Magical Newsletter

Moon Portals, Gates to other Realms

How to open magic Moon Portals and travel to other Realms

How to Contact your Guardian Angel

Write a Magic Letter to your Guardian Angel 

The Witch’s Ladder

How to Make and Use the Witch"s Ladder, the powerful Talisman of Old Witches

Elemental Magic of Air: to Raise and Summon a Wind! &...

How to invoke each wind to work with your Magic!

Advanced Magic: how to Invoke Apollo and be Blessed by the...

Ancient powerful Invocations, magical instructions and ritualsHow to Invoke God Apollo

Rose of Jericho and the Water of Resurrection

The Magnificent Qualities of the Desert Rose and how to tap into its Magical Powers. 

Attraction Spell: Make yourself A Giant Charming Star

The most Powerful Talisman ever created is Yourself!

Basic Cleansing & Purification Spell to banish negativity

Practical Magic: How to banish negativity

A simple Wish spell from Grandmother’s Grimoire

How to grant your wishes with a simple magic spell