials can be more lucky and less stressful than what you were expecting during the previous New Moon. Jupiter moving to your money house helps this luck, and this is just the start of it. In short, your life is getting in order in every aspect of it. Friendships can provide some stress and also excitement. So can your children.

Predictions for Scorpio:

Happiness and all aspects of it are still the main focus, and there is much stress there. Now, though, there is progress. You are getting happier. How much happier depends one what you have done to heal and clean your blocks and set your goals. Of course, if you haven’t done anything, you can, and should, start acting immediately. Still there will be some good luck in this case, but make it better, greater and more permanent. Love life is included. Meeting new people, amongst them potential lovers, is something that comes naturally. You just need to keep your doors open. Friends, teachers, and people who can help your job or career can also come this way.

Financials are still stressed but they are getting better. Have you done your best during the Saturn-Jupiter hexagon? Then both financials can become really good, and you can manifest, your business goals now. Start manifesting at the very least. After the next New Moon there will be even more luck in the area, and much more opportunities to realise your dreams. Your magic and intuition are strong now. Even when they don’t feel extra strong, they are more potent and strong than usually.

Predictions for Sagittarius:

Family and home are still important and stressful. Career remains important but with less stress and some more luck there. Your fears and insecurities about all these subjects are slowly calming down. In some cases this happens because of the good luck more than because you healed the problems. Now that the stress is less, act on healing. If you don’t this areas will, eventually, become stressful again. Even more so, your spirituality is getting stronger, so spiritual and energy healing is becoming also stronger. Reiki, meditation, self-hypnosis are some such ways of healing, but not all. Use the one you feel more compatible with you.

Spiritual awareness and a tendency to engage with spirituality and promote it is present, and will become even stronger after the 10th of the month. Establishing an inner balance will balance your life. This is, in fact, a general truth, but now you’ll see this truth manifesting more easily and naturally than usually. Promoting your business and even love through spiritual methods is also strong. Just remember to work on the qualities you want and not on the actual persons. The latter will surely cause you many problems and much suffering. Taking part in spiritual-related seminars, schools or things like that, can be very helpful. Not only for your spiritual development, but also for finding friends and lovers. And also this methods can help you understand, accept, love, and support yourself more. Doing this, will generate luck and happiness.

Predictions for Capricorn:

There was a focus on career all year long, as Jupiter is in this house of yours, but now, as its getting ready to leave it, there is an even greater focus there, and much luck too. There is, probably, too much activity there and a very tight schedule, but there is progress as well. Part of it, you can see it almost immediately, but there is also progress happening there you’ll come to realise in the coming months, and maybe years. So, patiently deal with the stress and do your best.

Friendships still receive much stress. They will receive luck too, after the 10th of the month. New, more meaningful, or more joyful relationships will start coming your way. Maybe they have already started coming. If so, this will become easier. Love is more challenged than friendships. It isn’t as easy to find a new lover. Not impossible, but not as easy as finding new friends. Places of study can be more helpful in this matter. Places of art too. Your spirituality is also very important. It can help you a lot in your long term goals. Short term too, but the greatest potency is in the long term goals.

Predictions for Aquarius:

Career, money and possessions are all challenged and stressed. Too much focus there, and too many energies. Don’t lose hope, as the odds of success are more than you can realise right now. As the month proceeds you’ll start seeing the light. Friends and acquaintances with power can help you in this. They mostly seem willing to do so, but you need to ask for their help, most of the times. If you don’t know such people, you may find them during this period.

Sex life is better and more lucky than it was during the waxing moon. Expressing your love and care through sexual means is possible, and it seems like most of the times your partner receives this love. This makes things better. If you are searching for a new love interest, covens, magic groups, and religious groups can be the best place to start searching. Even if this new lover comes from other ways, the metaphysical interests will bring you closer. Love magic and sex magic are very strong. So, do use magic to help you find what you are seeking.

Predictions for Pisces:

Your self still demands your attention. Keep nurturing yourself and healing your ego. For doing that you may need to do some cleansing internally and externally. Are you attached to sorrows, angers or guilts? Let them go. Do you feel you have to fulfil others’ people dreams about you? Let this burden go. Do you feel the obligation to serve and fulfil past dreams of your that you no longer desire? Free yourself from this illusionary obligation. Make room from new dreams, and new good things and blessings to come your way.

Do the same thing with your place of living, and your life. Throw away, or gift away, things you no longer need or want. Even those you never did, but you bought them thinking you did. Always choose gifting instead of throwing away, when this is applicable, as gifting brings more blessings than just creating place for new blessings to come. This procedure will be more beneficial until the 10th of the month, but Chiron will keep demanding this until the 31st.

Love life can be lucky and happy even without much of your effort. Happy things happening there. Career, on the other hand, seems stressful and mostly in a way that you feel that you can’t do anything about it. Do what you can, no matter how insignificant it seems. Things will get better. Cosmos works on that, but if you don’t ask for its help, it won’t deliver it to you. Do what you can, and the Universe will stress its hand to you.

Astrology and Magic:

As we said, under Chiron’s influences, healing ourselves, expressing ourselves and nurturing ourselves are most powerful. Removing blocks, now, is also powerful. Meditative techniques too.


That’s all. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the Lunar Month.

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