Daily Predictions for Thursday, 18 January 2018

Daily Predictions for Thursday, 18 January 2018


General Daily Predictions: Today, the Moon remains in Aquarius without forming any aspect. Exactly on 00:00 of the 19th it will square Jupiter in Scorpio, though. So, this aspect will affect the day.

Also, today Venus enters Aquarius. The planetary focus has started to change, as we’ve seen in the New Moon’s article.

So, this is going to be a mostly good day. Jupiter’s square is not a terribly unlucky one. Jupiter always gives a good luck in all its aspects, even in its inauspicious ones. So, a square of a very strong Jupiter is mostly a reminder to take care of something and focus on it. Of course we may encounter some difficulty while doing that, or the way the reminder will come can be unpleasant, but the outcome will be a beneficial one. This, of course, as long as we don’t give up.

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Aquarius, Gemini and Libra will be the luckiest zodiacs of the day. Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer can expect a very significant event or omen. Leo, Sagittarius and Aries will have the most stressful day, but even them should not expect too much stress.

Daily Predictions for Aries:

You may not feel a strong motivation to work, but once you start things will proceed smoothly. It is a good day for socialising. Internet socialisation included. Finding what’s wrong or what is missing from your social circle and focusing on finding it is what this day brings. If, of course, everything is perfect, then the whole experience will be very pleasant.

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Daily Predictions for Taurus:

Some good developments may happen in a natural way regarding your social status or your professional status. Business partners may unsettle you a little, or, more probably, give you more work load. Love life receives just a bit of good luck.

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Daily Predictions for Gemini:

This is a good day for reading, writing, meditating and taking decisions. If you want to enrol in a new school, or a spiritual seminar, this is a good day to do so. Finding a fitting one is also relatively easy, today. Also, work can be tiresome, but good.

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Daily Predictions for Cancer:

This day can be quite pleasurable for you. I wouldn’t expect a major pleasant event, but mostly many small ones. Of course, there is nothing to prevent a major one from happening. Love life receives some attention. Good if you are in a satisfactory relationship, or if you know what you really want to find. Not pleasant if your relationship doesn’t satisfy you, or you don’t know what kind of relationship you want.

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Daily Predictions for Leo:

A generally harmonious day. Probably without much action, but also without many, or any, problems. Your spouse, or partner can play a considerable role in your day. If so, it most probably will be either a pleasant one, or they will need your help or support. Family can also play a role in your day. Your relationship with them will determine if this will be a pleasant event, or a not.

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Daily Predictions for Virgo:

Work seems relevantly pleasurable. Later on the day, though, co-workers, or similar people may stress you a little. But still, you’ll take care of everything successfully and relatively easy. Also, take good care of your health. Especially of your respiratory system and your legs. Healing is strong, but minor problems, or reminders of existing problems, may occur.

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Daily Predictions for Libra:

This will be a mostly happy day for you. Things, more or less, go as you want them to go, and some good luck can keep you some company. You have a tendency to spend in luxuries and things you don’t really need. Of course you deserve these, but make sure to go as far as to not feel you’ve overspent afterwards.

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Daily Predictions for Scorpio:

This is going to be a mostly quite day for you. If this is a day off, it will be even better. Taking care of yourself, your home and your family, or whomever you consider a family, is favoured. As they day goes on you may feel like situations or people restrict your potency. Instead of giving them the power to do so, act towards your goals.

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Daily Predictions for Sagittarius:

Jobs based on communications, transportations, or they are done from a distance can be a little more busy today than you expect them to be. Maybe more busy that you wanted them to be. For this reason, this day may be a little more tiresome, but not a bad day at all. Phone calls and visits may also keep you busy in your private life.

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Daily Predictions for Capricorn:

This is a good day for money matters. Money you’ve been expecting, may come. If you were trying to make some money deals, today you may finalise these. You may also find better offers for what you want to buy. Sales are also benefited. In some cases cutting the prices a little may raise your overall gain.

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Daily Predictions for Aquarius:

In most, if not all, aspects of your life this is a good day for you. You feel somewhat enthusiastic and this brings even better results to whatever you do. Career matters are probably the ones you find more difficult to deal with, but even there, there is some good luck today. Progress too. But you have to work for both the good luck and the progress to happen.

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Daily Predictions for Pisces:

Watch out for omens of any kind. Also, pay attention to your dreams, as they may try to tell you something. Diviners can be very precise, today too. If you employ divination methods for personal reasons, today is a good day to seek their help. Studies may need a little more of your attention and self discipline, though.

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Astrology and Magic:

A good day to manifest wishes. Especially those wishes you long for long time now.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day!

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