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Anubis, the Gatekeeper of the Great Beyond
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Anubis, the Gatekeeper of the Great Beyond

Anubis is one of the most important Gods of the Egyptian pantheon and the Primary God of the Underworld until Middle Kingdom. His name is the Greek version of what Egyptians pronounced as Anapa or Anpu. The etymology of the word Anubis is under discussion. Some suggest that it derives from Royal Child, Putrefy or… Keep Reading

Ruby Magical Properties
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Ruby and its magical Properties. The King of Gems

Crystal & Gem Magic. Correspondences, Lore and Magical Properties. Ruby, the King of Gems. Ruby, one of the most highly-valued, one of the most precious and beautiful stones one can ever find. A gem so precious that thousand of references can be found in historic texts about this blood-red beautiful stone. The lore for this… Keep Reading

magical amulet lammas day 9 herbs of august
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Ultimate Magical Charm: 9 Herbs of August

Lammas Day Spells & Magic, the Ultimate Magical Charm: the 9 Herbs of August. There is one Recipe for Magic during the Lammas Day / Lughnasa – Lughnasagh so highly reputed over the ages that survived in Europe even during the dark Medieval times.   the Nine (9) Herbs Charm 10th century Manuscript Magical Recipes Online… Keep Reading

Elemental Magic of Rose Water: The Magical Ink for Wishes!
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Elemental Magic of Rose Water: The Magical Ink for Wishes!

There are many kinds of Wish Spells, different in many ways yet have the same purpose. To ignite our will power and grant our desire. Wish spells can utilize many different magical ingredients, can be performed while conjuring a spirit-form or a certain type of energy or be the subject of a meditation. Wish spells can… Keep Reading

The Zodiac Candles and their Colors
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The Zodiac Candles and their Colors

We love Candle Magic. And this Candle Burning Magic Information will help you a lot. The Colors of the Zodiac Candles are based on the sources of the Witch. Different colours have been associated with the Zodiac Signs because each book author has a different point of view. Therefore, Alchemy has different correlations and traditional… Keep Reading

Elemental Magic of Rose Water: The Magical Ink for Wishes!
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Ancient Formula Recipe: How to Make Rosewater

Rosewater or Rose Water is an ingredient used for centuries. Essential in your Cuisine, Essential in Cosmetics, Essential in Magic ! You can find Rosewater in many stores and most of them are very nice, but why can’t we make our own one? First of all it’s very simple and also by making your own ingredients you… Keep Reading

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