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Which Psychic ability is more developed in you? Answer the Questions!

Which Magical Ability is stronger in you ? Find out here!   

Spirit Deck: Magical messages from Spirits

Which spirit is trying to contact you ? Try our Spirit Deck - Oracle 

A Wishing spell for the New Year with the blessings of...

Get ready for the New Year with powerful Solstice Magic  

Rose of Jericho and the Water of Resurrection

The Magnificent Qualities of the Desert Rose and how to tap into its Magical Powers. 

12 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

these are the signs when your spirit is awakened! 

How to Connect With Elements

How to become an Elemental Witch and draw power from Earth, Air, Fire and Water  

Test: What’s Your Element?  How to define what’s my primary Element. 

What's Your Element?  Part 1 - All you want to know about the 4 Elements  and Elemental Magic

Bay Laurel and its Magical Properties

Bay Laurel, Daphne: The Sun’s sacred Herb, Turning Darkness into Light ! The Herbal Magic of Bay Laurel.