Predictions: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

Predictions: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

Predictions: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

General Daily Predictions:

On February 15, at 21:05 UT the Moon meets the Sun in Aquarius forming the New Moon. This New Moon will also be a partial Solar Eclipse. The Eclipse will start at 18:55 and will end at 22:47 UT.

Solar Eclipse - February 15/16
Solar Eclipse – February 15/16

Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury will be affected from the Eclipse, too. This means that Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Aquarius, along with Cancer and Leo will feel the influences of the Eclipse even stronger, and even more stressfully. It also means that all the areas of our lives these planets influence will be affected.

As a general influence, all transportations and communications, as well as the means of those can face some problems. Backing up your contacts and your important files from your phones would be a good idea. Expansions of business and of any kind, as well as changes in our lives and routines, will face difficulties and stress. At least when we are trying to achieve them. If we are trying to avoid them, then it is possible that they will force their ways in our lives.

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The good thing is, for the most of it, the celestial scenery is auspicious and all the planets are in direct motion. This means that it will be easier for us to be flexible, adopt the necessary changes and find the solutions to any problem the Eclipse will cause us. Even more, all the changes the Eclipse will cause us, will eventually be for our good. The True Node on the day of the Eclipse will turn retrograde. This will “encourage” us to cling on the past conditions, but this is something that we should not. The North Node, though, will be in direct motion, so this tendency won’t be that forceful.

Finally, this Eclipse happens in between two important dates. The eve of the Eclipse is the Hindu festival of the Mahasivaratri, while the day itself is the eve of the Chinese New Year. These two, along with the excessive energies the Eclipse will release, will make the day of the Eclipse an extremely powerful magical and spiritual day.

So, in short, this Eclipse will be strong, unsettling and stressful, but it is a good thing to happen.

Predictions for Aries:

Travelling is never advisable during the Eclipses, but under the influence of this Solar Eclipse even more so. The worst part of it is that the ruler of your sign tries to encourage you, or even cause you to travel. Nonetheless, if possible, avoid travelling during the Ecliptic period, and at the very least, during the eve, the day, and the next day of the Solar Eclipse. If you really have to travel, then expect problems and delays, so arrange your schedule accordingly.

Phones, computers and similar devices of yours are very sensitive. Back up your files, update your antivirus and firewall and, in general, do whatever you can do to avoid problems. They may still appear, though. Sometimes, they will appear and disappear on their own. But other times you may even need to repair your equipment, or buy new one. Unless you need it right now, though, it would be a wise choice to wait until after the Ecliptic period to replace your equipment. Internet activity can also face some problems. Secure your social media accounts, and avoid sharing very personal information.

Finally, your friends or friendships can face a few problems. In the first case, they are problems in your friends’ lives that they share with you, or they ask for your advice and support and this can stress you, or it’s their bad mood because of these problems that cause some tension in between you. In the latter case, it’s the problems of your friendship that becomes very vivid. There is a focus on them. If this is the case, grab the chance to heal these problems.

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Predictions for Taurus:

The Lunar Eclipse affected your career and this Solar Eclipse will do the same even more strongly. Family and people near you will keep distracting you from your work. In addition, the situations in your work can become quite stressful. Bosses, superiors, or even changes in the local or international laws and rules can be the cause of this situation. Even more, your financials also receive some stress. Avoid unnecessary expenses during this period. You may also find yourself in the need to reconsider your financial strategies. Expansions of business should be considered very carefully and you should proceed on them slowly. In fact, try to relax your business agenda as much as possible.

Friendships are also affected by the Solar Eclipse. Friendships without strong foundations may end during this period. Additionally, your friends may face some problems in a way that will stress you. In some cases they may need to borrow some money from you, which will add to the financial stress this Solar Eclipse causes. Love affairs also get some focus. Problems in existing relationships will be too loud for you to overlook them. Love affairs without strong foundations are in danger. If you are unwillingly single, then this problem can also be very loud. Start correcting and healing these problems. If so, love life will be much better after the Ecliptic period.

Finally, health needs some attention. Both physical and psychological. Events, thoughts and dreams about death may occur. Even if they come through a health problem, or an accident, in most cases they will only be thoughts and fears and nothing more. Therefore, take good care of your health and be optimistic.

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Predictions for Gemini:

Although this Solar Eclipse affects you greatly and stresses you in many ways, in most cases it’s a forceful push towards your good. So, whatever happens, keep this in mind. Close friends, siblings and sibling figures can stress you during the period of this Solar Eclipse, mostly by their problems, rather thn with problems in your relationship with them. On the other hand, tension between you and your significant one can appear. If it’s already there, it may get stronger. Good relationships will overcome this and they’ll get healthier and stronger. Problematic ones, though, are in danger. Whether this will take the form of a break up, the beginning of it, or something less drastic, depends on your individual case.

