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Voodoo in Miami – Turtles bound together carrying a bag of...

Not all witches are good. We've been through this uncomfortable truth many times before. The reason we get back to it is to make...

Choose an Alchemical Symbol – See what Your Soul Needs

Alchemy is the Art of the Wise. We believe that Alchemy is an essential knowledge for all Witches. Hence, in one of our very...

Is the Super Blue Blood Moon a sign of the wrath...

Eschatology is a fancy English word. It roughly means something like “the study of beliefs concerning the final events in the history of the...

Scientists Prove that Emotions affect your Body and Aura

we knew it already but now we've got scientific proof

Dead Can Dance: an inward musical trip

Music is essential, and we know that. It is the most powerful fashion of non-verbal art to express the ineffable. That is why music...

Product Review: “Jinx Removing” oil by “Indio Products”

***** (Five out of Five / Excellent Product! )

5 Signs my Neighbour is a Witch

Have you always been living together with old witches? Have you ever wondered what if you are not the only witch in town? Is...

Do We Live in Matrix?

Billionaires and Tech Gurus are convince verything we live an Illusion!

Canada Legalizes Witchcraft

Witches of Canada rejoice, you can now legally cast spells ! Criminal Law against Witchcraft changes