Predictions: Rare New Moon in Capricorn. January 17 – Planetary Alignment

Predictions: New Moon in Capricorn on January 16/17

Predictions: Rare New Moon in Capricorn. January 17 - Planetary Alignment

General Predictions:

On January 17 at 02:17UT the Moon meets the Sun in Capricorn forming the New Moon. Right now there is a huge concentration of power in Capricorn, as the Moon, the Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Pluto are there. This is called a Stellium. Even more, Mars and Jupiter from Scorpio and Neptune from Pisces form hexagons with those planets. But this scenery starts to change.

Almost just after the New Moon, on January 17 at 08:32UT the Moon exits Capricorn. On the 18th Venus will follow. Then, on the 20th the Sun will exit Capricorn, and finally, on the day of the Full Moon, on January the 31st Mercury will exit, leaving only Pluto and Saturn there. Both of these planets will remain in Capricorn for years to come. Even more, Mars will exit Scorpio and enter Sagittarius during this waxing Moon and from there it will support the three planets in Aquarius.

So, the energy and power doesn’t really abandon Capricorn, but is now divided in two zodiacs. The other significant event is the fact that we enter the ecliptic period. The coming Full Moon will also be a Blue Moon and a Lunar Eclipse. Although this coming eclipse is formed under an auspicious sky, it will, unavoidably, bring some disturbance and unbalance, but we’ll investigate this in the Full Moon’s article.

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As the planets are all gathered in the same area of the sky, long void of course Moon periods will keep appearing. You can find them all in the upcoming article. Keep them in mind when planing your schedule.

Capricorn, Aquarius, Scorpio, Pisces and after the 26th Sagittarius will be the luckiest zodiacs of the waxing Moon. Virgo, Taurus, Leo and Virgo will probably be ones facing most stress, but also they will have a very potent period.

Predictions for Aries:

The focus on career and success starts calming down. It will remain strong until November, but now in a more calm and less compelling way. If you want to make significant and important steps in this area of your life try making them until the 20th. But for lesser changes the whole waxing Moon period will be from exceptionally good to very good. Correcting problems in the area is also very promising the whole period. Adding satisfaction in your work is very important.

Metaphysical and magical jobs and business, the sex industry and whatever has to do with financial management receive very beneficial influences, until the 20th of the month. They will continue doing so until the end of the month, just not as strongly. All forms of trade, and especially trade of high-tech equipment, all forms of studying, learning and teaching, and all literature arts will also have a beneficial fortnight. Them from the 20th onwards more than before then. From the 26th onwards there will be great energy there to make advancements and to expand your business.

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Predictions for Taurus:

There was much, to too much, socialisation during the previous Lunar month, and probably the festive season added to it. Even if all of it was pleasant, for a typical Taurus who needs their alone time, it most probably was unbalancing as well. Now, things on this field quiet down. Socialisation is still a trend. Now, though, it starts getting calmer, more under your control, more balanced, and more pleasant.

Love opportunities for the singles may still appear. From the 26th onwards though, your sexual energy will be very strong and this may cloud your judgement. The excessive energies of the Eclipse will also meddling. Therefore, do not rush into decisions. Enjoy the opportunities, of course. And always, play safe.

Finally, as the month goes on you focus more and more in your career. Expanding your business becomes very auspicious. Making sure your job provides you satisfaction, material and not, is also important. If it doesn’t, then you may seek a new job. Sex, magic, psychology and parapsychology related jobs and business receive the most blessings.

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Predictions for Gemini:

Health was affected in a mostly beneficial manner the previous lunar month. Problems, if any, were caused from the unbalanced excessive energies and the overactive Pluto, for the psychological health. Sex health received both beneficial and non beneficial energies, too. This influence becomes more harmonious now. Health and healing receive beneficial influences. Psychological health will become better and better as the month proceeds. Healing of the latter will become stronger. Sex health and health of the reproductive system still receives beneficial and problematic energies, though. Therefore, play safe, and be thorough with your hygiene.

Social life starts becoming more and more important. Finding similar mind people, or groups of your interests is a trend your life will bring to you, and you will seek as well. For those seeking a relationship, this socialising can help them meet potential love interests. In most cases, where you don’t look for love.