You may find yourself in the desire, or the need of travelling during this period. Nonetheless, try to avoid, if possible, the Ecliptic period. Also, take good care of your means of transportation and communication, as well as all your high-tech gadgets. Additionally, if you hae issues with the law, or the authorities, they may overstress you now. Keep in mind, though, that this doesn’t mean they’ll have an unwelcome outcome. In fact, in some cases, they can turn unexpectedly well.

Your studies, your spiritual path and your self-knowledge are affected by this Solar Eclipse. All sort of changes can happen in studies, including rejections from schools you were certain they’ll accept you. Nevertheless, all these changes will end up being beneficial for you. Your spiritual path and studies follow, more or less, the same pattern. In a more personal manner, you will redefine and re-establish the way you see yourself and the public image you want to present. You may also find out that what you thought you were, or wanted to become and achieve, it’s not really what you want any more. If this is your case do not hesitate to abandon whatever is no longer you, and honour the new you.

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Predictions for Cancer:

Your financials, as well as your love and business partners’ financials, demand your attention during the period of influence of this Solar Eclipse. In some cases this will be the only thing you need to do. Pay more attention and maybe reduce unnecessary expenses. In most cases, though, some form of correction in the way you handle your financials and in your financial planning will become necessary. Once again, this can be true both for you and for your partners, life or business ones alike.

Travelling and transportation receive much stress under this Solar Eclipse. Walk and drive extra carefully during this period and take the best possible care of your vehicles. As a general advice, avoid being on the streets more than you have to. Of course, though, stop living just because an Eclipse happens is not the wise way to handle it. Communications and the means of them also receive some stressful energies, but not as strongly. So, pay attention to those, as well.

The whole planetary scenery supports your health, but the Solar Eclipse seems to stress it a little. So, do take good care of your health during this period. In most cases, though, nothing serious will happen. Things that look serious while they are nor, or at least more serious than they are, as well as an inner fear for possible or potential health problems can happen. Things like those may inspire you to change your health related habits. Diet and exercising are just two examples of what you may rethink and change in your daily routine. The procedure of embodying these changes and decisions in your life, although it’s initiated by the Eclipse’s energies, it’s a long lasting one. Little by little, or a lot now and a little later, this will be a tendency that will follow until the next Ecliptic period. Think carefully what needs changing, ask for a professional’s advice, and respect your body’s needs and capabilities, and these changes will benefit you for much longer than just a few days or months.

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Predictions for Leo:

This Solar Eclipse stresses your health. Old problems can act up, new problems can appear. Of course, do take proper care of your health, but in most cases this is just a passing trend. As the influences of the Eclipse calm down, health will become better again. Even more so after Sun and Mercury enter Pisces, just three days after the Eclipse. In the meantime, relaxing and resting as much as possible is a good policy.

Your relationship and relationship status also receives a great focus of energies from this Solar Eclipse. Problems in an existing relationship will come to light only much too vividly. This can be a good thing for strong and healthy relationships. Overcoming this problems and issues will make the relationship even better. The best case scenario is that your other half deals with stressful situations and these keep them in a bad mood. If this is your case, be patient, and be there for them. On the other hand, problematic relationships are in danger. Nevertheless, even this should be considered as a good thing. Break ups, divorces, or the beginning of such events can happen during this period. But, also, new relationships, and marriages, or marriages proposals can also occur. In some cases, friendships and partnerships will follow a similar pattern.

Financials also are affected by the Eclipse. Try to avoid unnecessary expenses and big, risky investments. If you need to do something like that, such as buying a new home, make sure you invest the situation thoroughly before finalising the deal. Of course, avoiding the Ecliptic period, or as much of it as possible, is advisable. Also, you may need to find mistakes and unrealistic point of view in your financial strategies and planning.

Finally, all the self-centred and inner effects of the Lunar Eclipse are reactivated under the influence of this Solar Eclipse. Maybe now you see the same things from a different point.

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Predictions for Virgo:

The Lunar Eclipse was quite gentle with you. This Eclipse, though, won’t be as gentle. In fact, as it affects Mercury, the ruler of your sign, it can affect you in every possible way. Probably, though, its greater focus will be on your work and financials. All sort of upheavals can happen in your job. They may be situations that affect you directly, that you are the cause of them, or that affect you indirectly as they affect other parties of your company. Changes in your co-workers, employers or employees can happen, too. Even more, sometimes unpredictably so. Your post, or the company you work for, can change. If you are the employer, some of your personnel may leave, or take a leave. Hiring new personnel may become a necessity, but avoid taking hasty decisions about this.

