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Gods Gifts to Zodiac Signs

How Gods and Goddesses blessed zodiac signs with a unique Divine Gift  Zeus, the King of all Gods and Goddesses was believed to bless each...

Hathor Zodiac Sign

Hathor, the Mistress of the West Hathor was one of the most popular Deities in Ancient Egypt. She was worshipped by royalty and common people...

Bright Comet ATLAS approaching Earth – during last visit we built...

Something really weird is happening the last months and certainly all can feel that. Surely the astrological Predictions saw a darkness coming but I'm...

5 Magical Opportunities with Retrograde Mercury (Rx)

The School of Witchcraft: 5 Magical Opportunities with Retrograde Mercury (Rx) Things to Do when Mercury is Retrograde

Worst Fears of Zodiac Signs – and how to fight them

What do we hide inside? Have you dared to look inside your soul? It takes much courage to face your worst fears, but it...

Tips & Tricks While Retrograde Neptune

Neptune is one of the most slowly moving planets around the Sun. Hence, it's Retrograde course makes things even slower. But that's not what...

Full Moon in Pisces – 02 September 2020

Astrological Predictions for the Full Moon in Pisces – September 02, 2020. What happens to each and every zodiac sign? What magic is favoured by the stars?