Work and business receive beneficial influences. Trade of services of all kinds receives more blessings than trade of goods, but all are lucky. Expanding of your business, finding new partners, or bettering your relationship with the current ones are both expectable and auspicious.

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Predictions for Cancer:

Love life keeps receiving beneficial influences, both for those in a relationship and for those seeking one. The energies there, are calming down, but this makes things more harmonious rather than less lucky. For those in a relationship, the everyday kind of pleasure becomes more usual and more enjoyable. For those seeking one, casual socialising and entertainment can bring you closer to a potential lover.

Business partnerships also become happier. There may be an advancement in your business, as well. Joy, though, is more important to you than profit. And through joy, profit comes too. Even if you don’t own a business, your job becomes more pleasant. If this doesn’t happen on its own, you are seeking a more pleasant and more satisfactory job. Even more, odds are with your finding one such job.

Sexual energy also becomes stronger. This raises your libido, your sex appeal, your seductiveness and also your self confidence. Improving your sex drive is also possible and easier. After the 26th of the month, though, your sexual energy can become unbalanced. Try to control it and satisfy it. Otherwise, it may cause you some stress, irritability, or even listlessness.

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Predictions for Leo:

Work still receives a great amount of focus and in a pleasant way. Although the focus declines as the day proceeds, the good luck doesn’t do so. If anything, it raises. Therefore, things probably fall in place and start going to the right direction without the need of your frantic attention. This is a good thing. Work related social events are auspicious. Arrange them during this period. Even if this is not a regular thing to do, scheduling some such events during this period can be helpful for you in the long run.

Home, family and your spouse or partner have become more important, and will become more and more important for you during this period. Taking care of them, and spending nice time with them (or there for the home) is both what you want to do and what you should do. Health issues in the family will probably get better. Watch out, though, in times when the Moon stresses family, health, or both. For those seeking a relationship, this is a good time to find one. Going out and having fun will be very helpful. Your smile and joyful attitude are the most alluring weapons you have.

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Predictions for Virgo:

Love life receives very nice energies. Now they are also calm. The focus there is not as strong as it was the previous lunar month, but now things get more harmonious and pleasant. Now, the stressful days will be less stressed, and there won’t be excessive energies, auspicious or not, which you or your love interest will be unable to control. So, yes, things are getting better for those in a relationship. For those seeking one, luck is by your side. You do need to help it, though. Make sure you go out and have fun as much as possible, and always try to show off your best face when doing so.

Work also receives beneficial influences. Stabilising situations and strengthening your current work conditions receive more help than expanding of business. If you do that, proceed slowly and carefully. Otherwise you are in danger to lose the control of the situations. After the 26th of the month the careful steps will be even even more necessary as the demands of your job will be higher.

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Predictions for Libra:

This will be a mostly pleasant fortnight for you. Good luck and joyful events will start happening in your everyday life. Doing your job to multiply these joyful events is a wise and an easy thing to do. Socialisation will also raise. After the 26th of the month though, things may go a little out of balance and of your control. But, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What will come to happen can as well be unexpected and major good things.

Your financials are also important. Taking care of obligations and creating a sense of freedom in your money affairs is auspicious. Saving money for later enjoyment, is also auspicious. And somehow both of them become easier for you to do. This may, or may not indicate a slight raise in your income. Whatever the case, though, you feel wealthier. Financial agreements, promotions, and things like those can happen. Be confident about them and enjoy them. Real estate companies, and those whose income comes from similar sources, will have a profitable period.

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Predictions for Scorpio:

For you and the three following zodiacs, socialisation becomes a major part of your life. Jobs based on social relationships will be very busy, and probably profitable. Meeting new people comes naturally and, also, it’s something you should do. It’s something you feel the need to do. Meeting your friends’ friends can be part of this procedure. In the same time, realising what kind of friends you want, and if those you have are compatible with your wises, is something that also happens. Because of this, some cleansing in your social circle may take place.