Health is a little sensitive under the influences of this Solar Eclipse, but, unless your natal chart empowers this influence, probably nothing more than that. Relax a lot, sleep well, have a healthy diet, and in most cases, these will be all you’ll need to do.

Family can become stressful, demanding, or even annoying during this period. They may face some situations on their own that will affect your relationship with them, or the conditions under which you interact. Of course, problems in your relationship with them may become more intense, as well. The parental couple can also face some difficulties that will stress you. Whether these difficulties are in their relationship, or something else, depends on the individual case. Not only the family, but the home too can stress you. Problems in the house, apartment, or whatever you live in, may occur. Those that already exist but you’ve neglected may demand your immediate attention. In the same manner though, taking care of your home may become your priority, or more of a priority during the Ecliptic period.

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Predictions for Libra:

Travelling is not advisable during an Eclipse, and this Eclipse can make this point very clear to you. Both travelling and transportation is affected, and of course, your vehicles also need some attention. Travelling for fun can become less enjoyable than you plan, or not enjoyable at all. Driving needs an extra care and attention. And also, avoid moving around aimlessly. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should stay at home 24/7, but when on the roads, be as careful as you can. High-tech equipment, and especially phones and other communication equipment can face some problems, too. Back up your important files and contacts, update your antivirus and firewall, and do the best to avoid any inconveniences. Purchasing new such equipment during the Ecliptic period is not advisable. Unless you really need them right now, postpone such purchases for after the Full Moon on the 2nd of March.

Siblings, sibling figures, and your children and children figures may face some stressful situations that will affect you, or at least stress you. In most cases some financial difficulties, and some changes in their actual image and public image will be the root of it. Whatever the case is, though, avoid forcing your opinion and believes on them, and don’t run in to their help, unless they ask for it.

In sort, though, this Solar Eclipse will be quite gentle with you. Dealing with the after effects of the Lunar Eclipse can be more of a bother than dealing with whatever this Eclipse has to bring. So, just remain calm, and optimistic.

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Predictions for Scorpio:

Family can become quite stressful and irritating during this Solar Eclipse. And please remember that the period of influence of every Eclipse starts about 15 days before the actual Eclipse and ends 15 days after it. So, this situation is possible to have started happening and to continue to happen even after the actual Eclipse. Be patient. Stressful situations in your family members’ lives “help” them be more harsh in their words, temperamental, and irritating. Of course, pay attention on what happens, as it can clue you about their actual thought and feelings, but keep in mind that in most cases you are seeing them under a magnifying glass.

Dreams and visions can become very vivid and active during this Eclipse. Be aware though, this is not a boosting of your intuition nor of your prophetic capability. It’s probably your inner self, the one you are trying to suppress, trying to express itself. By watching you dreams and visions, you can understand better what feelings and thought you have and try to turn the blind eye on them. If you want to establish a better relationship with yourself, then this is a good opportunity. Pay attention of your visions and dreams and try to explain them as parts of your present state, rather than as omens of your future. In most cases, they are not the latter. In fact, if you are using any form of divination for yourself, unless you are very confident about your skills, avoid using it during the Ecliptic Period.

Career matters receive some influences from the Solar Eclipse, as well. Changes in your job, line of work, or career can happen during this period, by your choice, or not. On the long run, though, these changes will be beneficial for you. Financials are also affected. Pay closer attention to them. Reducing your expenses, correcting the way you handle your financials and things like those are necessary. The sooner you take action, the better.

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Predictions for Sagittarius:

Travelling, transportation, communication and the means of those are all challenged by the Eclipse. Avoid travelling, and especially long distance one, as well as travelling abroad, even if the latter doesn’t seem to be a long distance one. If you have to travel during this period, try to schedule it as far away as possible of the actual Eclipse. When driving, drive as safely as possible, and maintain your vehicles as better as you can. The same goes for your communication equipment. Buying cars, mobiles and the like during this period is not advisable. If you don’t really need to buy them right now, postpone this for after the Full Moon on March 2.

Students will be affected even more strongly by the Eclipse. Thing in their schools and studies can become stressful in unpredictable ways. Changes in schools, teachers and curse can happen, forcefully, or by choice. As the general planetary scenery is beneficial, these changes will end up being good ones, but they can be stressful while they are happening.

Existing relationships, as well as business partnerships can be challenged by the Eclipse. In most cases, though, this won’t be a serious or destructive kind of challenge. It will be one that will make clearer to you what needs correction and healing. Unless the situations are already bad enough, if you take action now, dramas won’t happen now or in the next few months. Maybe for more. This, obviously, depends on the individual case.

