Magical Newsletter

How to Keep your Wallet Full of Money

A simple Prosperity Spell

Archangel Michael’s Blessings & Protection spell

Judika Illes exclusive:  a powerful Blessing & Protection Spell invoking Archangel Michael

How to Change Your Eye Colour

Glamour Spell to create an Illusion

Evil Eye : Understanding the power of a malevolent gaze

What is it? How to protect from it?  How to detect it? How to cure it?

Knot Magic. How to bind magic power using knots!

School of Witchcraft: Tie a knot and bind magical power to your life!

Choose a Key, read the Meaning!

The keys are very old tools of magic. In fact, a key can be used for both divination and ritual purposes. Key in Magic It symbolises...

How to Find Your Totem Animal

A spell to connect and conjure your Familiar - Totem Animal  

Sigil Magic: Vegvisir, the Icelandic compass to find your way

The Icelandic Viking Rune for Luck and Blessings

Tools of the Craft: The Magic Ring & how to Create...

School of Witchcraft and the Tools of the Craft: The Magic Ring