Trade, real estate similar jobs, as well as all jobs that require communication, receive the most beneficial influences. Finding such a job, or getting better or more comfortable in such a job are also things you can expect. Expanding your business, though, or starting a new business, even in such occupations, doesn’t receive any support from the stars. After the 26th you may feel very compelled to do such a thing, or you can cancel such plans. If you are certain that this is what you want to do, try setting things in motion before the 26th.

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Predictions for Sagittarius:

Your focus on your financials and financial status starts to decline. This probably means that things are in order there and this is a good thing. Nevertheless, make sure to, at the very least, take care of any problem and issue there. Money matters receive beneficial influences during the whole waxing Moon, but Saturn will remain there for three years. In periods like this that it shows its good face it’s not wise to relax.

As the time goes by you tend to focus more in your social circle and especially the people you consider important. Catching up with your friends and investing time on them pleases you. It also inspires you, strengthens you and helps you advance in all your goals, directly or indirectly so. This becomes even stronger as we are getting closer to the Full Moon, but from the 26th onwards, things can become more tense. At least, occasionally. If possible, avoid creating this tension.

All jobs based on phone calls, emails or other forms of communication, as well those based on transportation will have a busy but good period.

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Predictions for Capricorn:

As we’ve seen in the general section, the planetary focus of energy on you starts declining, but it doesn’t abandon you. It won’t abandon you for the whole year, but this period is still quite strong. So, still everything is possible and feasible for you. In fact, things may become even easier during this waxing Moon, and especially during the first half when the Eclipse’s unbalanced energies will still be weak.

Your social circle will seek your attention, and you will pay some attention on it. Maybe more than you would like to, but, all things considered, it will be a pleasant experience. It can also be a beneficial one. So, don’t try to avoid it. Instead, try to enjoy it as much as possible.

Money matters get luckier during this waxing Moon. A raise in your income, temporal or permanent, may happen. Arts, beauty, health and all professions related with these subjects in any way receive the most financial support.

After the 26th of the month your inner self will be very active. This will empower you even more, but also will bring you face to face with the parts of yourself you don’t want to know and see. Instead of fighting this tendency and yourself, embrace them both and support and heal yourself and your relationship with yourself.

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Predictions for Aquarius:

Psychologists, parapsychologist, diviners, hypnotherapists, energy healers and similar professionals will receive the most beneficial influences regarding their jobs. The previous lunar month helped you a lot. Now, things will be more harmonious and probably even luckier. For all the rest, some good luck and some beneficial influences will be present regarding all work and career matters. Try to make the best you can do with the time you have.

The need to express – and probably promote and advertise – yourself becomes stronger. Respect yourself and this need of yours. Go out and socialise as much as possible. The internet can also help you a lot on this, too. If you neglect this need of yours, after the 26th it will become much more demanding and in a stressful way. So, don’t neglect it. On the other hand, if you start making even little steps towards this goal, after the 26th the added energy will help you achieve better success. Your social activity is the one that will further the most all of your goals, even if this isn’t obvious right away.

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Predictions for Pisces:

Internet profiles, pages and all internet activity is still supported this month and it can bring you very good results, whether you use these for professional or personal reasons. Artist, more than the rest, will enjoy the benefits of this influence.

Students also receive very beneficial influences during this period. If you are having exams, or in other ways this is a significant period for your studies, be optimistic. Do your best and good luck will do the rest. But you need to do your best to activate this good luck, so this is not a time to rest.

Dream jobs and advancement in your career may also happen during this period. Setting the wheels in motion is very advisable, if this is what you want to achieve. If you do it in time, the coming Eclipse may give you a nice surprise. If you are not prepared, a change may also happen in a more forceful, uncontrollable and stressful way.

Finally, for those in spiritual studies, this is a good period to make progress, but also, changes of teachers, schools or methods are possible. These may or may not appear unpleasant, but they are good changes.

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Astrology and Magic:

Meditation will be strong all the period of the waxing Moon. Empowering of your magical and spiritual abilities is also very strong. Wish fulfilment is stronger through Earth and maybe Water, than by means of Air and Fire. Fire magic though, can become exceptionally strong if you know how to control it. Of course, always take all fire safety precautions when employing fire.

That’s all. Have fun and enjoy your day!

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