Finally redefining yourself and your image is inspired by this Eclipse. Although some changes may come immediately, for the most of it, this influence is not intense. It’s a long lasting one, though. It will accompany you until the July’s Eclipses.

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Predictions for Capricorn:

Just like with the Lunar Eclipse, safety should be your top priority during this Solar Eclipse. Avoid taking unnecessary risks of all kinds and in all aspects of your lives. And if these risks are something you can’t avoid, be extra careful while acting upon them.

Love life isn’t really affected by the Eclipse, either beneficially, or inauspiciously. Whatever problems may occur in your love life during this period will be mostly because of the influences the other party receives. The spouse’s or lover’s financials can be the root of it quite so often, as well as bad communication.

Your financials also receive some stress during this time. In most cases this is a gentle stress. Minor changes happen in your financial status and your financial strategies. Even if these are stressful, or cause you some immediate expenses, they will become beneficial for you. So, be brave and optimistic. Of course, whenever this is applicable, ask for a specialist’s advice. If your financials are depended on other people, then you may experience a little more stress and a few more difficulties on them, as these other people may face financially stressful situations. Once again, though, it’s highly unlikely that things will get out of control. There is more stress regarding financials than actual danger.

Other than avoiding any possible danger, legs and feet can be a little problematic during this period. If there are existing problems there, they may act up a little. If there aren’t any, some minor ones may appear. In most cases, proper rest and probably some massage or energy healing will do the trick.

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Predictions for Aquarius:

The Lunar Eclipse wasn’t gentle with your love life. This one won’t be either. Maybe it will stress it in new ways, or, maybe, it will renew the Lunar Eclipse’s stresses. It can actually do both. For the singles, this Eclipse may awaken the desire to form a relationship. If the desire is already present, then this Eclipse can make it even stronger. Nonetheless, don’t make hasty decisions on this matter. For those in a good relationship, the desire to make it more formal or public is the way this influence may express itself. Problematic relationships, or marriages, though, are in danger. If you’ve chosen to close your eyes at the problems of your relationship that the Lunar Eclipse tried to make clear to you, now you may open your eyes in a forceful way.

Friendships will follow the same pattern, more or less. Good friendships will become, eventually, better, if you deal with the problems this Eclipse reveals. Unhealthy friendships, though, may see their ending. But, contrary to love, the appearance of new friends is rather possible, especially for those who were trying to make some. In some cases, a new friend can become important to you in a very rapid way.

Finally, high-tech equipment is challenged by the Eclipse. Some of this equipment can misbehave, or reveal problems it had had but you were unaware of. Repairs and replacements of such equipment is something you may find yourself in need to do. Nonetheless, unless you really need to replace this equipment right away, it’s more advisable to do it after the Ecliptic period. Phones and other means of communication will be the most prominent to receive this influence.

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Predictions for Pisces:

The Solar Eclipse doesn’t look very aggressive towards you. It affects and stresses you in many ways but not severely so. Job and health are under the influence of this Eclipse, just like under the Lunar Eclipse’s. Some more changes and disturbances may happen in your work and in your diet and other health related habits. Once again, though, as the overall planetary scenery is beneficial, none of these changes and disturbances will be either sever, or a purely bad one. They may stress you while they are happening, but they’ll end up being beneficial for you. Even more, at least in most cases, the stress the Lunar Eclipse caused was greater than the one this Solar Eclipse will cause. Also, financially speaking, there may be some insecurity but probably nothing more than that. But, avoid games of luck, as well as investing much money in the stock-market and things like those.

The most of the influences of this Solar Eclipse would be inner ones. Your spirituality and spiritual path is affected the most. Changes in believes, spiritual teachers and teaching may happen. If you attend such a school, or something similar, disturbances in it may happen. Some such establishments will stop operating, some will be in some sort of chaos, some will show you a face that doesn’t agree with you. In a more personal level, some of your own believes may change as new, more “correct” will come in mind. In some cases, the outer world will force you realise the mistake and flaws of your believes. This can be a very disappointing and disturbing experience, but it is a good one to happen.

Finally, your existing relationships may face some stress. Once again, though, this won’t be a sever one, and it happens, probably, because the other party faces some problems in their own lives.

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Astrology and Magic:

As we’ve seen in the general section, this New Moon and Solar Eclipse happens in between two festivals with great energy. These energies, along with the Eclipse’s energies give to this new Moon, and the whole waxing lunar month ahead a great magical potential for every cause. Anything that has to do with finding new people, being them friends, lovers, clients, whatever, as well as with studies, and trade, receive even stronger energies. Of course, the Solar Eclipse’s energies are not balanced. Therefore, work with caution and use mostly methods you have a great experience in them, or that they are gentle, easy and calm.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy this new lunar month, and make the most of this Solar Eclipse!

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